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Elizabeth Goebel of Alopecia Sphynx / Do not buy from this cat breeder!

1 United States Review updated:

1st Complaint Against:
Breeder: Elizabeth Goebel
Cattery: Alopecia Sphynx
Address: 2807 Pennsylvania Road
City: Kingsport, Tennessee 37660
Phone: [protected]
Complaintant Lori
What will satisfy your complaint?
Date: 3/12/06

The horrible experience that i have had with this breeder cannot be summed up in a few paragraphs. However, i will do my best to inform the public of her business practices.

We purchased a sphynx breeder kitten from her to start a cattery of our own in the future, because we love the breed. We paid $1700.00, for this kitten that later became very fuzzy. We purchased her 10/10/05, her birth date was 08/04/05! We were ignorant to the fact that a kitten should probably not be sold at the age of 8 weeks!

Shortly after purchase, she became ill with an uri. We treated her of course, and elizabeth was notified of her grade 6 heart murmur. The vet asked us to return in one month. Elizabeth said she had never had one of her cats have this problem, and requested a second opinion. We did better than that, we have 3 opinions. One vet said, she could die on the way home, or she could live a somewhat normal life with the proper care. Elizabeth was notified of this and continued to deny it. Elizabeth also has the vet statements, all 3 to prove this. She states in her website, if found by a professional veterinarian to be genetically unsound, she will offer replacement. We made several attempts via email to make arrangements for her to take the sick kitten back and she made no move on that. (Documented by emails, since I'm sure she will deny this also.)

This is now march, we purchased the kitten in October, you decide. After this went on for some time, we became attached to the kitten, and asked her to let us keep the kitten and we would accept a much less expensive male kitten, and have our kitten spayed (we were also informed anesthesia could kill her since her heart murmur was so severe but elizabeth insisted). She agreed. She had 2 to choose from at the time, and we chose #3 posted on her site. She later emailed me, and said no you said #4 and that is the one it can be. I said nothing about this to her, and later when the lady she was trying to give another replacement kitten to, decided not to take #3, she then emailed me and said, i think you wanted #3 didn't you? Then, she tried to play on us wanting to start a cattery, and acted as though she hated our kitten was sick, and offered us a breeding female for $1500.00, that was pregnant (supposedly), and she wanted half of the litter. We agreed at the time thinking this was a great offer to start our cattery.

During an email to a sphynx breeder of many years, she told me to stay away from elizabeth and alopecia sphynx! She said her cats are sick, and if you have one of her cats no reputable breeder will work with you! She went on to tell me about more than one sick kitten elizabeth sold. She told me about a lady who purchased a kitten that died 10 days later. Another who purchased a kitten and it died of pneumonia within 48 hours! Another kitten sold with a heart murmur, that was replaced with the sibling to my kitten that has a heart murmur. The list goes on! So i emailed elizabeth and asked her how many litters this breeding female we were thinking of purchasing had? She admitted to 5. I told elizabeth that we decided against her purchase because we do not think this is a good idea breeding a cat so many times. Elizabeth became mad, and was uncooperative.

So i then told elizabeth everything that i had heard about her via email, and she mailed me wanting my telephone number. (Does she keep records here??) i called her and told her who i was, and stated i called you since you wanted my number, and she was very rude and short stating "well i have it now don't i??!!" She proceeded to deny the kitten with the heart murmur, and admitted to one kitten dying and stated it was the owners fault for not taking it to the vet within 72 hours. She also said there was an autopsy report that had no sex age or breed. And this is why she was not replacing the kitten. A few days after this phone conversation, i was given the name and email addresses of 2 former customers of elizabeth's. They both sent me information from their vets. One lady whose kitten died within 10 days after purchase, told me that elizabeth sold her the kitten nursing from a bottle, and on (preventative antibiotics). I also saw the autopsy report, and it did not have the age sex or breed listed. But elizabeth failed to acknowledge the written statement from the vet with the age, sex and breed, stating the kitten died from overwhelming infection after the so called preventative antibiotics ran out, due to lack of maternal antibodies. Elizabeth also admitted that she bottle fed this kitten. Now keep in mind, elizabeth told me that she had never had a problem with one of her kittens. I also came into contact with the lady who purchased a kitten with a heart murmur. She sent me the vet statements that documented a heart murmur, uri,bacteria, and ear mites. Elizabeth denied this even after i confronted her with it, but i have it in plain black and white! Elizabeth told me her vet checked the kitten out and he had none of the problems documented by her vet. Go figure.

