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Evelyn Fasano / Crazy Neighbor

1 Howard Beach, NY, United States

Evelyn Fasano is my downstairs neighbor in a co-op that is a 4 family building for those who don't know. I moved in 3 yrs ago and ever since she has complained to our board about me, written letters about me worst of all screamed at the top of her lungs in our hallway threats to me. The last straw was this past week I got home around 8:30 (btw I work a full time job 9-6 and am never home before 8pm) and was heating something up in my oven and when I took it out the oven door slammed back. All of a sudden I hear banging on my kitchen floor and then the screaming began. I called 911 on her and they came and spoke to me. She at one point had a complaint that my table and chairs made to much noise so i went and put the felt circles on the bottom...I am trying to live with this women but it seems because she doesn't work or leave her house she has become unreasonable and possibly has some dementia. I am writing this at the chance (I HOPE) she'll move and her future neighbors are aware that she is CRAZY!


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