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Employment Insurance (EI) / incompetency & apathy

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Phone: 705 720 4384

My husband filed an EI claim in June. Somehow there was a type-o in his mother's maiden last name, so they denied the claim. He then spent half a day at the EI office to prove he is who he is. By August 29th, they managed to change the status of his claim to 'new information'. It is now Nov 16th and the claim has STILL not been processed, despite numerous phone calls and office visits. Every time he calls he gets a different story and empty promises. These people are completely incompetent, inefficient, apathetic and inept!! That we are forced to pay for this abysmal level of service is criminal. If someone called the company I work for and was left on hold for hours, someone would be getting fired! If my company took 5 months to take care of a customer, we would not be in business!!! Who the hell to these people think they are?

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  • Bl
      11th of Jan, 2011

    when i left 12 years of employment at a sawmill in the bc frazer valley in 1999 due to injury sustained in 91 that i had previously appealed with wcb and won etc gone back to work lighter duties never was able to return to previous positions had to stop working due to the injury and inability to continue doing that kind of work long story short when applying for EI and your off work due to medical reason you can get medical ei you cant get regular ei but if you follow your doctors advice and enroll in nightschool classes to retrain for lighterwork you cant get medical ei cause you taking a coarse even though your in massive pain and have to keep ice on ya spine half the time to be able to walk etc
    anyway since there was no safety net for me and my family i ended up in bankruptcy and loosing my property etc. i have a case with wcb and ei but good luck getting legal aid or a lawyer nevermind just coping with injury and re employment they bend ya over and give it to ya one way or another till ya crazy or give up if you have a fraudulent claim youll be fine likely just dont ask for anything you paid into or otherwise may be entitled to

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  • Ch
      15th of Feb, 2011

    Did you get retribution or did you just keep getting passed aroud like an old whore. this country is disgracefull as to our motto united we stand united we watch you fall.

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  • Sh
      17th of Jun, 2011

    Likewise, I have been on sick leave since Mar 18 of this year, with no progress on my claim whatsoever, and no reason for the delay. I have called several times, to hear things like "it looks like someone dropped the ball", and recently, "well you should have been calling daily to ensure that the agent responsible does their job"!!! WHO can we contact to make these people at EI accountable to do their job? MPP?

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  • Je
      19th of Jun, 2011

    Sheni, I am in the same position as you. I have been waiting since March, I have even been told verbally my claim was approved but just not entered into the system. At first I was told someone mis-entered my information. Then weeks later was told that they are just really busy. Finally after calling every day, it apparently was passed onto a supervisor, I was told they had a 1 day processing time but to call back on Wednesday (Thursday to Wednesday is only 1 day in our governments mind) Finally a week later I got a phone call saying my claim was approved, but on-line the status never changed. I have called three times since it was supposedly approved and they keep assuring me it is, but I just have to wait for the information to be entered - which could take up to a week (umm it is two weeks since they told me it was approved). I can't for the life of me figure out who to complain to, as if losing my job wasn't enough of a slap in the face.

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  • He
      7th of Sep, 2011

    I am also very frustrated with EI. I finished work June 21st 2001 and it is now September 7th 2011. Errors were made on my ROI, the employer was incompetent to complete the forms correctly. All ROE's have been received, I keep getting the message that they are working on my claim. They say there is DIER NEED escalation, that was over 2 weeks ago. I guess I will die before I need!
    Does anyone know how I can escalate this and have contact information?

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  • Cj
      7th of Dec, 2011

