Hd Dec 01, 2018 Mesa, AZ

what is wrong with you people why do you make a printer that won't print B&W when one of the color cartridges is low, what a rip off it's 9 P.M. I'm teaching a class tomorrow and I can't print off my stupid outlines because your piece of garbage printer won't let me print B&W only with one of my color cartridges are low. no place is open to get ink so I'm screwed.
you want more details how about I post the video of me running over this piece of garbage with my truck.
I would like a full refund, I don't have a receipt and I doubt you would do anything anyway.
I'm really trying to be polite, you should read some of the online reviews about your products,
most of all just fix the problem make a printer you can print black and white with only if you want, it's not that hard.

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