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I thought I would add a public notice for any unsuspecting individuals who are considering employing this individual. It has come to my attention that Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada has started yet another scam business. (Previously known as the Indigo Fledgling, Cobblestone and Cloth, and Canada Cloth Diaper Clinic.)

Elle Design is Laura's latest attempt to steal your money. She has copied her designs from the Wild Kids Apparel, a very famous design company located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Laura can be found selling her stolen goods at trade shows in the Hamilton area and greater Toronto area.

She is currently selling more stolen goods under the name "Elle Design", "Elle Designs", and "Elle Design Studio." Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton has an extensive history of fraud, scamming, and criminal harassment. Her extensive history is documented at:

I would advice everyone in the Hamilton and Toronto area to exercise extreme caution when dealing with Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton and her many scam businesses. I have attached a photo of what Laura looks like, as well as photos of her stolen products.

Elle Design
Elle Design
Elle Design
Elle Design
Elle Design
Elle Design

  • Updated by l9284859594, Mar 17, 2017

    Her new instagram usernames include: Heartunmarred, hellolittlejoys and hamonthealthandfitness

  • Updated by l9284859594, Mar 22, 2017

    Hello Little Joys is Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton’s (infamous cyberstalker and design thief) latest attempt to conduct business. All of her photos are stolen. All of her designs are stolen. She has no real portfolio and is currently using a fake name and fake location to conduct “business” with as seen on her instagram and etsy account.

    Previous instances of theft and criminal harassment have been documented extensively on the web and can be seen by googling Laura Smith Hamilton. Laura went by Cobblestone Cloth, Canada Cloth Diaper Clinic, the Indigo Fledgling and Elle Designs in the past.

    Hello Little Joys consists of stolen merchandise, purchased from Aliexpress for $2 and resold for $20. The items are not handmade. They are garbage and will fall apart within minutes of using. If you request a refund, Laura will ignore you then defame you online when you post the truth about her scammy business and thieving ways.

    Beware of this woman!

    #hamont #hellolittlejoys #littlejoys #hamonthealthandfitness #dangerousfrank #heartunmarred

Mar 14, 2017
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  • Mo
      Apr 06, 2017

    Story time!

    So in 2008 I was a Twitter user. I followed my friends, family, and a few Canadian celebs like KENNY Hotz. What Canadian doesn't watch KENNY VS. Spenny right? KENNY posted a lot of questionable content. I looked past most of it. One day he posted something that was totally awful. Racist, SEXist, vulgar, and disgusting. I tweeted a reply to him that I disagreed with his stance and I felt he was taking things too far. Shortly thereafter I received a mouthful from a girl who called me all sorts of awful things including an ugly ###, a jealous ###, a stupid ###, a feminist ###, a fat whale... You get the picture.

    Can you guess who that girl was? It was Laura! @Dangerousfrank She was going by the name "Laura M. Smith" on Twitter in those days. Laura and her friend @Hottpepperr teamed up against me, harassing me, calling me names, threatening me. @Hottpepperr only tweeted at me a few times but Laura's attack went on for days. She came across as a very disturbed individual mentally. I actually deleted my Twitter account because of her. I haven't used Twitter since because of this. She's a very mean and hateful person.

    * I am not affiliated with any of the above posters nor have I been sent here to post my story. I am not jealous of Laura, in fact, I think she is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen... INSIDE and OUT. *

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  • Ad
      Nov 14, 2017

    She stole all of her designs from Cocokelley.. Sad [censor].

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