    I am currently waiting for Service Canada to make a decision to see if I am approved to receive the money, that I was already approved to receive 3 weeks prior of this year.
    I was recently let go from a job I worked for 2 1/2 weeks after being laid off from my previous job 3 weeks prior. I was NOT let go due to poor attendance or because I had a poor work ethic. I was hired as a Lead Hand Supervisor occupational health and safety to lead and have the workers follow HACCP/SOP. rules.
    There is 6 owners (Mother & Father) (Daughter & Husband) (Son & Wife) "Never met the (Mother & Father) " they are all family and they are all on 2 different pages, as to what they want me to do.
    2 owners ("Daughter & Husband") Who don't care about cross contamination or safety and there is so much of it going on there, But the other 2 owners (Son & Wife) do care but don't have any say. (that's what it seems like),
    It was like this 2 barrels of ranch dip has been in the fridge for a long time (I was told) and the oil in the dip was at the top of the barrel i ask the manger what to do with it he told me to take it to the batch mixers and mix it in with the new one that is being made .
    I told him that this ranch is bad and ask how can you do that HE JUST LOOKED AT ME
    So what I also seen was that they make a Peanut BBQ sauce and it is chunky when they make it, It goes all over the place and the contamination is everywhere and no one does anything about it this is a Major Food Allergen, Next when they are done they wash the machine down with just hot water and not sanitizing it then make a juice that's for a daycare.
    So I told the owners about it and also complained about my hours I had to work 191 hours in 2 1/2 weeks I told the plaint supervisor also that I can't work on sat no-more, The next day I was told that I am are being dismissed there was no Misconduct on my part in anyway was never given a warning or written up for anything and was told by (Son & Wife) that I have been doing a Great job.
    I am just a honest person that took the wrong job.
    all I tried to do was my job also in the 2 1/2 weeks I was there the production manager dismissed 3 other people and 1 was there for 5 years so I know the storeys they can make up about people leaving.
    It so hard to work for a company that has family problems

    I didn't expect a huge wait because I was told by Service Canada that my old claim would just be re-open it's now 3 weeks and 2 day I was told that I would NOT be waiting a 2 week wait time because i just did on my last claim that was only 2 1/2 weeks ago so they told me it will just be re-open. I had rent due on December 1st with no way to pay it and like the rest of us I live paycheck to pay paycheck in the last 3 weeks I had NO MONEY and I am now going on 4.
    The 28 day thing is a sham because if you have not herd a response within 3 weeks start calling because if you don't it will take longer then 28 days it will talk 2 more weeks to get a hold of a person in the upper management to talk to and fix it

    I received an ROE from this last employer that i gave to Service Canada . After all, I am just hoping to get money from an old claim, not to create a new claim. So, now it's 7:00am and I've been up all night thinking and cant sleep. I have to go see what the problem is. If they say it's not going to be done by December 15st for one reason or another, then I will default on my lease because I can't possibly pay my rent on TOP of that It's almost Christmas and this is really hard on me right now like very bad.
    I have called Service Canada 100 times and only got a hold of them 5 times and was told something different every time I am now at the Escalation Stage
    Complain about Service Canada to help you speed things up
    Office for Client Satisfaction (OCS) when you have a complaint about Service Canada that cannot be resolved at the local level
    Number Is 1-866-506-6806 (toll-free line) & the site is
    No one will tell you about this number
    I hope help is on there way

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  • Br
      6th of Dec, 2012

    the UCI system is flawed, by all accounts.. i work at a mine outside Saskatoon, Sask.i was there being the foreman for underground pipe installations.i broke my ankle in Aug 2012, "after work hours"i then filed for UCI its DEC, 6, 2012. and still no payment or Decision.i too have called numerous times, and each time i get a different answer, get doc note with" our letter head".today i was told from another agent it has to be from the" doctors note pad '' stating my injury and how long I'll be there is another hold on my claim till i get this note.its 40 bucks per note.good god man these agents are on a different plain! my frustration is threw the roof. its seems one tells you one thing and the other says something else??i finally just hung up on this agent today, i feel bad for doing so, but again my anger to this whole ordeal is getting the better of me.this lady even had the audacity to tell me '' i have worded at UCI for 27 years'' and nobody would have told you such a did it wrong. so unprofessional on her part...when id explain to her shed just cut me quickly turn into my word and against her I'm to wait again for a agent that's handling my claim to call me with in a week to tell me if I'm approved, I've heard this before and again the confusing trips to the doctors and the long waits at a UCI office begins again...we as fellow workers in this nation pay in to UCI hand over fist, just to get a kick in the ### when you truly need the benefit. i for one would love to see the present ui system scrapped and a new order put in place to fix the many many problems..starting with that agent that has been there 27 years! thank you, this is my rant.

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