Essential Medbad service

On the 15th of November (Sunday), I had severe abdominal pain, we tried to go to our network doctor, but they just closed, went home thinking maby its just a wind so I took some anti-acid. The pain eventually got so bad that it spread to my back, so my mother gave me the funds to go to a out of network doctor, which I was allowed to do and then claim it back.

so I went paid and got a cash receipt, asked essential med for a reimbursement form and submit that, and that was a problem as they said they require a statement from the doctors office and not just a cash slip, so I did that and resent everything again. On the 24th we received a slip via email with an amount of R 294 and ive paid the doctor R 450, and again I asked then why only that amount when I have paid R 450 so they told me thats all they pay out for doctor visits. then last week I still havent received payment so I contacted them again and the lady couldnt tell me why, 2 days later she responded with an attachment from how many years ago she just attached my bank details, after I submit the new banking details on the 15th, according to her that is the details they have and the money was paid into that account, my husband is the main member and so the money needed to be transferred to him as per my reimbursement form filled out on the 15th. she still have not gotten back to me

Dec 12, 2017

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