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I was last day before chinese new year. I receive a memo from management to all staff said klang branch was screw up after screw up, was mention using this sarcastic words. I think as a leader, also a share holder we aspect you will be writing more professional to describe something or to against things you are not happy. By the way this company is lead by you all the authority and decision making is done by you from the first day. So are you try tell public was holding food empire share, that your management and leadership have problem and your company is not running well or you try to blame? Let me share with you on the first day if you select a person to lead this factory you must know whether they are capability or not to take the responsible. Is unfair to blame on klang factory. Knight Lim Ngai Chuar was mess up the whole operation why he never get any penalize. Is because he is from Singapore no need to take full responsible? This is the way how you manage and plan. after that you recruit General Manager he have no full authority is because Knight Lim and Pradeep still putting their hand inside the factory. Is this the way you Plan and Manage Mr. Tan Wang Cheow. How can a factory have three leader to make decision. if you said he no longer manage the operation why he still putting his hand in the operation more messing up the operation. Why don't allowed GM to swipe the ### and reorganize the operation. This is not healthy way. you are the chairman this also a part of management skill and analyse not at the level how you want the factory run successfully . You said the word screw up after screw up, this was slapping your own face that mean your leadership and planing have problem.

Feb 03, 2015
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      Feb 10, 2015

    We as ex staff we agreed. Especially Pradeep. He has no life style if he think some he want instantly will not care mid night 2am in the morning or on leave he will call until you answer and disturb you. Why?? Some more call executive common sense. Don't because you came from Singapore your family is not with you. So you are lonely then you aspect people same as you. People got family also please use your director brain to think.

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      Mar 14, 2015

    Agree also. This punjabi weak management and leadership cause the mess in factory. So many staff resigned including managers. Got GM manage factory still this Indian want to put his hands until today. He think this company his own private company. Then why bring GM in. He bring expatriate from india and singpore all not able to perform. Worst create disharmony among staff.

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      May 29, 2015

    I disagree!. I am working here since 1 and half year and i think these ex staff is just talking rubbish. Mr. Pradeep and Mr. Tan and Mr. Knight are very nice people. Infact these people being director are so open to meet and listen to all staff and very kind in going out of way to help. Mr Pradeep door always open and he is always available even at 2am himself if you call him. He is good leader always teaching his people and always there for his people.

    I think these ex staff lost their job because they were bad at their Job and now they just writing nonsense.

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      Jun 06, 2015

    Sure you will agree. Because you were recruited by Punjabi. He recruited you because of same race. You only do simple administrative tasks assigned by him and giving mgr position. So you polished him. Initially, this punjabi and knight are buddies. The fes factory head found that knight is a traitor that side Fe mgt team. Knight is not experienced in project transfer though worked more than 10 yrs at fes plant and failed badly in this project transfer. Poor local pioneer staff in production have to take the blame and removed from his production role. See no reprimand on both punjabi and knight but local got all the blame. If you do not know the whole story don't write on this posting. Local staff in production have overheard the chairman asked knight to sacked local ops staff. It is unfare as no proper training given to local ops staff but wanted to sack them when mistake being made! The persons should be sacked should be both these head!

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      Jun 07, 2015

    Very shame of you to say ex staff lost their job of incompetence. They are pioneer staff who had gone through a working environment like construction site. They built the plant where you could enjoy now. The leaders from singapore only come once or twice a month during early stage. When bring in the machines and equipment there were very poor planning done by both pradeep and knight. No proper planning on local staff and as such mistakes happened. Later blame the local staff, some got sacked and some sideline! As leaders they should take responsibilities as well. They tried to avoid the blame of mess by diverting to former Fes chin bee head kelvin who they claimed not proving the support. Remember both of them have been in FE and Fes for over 10 years and not able to manage the transfer. One claimed he has setup Russia factory before. The fes plant head says this guy a traitor that the reason he did not want to support him though he was his subordinate. So can you claim he is nice guy! The other person breach company policy on code of conduct on governance and capex policy. Still deem nice person and escape punishment! Remember the ex staff worked hard to get all the licences for company to operate and for you to continue work. All the ex staff now got better offer in their new job! I think you are doing easy adnin job because you are close to these people and polish them well!

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