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This company sent my now deceased parent an international entry registration for a british lottery special combination series. It looks very professional. Whilst the company has an address in the Netherlands, Europe when I telephoned to query verification it was an american telephone system under pacific standard time.

This letter was unsolicited and targeted an elderly man (90). The website is not accessible.

I would urge absolute caution. If it is to good to be true, then it is to good to be true style of thinking.

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  • Bo
      Oct 21, 2011

    I have had no problem with their website and searches provide many links to them. An awful lot of what's on line seems to have been sourced through their PR dept. though.

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  • Sc
      May 17, 2012

    Its a scam, and for the person who works in Vancuver Canada, There is an surprize for all of them and its not the lottery.

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  • El
      Jul 13, 2012

    As a current employee, soon to be ex employee, I would like to shed some light on the European lottery guild. I hope this will protect at least a few people from this company, both potential new employees, or new/existing clients. The European Lottery Guild call centre (Telco Management) operates out of Vancouver Canada. It's employed by about 250 call agents. Primarily calls into the U.K., but many other countries in Europe as well as South Africa and Australia. The targeted demographic is primarily retired pensioners.

    To begin, as far as I can tell, it is possible to win money through their operations. Almost the entire database has about an 8% return on investment. Meaning for every $100 you spend, you would receive around $8 back. Take that as you may. Tickets have an average mark up of 450%.

    The process begins with the new customer making an inquiry about a specific lotto. Irish usually. The client may just take an internet or phone survey, which usually asks a question such as "Are you interested in playing the lotteries." If you say yes, we get all your personal information. Then, the fun begins. The collective sales floor will call you until contact.

    If you decline to play, you will be called every 14 days until you answer, asking you to play. I don't know how long this continues for.

    If you decide to play, it's a syndicate play, starting at eight pounds. The agent will always try to upsell you, and usually speaks quickly enough that the client doesn't realize it's a syndicate play. Your credit card information will be taken and stored at this point. From there you'll get your statement in the mail stating it's clearly a syndicate play. Most clients try to stop playing after seeing this.

    After you begin play, no later than 14 days you will start receiving phone calls again. The agent(s) will start trying to upsell you into play extension or other lotteries, usually before your initial play even begins.

    Now whether you decide to continue playing or not, you will receive a phone call every 14 days after declining a sales pitch. If you're not home, your phone will ring between 6-20 times a day, every day, until you pick up and decline playing again. The calls will stop for 14 days, and begin all over again. The only way you can be officially removed from our calling list, is to either pass away, or change your number. OR take legal action, I suppose. No matter how many times you tell the agents to take you off the list, you will get called for years. There are people on the lists that haven't played since 2007 that still get calls to this day, up to 20 times a day, every day, until they answer. It's basically harassment. Though legal, its disgusting.

    Now if you "win" you may never know it. The decent agents will make you aware of it, and ask you if you'd like to apply it to a new game, or have a cheque sent. The majority of agents will apply the win to a new game without consent, just to lower the price and have you pay the "reduced rate" That's theft in my books.

    The games that may be offered are typically very misrepresented. May it be through a lack of understanding by the "trained lotto brokers" or simply a lie just to convince the player to play, I'm not sure. Such things as "if you buy these few tickets, you will have a 1:3 chance of winning the jackpot!" While most of us know that couldn't be true, with the demographic sold to being the elderly, you can imagine this works. They'll often wonder why if they had a 1:3 chance of winning the jackpot, and they bought three packages, why they didn't win a cent. The correct phrase would be "You will have a 1:3 chance of winning a PRIZE"

    The agents sales pitch is typically very pushy and assumptive, as they already have your credit card details. All they need is a yes. Many will call you back a couple times if you hang up angrily mid pitch, and continue pushing. Some women sweet talk elderly men. "come on sweetie, play one more time for me, it won't cost you much." Again, it's legal, but why would you want to be involved with a company who treats their valued customers like this.

    Now regarding the employees and work place. ELG claims to be a very secure place. YEt there have been many cases of mischarged/overcharged credit cards. No cell phones or recording devices signs are placed around the office. This is in place so that you can't steal credit card information. Cell phones are abundant on the sales floor, to the point certain managers are texting employees on shift. The employees that work there remind me of a halfway house. Many have criminal records, (which they'll happily share with you), some are known coke heads, the list goes on. My tenure here has been a short one, but in my time I've seen drug deals in the washrooms, joints rolled in the open on various desks, employees getting high on break or before work. Excessive cursing and yelling while agents are on the phones is a part of every day life. A shining example of lack of true discipline (loss of job), is a certain employee coming into work coked out gets a week suspension, when it's far from his first incident of the like. The same employee has assaulted 3 employees, causing facial stitches. Yet he's been employed there for 13 years.

