Etesian PlantaceuticalsUnethical behaviour - overcharges/penalty charges aka "gotcha" charges optimum

Optimum has a new way to resolve your issue when they've overcharged you, and you dispute it. They don't do anything about it. But, rest assured, your complaint has been recorded, Christian the supervisor tells me, and, going forward, if enough people have the same issue - then it will shape policy in the future. Oh! Well, thank God for that!
So, let me get this straight - a company doesn't do right by their customers. Overcharges them. Penalizes them. However, should the company discover they're making an exorbitant amount of extra profit in an area not intended - I can count on them to review their mistake? Right.
First complaint: I'm quoted a "special" rate to switch to Optimum from Verizon. But oddly, my bills are nearly double what I was quoted.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bethpage, NYThis, after they've torn up my street, cut the cable to half my neighbors, and put me back into the stone age of cable.
Then, I requested to be put on auto payments. I was walked through the website, and I added my banking info. So, when the Optimum statements arrived, I didn't open (and that was my one mistake) but simply filed them.
A month later, I find I've been disconnected. Furious, I ask to speak with someone to find out what happened. Needless to say, I'm given the "yeah we've heard that before" attitude that I thought I was already signed up to auto payments. What does the company get for this inconvenience? $25.00 in fees. A costly error on my end.
Look, I told them, it's my first payment with you as a customer. My disputing this charge is correct. Noted. Good day. Subtext: (You don't like it? Go back to Verizon!)
I think I just might.

May 02, 2017

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