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1 Virginia Beach, VA, United States
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First of all, we found this breeder through the AKC's website and their "Puppy Finder" tool. In our application, we acknowledge that we found the breeder on the AKC's website. When we arrived at the house to pick up the puppy there was nobody there. The breeder arrived as we arrived. There was no furniture in the house except for a large flatscreen tv and a table. There were no couches, rugs, chairs, etc. Clearly, no human was living there. The "parents" were restricted to the kitchen area with a baby gate. The only puppy there was the one we were purchasing. We were told all of the others from the litter had been sold already.

We purchased what we were told was an AKC certified bulldog puppy. When we arrived to pick up the puppy the breeder said he had not receive the paperwork yet and he would mail it. After a few weeks we still had not received the paperwork from the AKC. When I followed up about the paperwork he said it was in the mail. Weeks later, I received an application to apply for papers from the Continental Kennel Club. When I contacted the breeder about this paperwork he said he never said the puppies were AKC certified, even though it says that on the website and he showed us the parents AKC paperwork. He has since stopped responding to my calls/text messages. We paid almost $2, 000 because we were told we were buying an AKC certified bulldog. The breeder told us both parents were AKC certified. Since then, our puppy has had to go to the vet for health issues. Her tail was cut too short/close causing an infection from when she would go to the bathroom and part of her feces would get stuck under her tail. Also, she has lameness. We took her to the vet and they said there is nothing they can do but surgery which would cost well over $1, 000. I feel like we were ripped off and the breeder falsely advertised the puppy as being a legitimate AKC certified bulldog puppy.

Jan 11, 2017

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