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Everclear Cattery / sick kitten

1 San Jose LA Sacramento, CA, United States Review updated:

Jennifer Brix/Robertson is selling sick kittens and not taking responibility for them. Four other people besides myself have purchased kittens that all died of FIP. Once in a while a breeder may loose a kitten to this horrible disease...but these are just a few I imagine that we know about .She is unethical, and her business is a scam. She will not show vet. records of the animals shot history and once the cat is ill she will not return phone calls. I want this evil, sorry excuse for a human to STOP selling poor little creatures for money!

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  • Sy
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    Everclear Cattery - did not honor health guarantee
    2449 lost oaks dr.
    United States
    Phone: 408-356-7014

    Jennifer Robertson of Everclear Cattery sold me a kitten in nov. 07. In Feb. 08 the kitten was diagnosed with FIP and was eventually put down in March 08.
    She refused to honor her health guarantee and even after I told her about the diagnoses she said she didn't beleive me she continued to sell kitten from that colony and they had been exposed to FIP. Others had the same experience I am sure.
    I want my money back $950.00 if you can give me guidance I would appreciate it. I also want her out of business as she has no regard for the wealth or care for the kittens other than money!

  • Am
      30th of May, 2009
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    I could not agree with you more! I purchased a male Blue Persian from Jennifer on April 12 2009. On May 21st 2009 we had to put out little man to sleep because he had FIP. I also had an autopsy done to confirm the virus and the source and all my vet records say the kitten had a very bad case of FIP that was from the cattery he came from. We only had our baby for just over a month and I spent $800 on his purchase and $924 on his medical expenses. Jennifer did not sell us a healthy kitten instead sold us a very sick inactive kitten with minimal time left. My vet had advised me not to get another kitten from her as this disease is clearly spreading through her cattery. I asked her for $$ back and she will not return my calls or emails. Could someone please help obtain justice from this breeder? I have NO plans on letting this go.
    Also, If anyone has been through a situation with Jennifer please call me at 310-507-5987.
    Thanks Amee Robbins

  • Fa
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    I think it is a sad terrible thing that you people go for the juggler. Did you ever stop to think how this poor breeder feels? This disease probably just hit her since these are all new complaints, and she is watching her cats and kittens die. She is most likely completely overwhelmed and you people are giving her a hard time. Maybe she is just trying to get through this and has no idea what to say to you or what to do. Remember she is probably losing kittens everyday and maybe some of her beloved cats. There is no cure, no way to prevent and no way to treat this disease. so why don't you just calm down and give her a little time. You act as if this is something she did to you on purpose. This is not a disease of lack of cleanliness, or lack of vaccinating, there is nothing she could have done. Shame on you! Think about how you would feel. She probably no longer has your money since she is spending all hers on the same thing you did, trying to save her cats. Be compassionate, send her a nice letter of understanding, wait until she can cope and see what happens.

  • Sy
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    You are right, she no longer has my money...but not beause it is being spent on sick kittens!!!...this this is not all has been happening for several years. There "is" a way to stop this horrible disease. You Have to stop breeding the cats and start a whole new colony. And responsible breeders do that...Also, this can be prevented to some extent if the cats litter box is cleaned throughly with bleach each time it is changed. Jennifer Robertson is a crook and if she isn't then why does she just stop all communication when she finds out there is a sick kitten out there. She has never offered to honor her health guarantee or return money or replace a kitten. As far as I can tell this sorry excuse of a human has done nothing to prevent this from happening again and I do not EVER see her trying to. I WANT her out of business and she gives good breeders a very bad name!!! I will continue to find every website that takes a complaint and I will not rest...(neither will others who have been wronged by her) until she is out of the cat business...let her start another scam without hurting innocent little animals ! Since scaming seems to be the only business she knows...

  • Mw
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    I am in complete agreement on this women. I purchased a Black and White adult male exotic from her. He was an attack cat! He was completely psycho! She did not honor her contract with me and replace him with another cat. And, as per what looks like to be the norm, she stopped responding to my emails and phone calls as well. She definatley needs to be put out of business!! How sad for the cats and the humans.
    WIsh I had seen this before purchasing, there are so many good breeders out there.

  • Fa
      10th of Jun, 2009
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  • Sa
      18th of Jun, 2010
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    In 2006, Jennifer Robertson, now Brix, sold me 2 Pugs for $950.00 EACH ! She was suppose to send me the AKC papers, which I never got. It was 2 or 3 days after getting the Pugs when I had to rush one of them to the emergency vet. She couldn't breath. She had a serious case of Pneumonia. When I got home the other Pug was having trouble breathing.
    In the morning I took them to my regular vet. They both had Pneumonia and every parasite possible. Jennifer said I made them sick, she wouldn't give us proof of vaccines, so I had to start from sctatch. She told me I made them sick and then quit returning phone calls and emails. She wouldn't honor her health guarantee. Both Pugs needed corrective surgery to open up their nostrils, so they could breath without opening their mouth.
    The vet. bills were thousands of dollars. I filed a lawsuit against Jennifer. Trying to serve her I found her mom packing up her home in San Jose. We called the police to make her take the summons to appear in court. She said she didn't know where her daughter was, she got married and left ! She told police she didn't know Jennifer's new last name.
    Her excuse for packing up the belongings in Jennifer's home was, that she was house sitting for George Biggs, she lied about the last name. It was George Brix. Her mom sent the summons to the court saying she had no way of finding Jennifer and she neglected to tell them Jennifer was her daughter. We hired someone to do a skip trace and find Jennifer, he couldn't find any info. on her. He advised ut to give it up, since it would coust a lot to hunt her down and there was no guarantee he would find her. I knew she was also the owner of the everclear exotic cats, as well as Everclear Pugs, but others answered those phones and emails and denied knowing Jennifer.

    I hope this witch gets what's coming to her. Sandy

  • Am
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    Hi there,

    I agree with all these poor folks that have had such a terrible thing happen with the pets they purchase from this woman. I have had a simialar kitten incedent happen and had to put my 3 months old kitten to sleep because she sold it to me with FIP. Anyway feel free to contact me at any point if I can help. Thank you...Amee 310-507-5987

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