Something must have been wrong because she replaced the kitten, and keep in mind that she replaced the kitten with the heart murmur with the sibling to my kitten with a heart murmur!!! And this kitten was also sold as a breeder! I also came into contact with another lady who purchased a kitten from her that died of pneumonia within hours of receiving this kitten. Her exact words to me were, this kitten was on his death bed when i picked him up. Her kitten was shipped via air. She was a vet tech, and her fiance was a vet. An autopsy was performed and a diagnosis of pneumonia was confirmed. Still elizabeth refused to return her money, and she told me she sent numerous pictures and kept this kitten in her freezer for nearly a month. Elizabeth returned her $2000.00 after the police became involved, as documented on emails. I just want the public to know who you are dealing with. She also does not let anyone that i have talked to into her cattery! She met each and everyone of us in a parking lot somewhere, and arrives with the paperwork, kitten and all! Who would want a replacement kitten from this woman? I want my full purchase price returned and i will return her sick kitten she sold to me. I am in the process of taking her to court, i will keep the public posted as to the outcome. Another person, as reported to me, is also taking her to court for their refund on their dead kitten. Also, i have a picture of one of her kittens with it's back nearly bitten off, and obvious infection noted. When i threatened to post this, she emailed me and told me she had the copyright, and she does not give me permission to post it. Anyone who would like more information on this breeder, just ask a reputable sphynx breeder. I would never purchase another kitten from this woman. She told me that her cats had never had hcm. I called her vet and her vet told me she could not confirm this because she had never tested her cats. When i asked elizabeth how she knew her cats were hcm free she did not have an answer. After i threatened posting the autopsy reports, and several bad vet reports of her kittens, she had i know of 2 of her cats checked and they were negative. She also has this posted on her site in big red letters. Even after the proof of my kitten being sick, from 3 different vets, she said her vet had to check out my kitten, and tried to tell me it said that in my contract. Well, it did not and i asked her to show me where it said that? She sent me a "new" contract, as if her "new" contract pertained to me in any way! Put it this way, she always has an answer for everything and she is never wrong! She has, after a threat of a lawsuit offered to replace my kitten (with a kitten that another woman chose not to take as a replacement). But who would want one of her kittens, i certainly don't want one of her stock to start a breeding program, i plan on bettering the breed! I also read an email she had sent to another customer, asking them to choose the replacement kitten that they want and she will steer us in the other direction! What kind of breeder does this? Bottom line, if you choose to purchase a kitten from this woman or her cattery, call around first, ask the other sphynx breeders, better yet, email me and i will sent you the email addresses of unsatisfied customers. I have pictures and proof from several vets! Thank you, lori.

2nd Complaint Against:
Breeder: Elizabeth Goebel
Cattery: Alopecia Sphynx
Address: 2807 Pennsylvania Road
City: Kingsport, Tennessee 37660
Phone: Phone [protected]
Complaintant: Linda Preece
Date: 9/18/06


Elizabeth Goebel of Alopecia Sphynx Cattery, contacted me in regards to a male Sphynx that I was placing. She didn't want to buy him but she was willing to send me her odd eyed male, to replace him with. She said that he was proven, and she had cats at the time that were pregnant from him. After we had discussed and decided to do the trade, before shipping him, she contacted me again and asked if I had any females that I would be willing to trade to her. The only ones I have were two 6 month old females that I was planning to keep for my own breeding program, but I had to consider this because I needed some new bloodlines. She said if I would send them with the male, she would send me two kittens out of her next litter, which were due within a couple of weeks. I was a little hesitant, especially about sending 3 cats and not having the replacements readily available but she seemed like she was an honest person, so I agreed to send all three to her.

I contacted Elizabeth about a month later to see how the kittens were doing. She finely got aback to me after several attempts but said that she had lost the litter, but had 5 litters due the next month. I waited and contact her the next month, but now she had deposits she had to fill first. By this time just a little over two months had gone by and she had a litter out of one of the KITTENS that I had sent her. This would have put the mother at only 8 months of age. I personally find it appalling that she would breed a kitten at 6 months of age.

After adding Romeo to my website, I have numerous breeders contact me saying they knew the breeders personally that bred this odd eyed male, and that he is infertile, and that is why Elizabeth wanted to place him. After a few months and a lot of mating, I did finely get a litter of kittens out of the odd eyed male she sent me, but obviously there is a fertility problem I was not made aware of.

Now, several months later, and several litters later for Elizabeth, I still have no kittens. I have requested she send me back the two cats she has of mine but she refuses.

