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They are selling puppies that are ill or have very multiple problems. The one we bought for our son was a gift for him after he fought cancer & had a bonemarrow trans plant and he has never got to enjoy her like a real dog & child. The dog can't control any bodily functions and the breeder has just turned us away as soon as we told her, and she knew just what we were talking about. And my son just looked so forward to getting this dog while he was in the hospital for almost 10 weeks fighting for his life and now he has a dog that he can't even play with really like a dog should. Be warned!!!

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  • Jo
      Sep 13, 2009

    We have 3 year old female from elliot and she is a wonderful bulldog with no health or behavior issues and is wonderful around the kids. Every time I have called her on any concern she is all ears. I plan on down the road getting another bulldog and it would only be from elliot.

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  • Je
      Feb 20, 2010

    I got a male puppy from Elliotts Bullbabies and have been nothing but happy. I agree with Joey Smith, every time I call with any concerns (which come off periodically with this breed of dog) she has also been all ears. Her studs and ### are very happy and I go to her annual bully-reunion each year to see them and for my bully to see his parents. I plan on purchasing our female bull baby from her also.

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  • Kr
      Jul 18, 2010

    I purchased a male bulldog from Saundra more than two years ago. Now I did have questions about certain matters concerning the sale and her attitude forwards me during and after the purchase of my friend. Matters which I just left alone because I was quite happy with my purchase. My pup Farley was loaded with worms (very common in pups who haven't received their intial shots) when I got him home so I do question any intial shots, but outside of that he was in great shape health wise. He was the most lovable friendly and warm guy to every walk on four legs and for that I do thank the Elliots. I was very impressed with there breeding stock and very happy to bring my buddy home with me as he imediately became my best friend and a family memeber. Unfortunately for us we lost him just this past week while on a family vacation and this was not due to any health issues existing or pre existing. Thank you Saundra for bringing him into our lives. Charles from MD

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