    The craigslist ad claims that the average wage is $24/hr. I believe that's true, but with four employees making over $300, 000 a year, you can imagine how little the rest make. Take those four out of the equation, and your average is likely around $16/hr. Get hired, and you'll hopefully become disgusted with the practices of lying/stealing from retired pensioners (whether you do it or not) and quit. But if you've read this and you still apply, you should work there, as you're probably a ### too.

    I will be quitting as soon as I find a replacement job. Though I have interest in the lottery, the ethics of their business is unlike anything I've ever heard of. I had never let my kids, my friends, or my friends kids do business, or work there, and you shouldn't either.

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  • Be
      Jul 23, 2013

    i received a lotto imfo in the mail for the british jubilee its a scam, the address is priority processing centre, postbus 55 1500 eb zaandam the netherlands.

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  • Ta
      Aug 17, 2013

    its nice to see someone stand up for the truth even at the cost of thair job. you should video it with your phone and send it to the police.or just inform the drug squad to raid the place on pay day. well done

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  • Gl
      Sep 25, 2013

    Same happened to me, they contacted me to play and out of weariness I paid the £8 and started receiving more calls to play more when I haven't exhausted the £8 then my bank called me telling me ELG attempted to remove £35 pounds from my act twice luckily for me my act was running zero so they couldn't remove any money. When I called to complain, an elderly woman with Indian accent picked it up, I ve cancelled my debit card and requested a new. Stay away from them

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  • Fl
      Nov 06, 2014

    I play with European lottery guild had no problems I pay by cheque no credit card details no bank details cheques made payable to express couriers must state I would only play about 50 dollar per year to test my luck

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  • Ze
      Jan 08, 2015

    I played the el gordo Christmas lottery through ELG two of my tickets won prizes, I checked this on the el gordo website. Based on the amount of decimas for each winning ticket number, 7 decima in a ticket that won 100 euro for example I would have thought this meant that I had won 70 euros of the prize and the other ticket I had 6 decima of a 20 euro prize =12 euros. But no...not according to ELG I had only won a little over 3 euro because I was in a syndicate, how many people pay and play the same ticket? Even though I had spent more than I should have, initially I was still happy with what I thought I had won. Stay away from the European Lottery Guild, rip off artists !!!

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  • Lo
      Jan 27, 2015

    I thought I was playing the Irish lottery, I was told I could join a syndicate and increase my chance of winning.
    I received a call and was persuaded to pay £86 for a year as it would save me money like a twit I did.then I got and still do regular calls pushing me to buy more tickets etc, they wont take no for an answere so I hang up.
    I don't know if this is genuine am I in some kind of lottery or have I been conned?
    I get mail regularly from aussie pushing for more money now I am invited to join the 25 club??
    Have I been conned out of my money?

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  • Ke
      Apr 27, 2015

    this ELG as just ripped of an old sick man of £15, ooo from december to february how come this happened

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  • Sh
      May 22, 2015

    Hi! My name is Shah from Malaysia.
    In the past 2mths I received a call from European through the Agent Daisy Canero asking me to play the play the lottery. She's quite cunning asked me to play but I ignored her until today 20 0f May 2015 a gir from Vancouver Canada named Amy. I don't know why I give her my debit card number. Until then I read some of the comments here telling me they are actually scammers!. Thank god I withdrew my money right away and I guess I have to ask my banker to cancel my card and replace a new one!

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  • Ke
      Dec 03, 2015

    Huge scam !!! stop sending money to them now !!!
    pensioners in south africa the new target market for ELG !!!
    warning to everybody in the world, stop supporting ELG !!!

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  • So
      Jan 19, 2017

    It's now 2017. I've just gone through the bank statements i can find of my aunt who has recently died and see that she spent £17, 220 on the European Lottery Guild and this is just what I can find. At the time when I made the discovery a couple of years ago we were reimbursed £11, 000 from Lloyds Bank but I had no idea how long it had been going on for. Nearly 10 years! I really cannot tell you how upsetting it is to see people such as my aunt vulnerable and easily conned on the telephone during the day wasting their money on something they have no idea about. If my aunt had been easier to deal with i.e. let me see her statements, this would never have happened.

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