If I had known her reputation, It would have saved me much trouble... Lesson learned, but I am hoping that me adding my complaint will help others come forward and file complaints as I know there are many MANY more. I have tried numerous times to get her to settle up on her end with no success, she just threatens to no answer my emails any longer, and also threatens to sue me for harassment. This lady prays on others, and should be stopped permanently!"
Date/Time: [protected]:40:38 PDT
A verbal contract is any contract which is expressed in words (written or spoken). This contrasts with a contract which is implied by actions of the parties. An implied contract can be either implied in fact or implied in law. A contract which is implied in fact is one in which the circumstances imply that parties have reached an agreement even though they have not done so expressly. For example, by going to a doctor for a physical, a patient agrees that he will pay a fair price for the service. If he refuses to pay after being examined, he has breached a contract implied in fact. Verbal contract is a frequently misused _expression. It is often used by journalists when they mean to say oral contract. When used in this sense, the term is confusing as well as incorrect, since a written contract is also a verbal one.

3rd Complaint Against:
Breeder: Elizabeth Goebel
Cattery: Alopecia Sphynx
Address: 2807 Pennsylvania Road
City: Kingsport, Tenn.37660
Phone: [protected]
Complaintant: Juniece Thomsen
Date: 10/8/06

I had wanted a sphynx for 12 years. It took me that long because I was an animal control officer who by way of profession battled with the thought of paying so much for a cat when I was having to put down a lot of kitties that would have been free.

I never thought a Sphynx would show up at the shelter but one did. He became my little pride and joy. He was very ill and he never recovered. He died a few months later.

After that I thought I would never get a Sphynx again. Three years went by and I saw a posting of kittens that were available. That was through Alopecia Sphynx. I contacted the owner Elizabeth Gobel and I paid her a deposit for two kittens which was $600.00 We kept in contact for a short while and then nothing. No call backs no emails. I paid her in February 2006. I was so excited about getting a Sphynx I didn't use my head and got burned as a result.

This is what happened to me. Please don't let it happen to you. PROOF
Sincerely, Juniece Thomsen.

4th Complaint Against:
Breeder: Elizabeth Goebel
Cattery: Alopecia Sphynx Website
Address: 2807 Pennsylvania Road
City: Kingsport, Tenn.
Phone: [protected]
Complaintant: Nicole Smith

What will satisfy your complaint? Kitten as agreed upon NOR the money!
Date: 2/17/07

I am waiting on a kitten that she has owed me since May of 2005. I raised Maltese and I only had one girl left that I was looking to place as a pet, though Elizabeth had emailed me about her and really wanted her. We talked for an month or so before I decided to let this girl go. She wanted to trade a Sphynx kitten for her + I was to pay $700 for a kitten with breeding rights (on payments). This kitten, my mother wanted so I agreed. Macee (the maltese) had a small knot on her stomach that I hadn't noticed as she had long hair and I had so much going on since I just found out my grandfather was dying with cancer, but the knot haven't been there long.

Elizabeth Harris had it removed and said if it was Cancer, she did not want Macee. I said that's fine as I will take her back and refund the Vet bill for the surgery. Macee came into heat within 2 weeks after Elizabeth got her, and BEFORE the test results were back, she bred Macee without getting the tests results and before asking me, as I would not want her to be breed if the tests came back bad. After a few not so good emails to get the kitten I was owed, I told her I wanted Macee back and I would refund the Vet bill for the surgery with no questions asked. She would not give Macee back because she was bred.

She SOLD the kitten that she had promised me... After many emails and no responses, I finally told her I will contact my lawyer if I don't hear back from her. Then she emailed and said she would give me a kitten from the next litter. So I said okay, thats fine... 6 months later, "Macee" had already nursed puppies and the puppies had been sold (btw, she was selling the puppies AKC registered when Macee was ONLY CKC registered!) Elizabeth offered her back to me because she did not want to breed "maltese" anymore. Well she WANTED me to BUY her! Since she had her for 5-6 months with all the grooming, food and care she gave to her. Yes, that is her OWN words... Please keep in mind Macee was NOT paid for. I told her no, I wanted Macee back for only the Vet bill from surgery, and that she was not PAID for and the contract stated, she CANNOT be resold as a breeder and MUST be returned BACK to me... And MUST be spayed before placing into another home. She did not want to do that at all and we went about an month with this and one night I was looking on the internet and the "AD" she had her maltese posted on, wasn't there anymore... So I emailed, (the best way to get a hold of her was through email.) Found out, she sold her without telling me. Finally I told her I wanted the name, email and everything of the person that got Macee so I can KNOW she is okay. She did give me the lady's email address, and I have been checking up on her ever since. She sounds like she is in a GOOD home which I am very grateful she went to another home after all the stuff I have heard about Elizabeth the past 9 months. This lady also didn't know about the Tumor that were on Macee's stomach, because she asked me about it, so looks like Elizabeth did not tell the lady or give the health history record for Macee to the lady.

