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Empire Digital (EmpireDigital) / Dishonest company

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I bought a new video camera from this company on ebay with "buy it now". I had to leave my phone number etc on their payment page. I received a phone call... High pressure to buy accessories and upgrades and warranty. Very difficult to convince them i only wanted the camera... Weeks went buy an no camera...emails not answered...finally went to paypal and received a refund... Then calls from the company saying they would give me 10 pct on next purchase if i gave them good feedback...asked them to put this in an email... They never did...i left negative feedback to warn others... They went to mediation.. Still would not put the 10 pct in writing... I would not withdraw negative feedback... They left me negative feedback, "bad ebayer, hard to communicate with, do not do business" they are high volume seller on ebay but check their feed back before doing business. I have since discovered and recommend all to check out sellers here before bidding on any ebay auctions.

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  • Jc
      26th of Feb, 2007
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    I fear if anyone is reading this then like me, it is too late. I reads several bad comment on Empire via ebay. They said they were rude. Sold things they didn't have in stock. Didnt send what they were supposed to, made up excuses like broken items, or manufacturers error, etc. I thought I had it figured out though. Was I wrong! Empire sold me a brand new camcorder ,the A1U. I also paid an extra $150 dollars to have it "next day" shipped. I purchased the camera on a Friday. I knew it wouldn't arrive till Monday due to the weekend. I verified this with them before I purchased it. (cant sell something u dont have in stock if your gonna next day it right?) "Yes sir you will have it on Monday". I called on Sunday(their wacky bus. hours) to make sure they sent it as I didn't receive my tracking number in any email like they promised. Eddie told me, "My system is down, I can't give you a tracking number right now, but I remember you and yes it went thru no problem you will have it on Monday". I called Monday afternoon when nothing arrived. "Please hold". I called back. "Yes Sir, I see What has happened". "Sony had a recall on this camera (BULLSH#$) and we have to give you the A1J the Japanese version. I told him I didn't want it. Now he got nasty. "But it's the same camera". I know my cameras I know what it is, and I dont want that. "Why not"? Because I didnt order that one. "Yes you did". The A1u costs $2500 the A1J costs $2000, thats what you paid". Thats not what you sold me. After about 2 min of that same dialogue, I said look, just give me my money back and we call it even. I will even give you the benefit of the doubt on your recall story. (BULLSH#$) I just want my money back. I called back. Yes this is____you hung up on me. "Yes you will get your money back". When? Now at this point I am not feeling very good, my stomach is upset and my mind is saying "I told you so". I called back a 4th time. This time I got Eddie the nice man who sold me the camera, (as well as tried to push everything else) but thats another issue. Eddie I have been hung up on 3x now. I explained the situation. "But it's the same camera". BWAHA? Not you too Eddie! I just want my money back. Why did you tell me yesterday, you sent it Friday Eddie? "I am not in shipping (5 people work there) I didn't know." You knew enough to lie and tell me it had been sent. "Hold on I'll look into this". 10 min and then The 5th time I spoke with a polite young man who assured me my money would be returned by the end of that business day. Well here I am this same night. No money returned yet. We'll see what happens. "BAIT AND SWITCH" look that up on the internet!

  • Ga
      5th of Jul, 2007
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    I am having a problem also with empire. I am told i cannot get my money back either and am looking for any other way do do this without calling them back and getting the run around. Thanks for posting your situation.

  • Dh
      16th of Oct, 2007
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    I am unable to articulate fully how awful this "company" and these people are. I purchased a Canon A1 camera, which retailed for about $3200. With all the extra JUNK they sold me (more on that in a moment), I paid $4000. I needed it next day because I had an international flight the following morning. I paid the $150 for "next day" delivery. Next day comes, no camera. I call and call and call all day trying to get an answer on what was going on. No one offers to help. Once guy got so irritated because I dared to ask where my $4000 purchase was, he put me on hold mid-conversation for fifteen minutes, then answered the line mistaking it for a different phone call and just as I start to tell him it's still me, he put me right back on hold. After ten minutes I hang up and call back. The same guy answers and hangs up on me when he hears my voice. I call back and flip out on some other guy who promises me "that person will be fired for that, you have my word." Yeah right. He sends me to the "manager." This guy seems a little more empathetic. He promises me he'll get a courier to bring it to me (a 90 minute drive away) immediately. This is around noon. By 3p, I call back. "Oh it hasn't been delivered yet?, I'll get it out this minute." 6:30p rolls around. Somehow I manage to get this guy back on the phone. "There was a problem and it's already on it's way." I ask how long ago it left and when I should expect it. "It left an hour ago so I should get it within an hour." After that call I was never able to reach him again. The clock strikes 11:30p, still no camera. I'm leaving for the airport at 4a. A few minutes later I get a phone call from a guy asking for directions but with his accent I can hardly understand a word he's saying. By 11:50p, a busted up minivan with a Pakistani family packed inside pulls into my neighbors driveway. He hands me an open box with the camera and accessories scattered inside. This guy was clueless to what I was going through but did manage to disprove every lie that the owner/manager had promised me over the phone. He told me he was called for a favor at 9:30p.

    Now the product. I paid extra for a wide-eye lens. It does NOT even FIT THE CAMERA. Useless. The batteries they told me were Canon-approved which I paid A LOT for were unnamed batteries that came in a plastic bag which Canon encouraged me NOT to use. The tripod is a piece of plastic garbage. Good for holding a camera still, nothing more. One of the filters I purchased was a polarizer. I recently had to remove the polarizer from the camera with a monkey wrench and torn latex gloves for traction between the wrench and camera. The threads on the camera are now completely suspect. And finally, just the other day, the tape cartridge on the camera no longer opens. The ENTIRE camera is now fully useless to me. I will lose clients over this because I have work due within a week. I call the number from my credit card receipt (888-858-9111) and some computer service guy answers, who then transforms into a digital camera salesman and asks what the problem is. He is of zero assistance. There are babies and children yelling in the background. He then gets upset and finally gives me what I originally asked for: the phone number of the actual company and name of owner. However, the number he gave me (781 436-2330) is a bogus number which nobody picks up on and no answering machine or voicemail service picks up on either. The name was probably bogus then too. I call that first guy back and guess what... he won't answer his phone. I leave a message and of course have never heard back.

    Trust me when I say NONE of this is an exaggeration. They are like the con-artists you see in bad movies.


    I come from a media dominated family and work in the business myself so I will make it my mission to expose these guys. Please pass the word along: NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH EMPIRE DIGITAL. They are essentially pikes. It is a garbage company behind a seemingly trustworthy front.

  • Wo
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    I've been burned as well.
    Where's the class action suit!

  • Li
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    I also seem to have been burnt by Empire Digital. Thankfully I have had my camera for 4 years now, without fault. However, it just went defunct and I purchased a 5 year warranty for 69.99. And now, I too find out that they are no longer in business.

  • Te
      8th of Apr, 2010
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    Well, surprise, surprise! I've been online, trying to track down RepairTech who issue me a 5-year warranty, Panasonic Lumix FZ30 camera sold to me by Empire Digital, who also sold me the warranty for $129.99. Apparently RepairTech has frauded many people via worthless warranties and now gone out of business; So, I look for Empire Digital and guess what???!! Same story. Is there anything going on as far as a class action suit against Empire Digital??? If so, I'll join in.

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