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Hi, please can you help me submit a complaint to Emirates airlines.
I was the passanger on a flight from manchester to Aukland on Oct 20th Dept from manchester at 1945 hrs if i remember right, its a blur now, you will see why shortly. My flight was manchester-Dubai-Dubai-Australia-Australia-Aukland.My name is K.swain and i flew with emirates. I cannot find the Bording pass for my first flight Number from manchester to Dubai, But the flight started with EKA...My second flight Dubai- australia-Aukland was flight no:EK406
If that helps you trace it. Anyway my complaint is as follows. approx 2 hrs into my flight from manchester - Dubai, i was woken up by the lady behind me and asked for help, her friend had collapsed and was being sick in her seat. I am a Registered Emergency departement nurse and so was able to help. I sat next to the ill woman and go her laid down. I rang for the flight attendant and asked for oxygen which they got me. I then asked them to call for a dr on the plane as she was displaying cardiac type symptoms and was going grey in colour. I managed to get the help of 2 junior drs on board and between us we all managed to connect her to a monitor which we were given carry her into the middle of the plane where the meals are served and monitor her vital signs and treat her in the recovery position for the rest of the flight i.e 5 hrs. We were able to tell she had problems with her BP and so2 sats and The captain had come out and asked if we could keep her stable until the plane landed, which was fine, the plane didnt have to emergency stop or land because we took care of her on board. we also rang for back up on ground and had a medic waiting for her on the ground. My main complaint is this"
All the time we looked after her on board, none of us were given a drink nor got our inflight meal, we were just forgotten aboutfor 5 hours. i fully understand i am a registered nurse and expected to give emergency first aid, but i had also paid for my seat and was a customer too!! i am really appauled at how we were all treated.i had to tend to the woman for 5 hours and wasnt even given a seat or drink or made comfortable myself!! at the end of the flight i waited around thinking the captain would come and say thank you and take my name, but he had gone?? the staff didnt say thank you and we all just wandered off for our next connections into Dubai airport without even a thank you. I was sure i would recive some thanks in the post, or a phone call, but nothing ? this is truley deaply upsetting and i find it discusting customer service. Three of us off duty, Helped Emirates stay in the air for the flight duration and not one word of thanks, or any help from the staff onboard, i hope you can help ?? if you contact the pilot from that flight, he will fully acnowledge there was emergency first aid given by other passangers, i.e 2 drs and a nurse on flight! i have tried complaining to emirates, but cannot get any address to write to??
sincerely kath swain rn.
My e mail is

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  • Mi
      18th of Dec, 2010
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    Eventhough I wasn't there, I want to say THANK YOU for helping a complete stranger. Last Sunday, 4 hours after departing Dubai to SFO, we had to turn the plane around because an elderly woman had a medical emergency. We were going to land in Tehran, but her condition improved, so we flew back to Dubai. They got us off the plane, cleaned it, put us back on then we took off again after that whole ten hour detour. If she wasn't helped and felt better, we would have had to layover even longer in Tehran. If it wasn't for the kindness of people like you, we would have had an even worse flight. Thank you!

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