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The ad attempts to deceive the potential customer by stating something similar to "Ex XX Policemen: Every person should carry this device for their protection". The "XX" is the city that Yahoo has determined to be the location near the Yahoo user. However, the "XX" city changes every time you log on to Yahoo in a different location. The ad is blatantly false as they certainly do not have endorsements from every single small town that I typically log into Yahoo.

Secondly, when you actually go to their page, they direct you to make comments. However, when you try to hit the link to make comments, the page directs you to the actual order page - not a comments page. Finally, when you go to the Returns page on Ellux's products, at the bottom it gives you a link to their Facebook page. However, when you hit that link, Facebook has removed that page - most likely due to their fraudulent activity.

Yahoo should be ashamed of force feeding us so many useless ads, but especially from allowing such a fraudulent company to so blatantly adverstise false information and literally tip-toe around legal implications of their false advertisements.

I will NEVER use any company that advertises on Yahoo as I simply do not trust Yahoo to enforce even a reasonable method to stop such blatant false advertisements.

Jul 13, 2018
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  • Fj
      Nov 23, 2018

    I'm more upset with Yahoo than I am with Scream Safe. Yahoo seems to like perpetuating the lies told by these advertisers. I checked with my local police department - you know the police department named in their ad. You should have heard the laugh that I got. (No. I wasn't dumb enough to think the ad was true. I just wanted to see and hear the reaction from my local police.) I guess outright lies are the new wave in advertising these days.
    Did I mention that still over-priced and useless this gadget goes for $10 less on Amazon and eBay? I guess you just can't fix stupid.

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