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Kndly verify the suspicious email for the benefit of others.
Reference No: HPC-EU/F56-674525.
Batch No: HP-EU-521-2009.

Dear Winner,

We wish to congratulate you over your success in
the following official publication of results of the e-mail electronic
online draw held by Euromillion the United
Kingdom National Lottery.

Your email address
emerged as one of the online winning emails in the 1st category and
therefore attracted a cash award of $2, 500.000.00 (Two Million Five Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars). Our winnings are arranged in three categories
with different prizes accorded to each category and in this case you are a winner
in the 1st category.

Therefore we write to officially notify you of this Year award and also to
direct you to contact our claims agent via email or telephone for your prize
claim. In other to facilitate your claiming process, you are required to send the
following personal information to our claims agent via the below email address
for your {cash payment processing}.

Your Full Names:
Contact Address.
Telephone Number:
Fax numbers {optional}:
Country Presently Located:

Claims Agent: Mr. Seth L. Parker
Tel: +[protected]
Email: [protected]

behalf of the Euromillion and Write A Cheque Commitee,
We say congratulations to you.

Yours faithfully,

Samantha Mcdermott,
Promo Coordinator,
Euromillion/Write A Cheque Commitee.
© 2009 Write A Cheque /Euromillion

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  • At
      May 31, 2009
    euromillion - did not contact
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    We are pleased to inform you of our final notification of this month's winners, Your ticket number [protected]
    attached to your email address, with serial number 6789-9 drew the lucky numbers [protected](bonus no.), this lucky
    number subsequently won you the lottery in the 2nd category.
    Your Reference number is:Euro/Millions/[protected] and
    Batch number is: 2009/430/EML

    You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of £850.000.00(EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS
    STERLING) in and your winning check will be issued in your name after all verifications has been carried out to avoid
    double claims.

    All participants of this online promotion programme were selected randomly from numerous World Wide Web sites through
    computer draw system and extracted from close to 125, 000 unions, associations and corporate bodies listed online.

    Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our European booklet representative office in the United kingdom
    as indicated in your play coupon. In view of this, your £850.000.00(EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS STERLING)
    would be released to you by any of our payment office in the United Kingdom.

    Your assigned claims agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you
    contact him/her via electronic mail(email) or other options made available to you.

    Provide us with the information below:
    Your Full Names; Full Address; Marital status; Occupation; Age; Sex; Nationality; Country Of Residence; Telephone

    Yours Truly,
    Sir Jason Franklin (Tel::+[protected](24 HOURS))
    please contact me
    thank u

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  • Ga
      Jul 06, 2009

    i was also recieve this message from Seth L. Parker
    so i check in this site about the euromillion.

    This is the message I recieved.

    ----- Original Message ----
    From: SETH PARKER <[protected]>
    To: [protected]
    Sent: Sunday, July 5, 2009 4:33:26 PM

    Attn: Winner,

    I am pleased to inform you that one of the best things that can happen to any Internet user is to be rewarded for spending money and time on the Internet. You may not have known that over one million people daily surf the Internet on regular basis for one reason or the other.

    These Internet users including yourself, pay access fees to various Internet Service Providers (ISP) all over the world who in turn remit surplus funds to the numerous World Wide Internet Technology Companies (WWITC) for the development and advancement of Global Information Technology.

    So much money is generated from people like you all over the World for using the Information Superhighway (the Internet) without your being aware the enormous sum that go to the stake holders (WWITC). Without your patronage, this would not have been possible.

    Due to the reasons stated above, Euromillion( the United Kingdom National Lottery) in collaboration with the Worldwide Internet User lottery and Write A Cheque Committee decided to conduct a research on the issue, they concluded that Internet users should be compensated. As a result, they embarked on a worldwide lottery promotion with a sophisticated automated database to randomly select E-mail accounts that frequently surf the Internet. Consequent upon this, your E-mail address was picked for Category "A"(1st category) Winners. After the automated computer ballot, your E-mail address emerged as a winner in the category "A" with the following numbers attached;

    Ref Number: HPC-EU/F56-674525,
    Batch Number: HP-EU-521-2009.

    You and other category A(1st category) winners are therefore to receive a cash prize of $2, 500, 000.00 (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) from the total payout of One Billion US Dollars earmbarked in the lottery for category A winners.

    Your prize award has been insured with your E-mail address which qualified you for the lottery and will be transferred to you upon meeting our requirements, statutory, obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory proof of E-mail address ownership. The said sum is now deposited in our suspense account in your favour waiting for immediate remittance to you.

    Be informed that your winning prize has a hardcover insurance policy that makes it impossible to make any deduction of any kind, until the sum is finally credited into your designated account.This firm on behalf of Euromillion our client will issue an Irrevocable Guarantee of Payment Bond (IGPB) in your favour, thereby securing the above prize money. A copy of the IGPB will be forwarded to our paying bank for immediate action. However, our client has been notified of this development and the status of your claim.

    Following the above, you are expected to fill the attached claims application form and return back to this office along with a scanned copy of your international passport or driver's license via email attachment for vetting process which is a standard practice just to ensure that we are dealing with the right individual.

    This process is vital and urgent following the instruction from our client( United Kingdom National Lottery/Write A Cheque Committee) stating that all prize money should be claimed on or before the DEADLINE which is two weeks from your day of notice. So i advise you fill, scan and send the above documents via email attachment as soon as possible, so we can commence your claims process.

    Once again accept our congratulations.

    Seth L. Parker,
    Claims Agent.


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  • La
      Jul 08, 2009

    I also recieved the same email today about it.
    So I'm wondering if its real?
    Is it?

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  • Al
      Jul 20, 2009

    I also received an e-mail from euromillion, i want to know if it's for real or another scam in internet?


    alicia p. majestrado

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  • Eb
      May 16, 2011

    If you received a notification that you have won anything from them, then yes it is a scam. The real Euromillions ( does not send out winning notifications over email. Most lotteries don't.

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