Stupid of me for letting her have Macee, especially before getting a kitten although she was wanting to give the kitten to me at the same time but the kitten was barely 5 WEEKS and I was NOT able to get a kitten at that age. She had 2 or 3 litters in July 2006, a little calico girl I decided on and told her I wanted that kitten for the payment of Macee. She said that's fine... So I really thought we were going to finally agree on something. Well I emailed to check up on the kitten, no emails back... I gave a few more weeks till I know when the kitten would be ready to go, I emailed again, no emails still... 2 weeks pasted, I emailed again as I noticed she had a calico kitten thats 5 months old. I emailed to see if it was still available and she said she would let me have her for the payment for Macee, + giving a kitten to her in return and $500 to boot, as this calico girl is from her best Odd-eyed male and good lined female... So basically, I would be giving what she owed me for Macee, $1800 kitten AND $500 in cash... So that would be over $2500 for a kitten that I really don't want, cause not exactly what I am looking to add to my program since my mother had already got a Sphynx. I really don't see that much in that kitten. To be honest, I would settle with any kitten from her, male or female, pet quality so I can least get something for what she owes me.

I also told her SEVERAL times I would prefer the money if she does not want to trade a kitten. She does not want to do that either.

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  • Fo
      22nd of Mar, 2007
    -1 Votes

    My goodness, doesn't RoseMarieZizzo have anything better to do than cut and paste from her slanderous website? One would think she'd be doing her best to come up with the money to pay the judgment of $7,5000.oo to Melanie Lowry ordered against Zizzo by a California court.


  • Tu
      23rd of May, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I would like to remain neutral on all of these complaints. While these complaints do sound horrible, I personally did not have a bad with Alopecia Sphynx/Beth Goebel. I purchased two kittens with birth dates of 9/14/06 and 9/30/06, and they were shipped via air on 12/21/06 (it was above 55degrees F on that day). They came in looking healthy, and I took them to the vet right away. They both received good evaluations from the vet. The male did get sick (vomiting and loss of weight) a few weeks later that racked up a $400 vet bill (we had to give him antibiotic injections), but he made it through and has been healthy since. I can't blame that on her, because he is great now and most humans get a cold/sick after riding in an airplane! I wanted to pick them up but it would have been a 10 hour drive, and Beth said that it would be better/less stress for them to ride in an airplane for 1.5 hours than in a car for 10 hours. I didn't think that was too strange other than I wanted to see the cattery, but I didn't push it... It made sense. She has answered all of my questions in a pretty timely manner.

    I am not discrediting any other the previous complaints, but I just wanted to add that I had a good experience with her.

  • De
      4th of Jun, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Elizabeth Goeble was such a difficult person to deal with. I bought a black male cat from her 1.5 years ago. We had it shipped to Cancun, Mexico. It arrived in the bones. We took him to the vet and started a proper diet and gave him lots of love. We thought he was going to die.

    The first time he came in the house he was scared of the blankets we laid out for him as well his and our bed an pillows. He had never step foot on anything like that before. We had been waiting for him for a while and already loved him and we were afraid for his health if we were to give him back to her so we kept him.

    He has never become a loving cat. We have done our best be he still is very antisocial. I remember us just wanting to get the deal done with her and never have to talk to her again.

    I have bought another sphinx cat. This time from naughty-nature (Jamie Alvarez) and what a difference that was. She is an outstanding caring breeder. Our little cat is a very happy, playful one with a magnificent personality.

    If you are thinking of buying one ask the breeder a lot of questions and definitely do not buy from E. Goebel

  • Sp
      28th of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I have never had any dealing's with Alopecia as I only deal with breeder's who show, and scan "ALL" of the cat's they breed for HCM. While I am not saying these statment's are not true people must understand URI's are common in most cat's and even more so @ time's of stress such as a plain ride ,ect... One thing people also need to relize is that a kitten can devlope fuzz ,and some even alot it is very common in queen's that are not spayed. These thing's can happen no matter who You get Your kitten from what make's a breeder a bad one is when a kitten has something genetic ,and they do nothing to correct it.It is very true that some buyer's are never happy no matter what You do . In the end these are live animal's,and stuff does happen no matter who the breeder is.

  • Me
      27th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I purchased a black and white sphynx kitten from Elizabeth in March 2005 that was born January 2005. Our vet found a slight heart murmur at his 1-year check up, but it was so slight that we just kept an eye on it. At his 2-year checkup, it was progressed to a 2/6 and he had a dangerously high heart rate. She referred us to a cardiologist. We saw the specialist on 6/07 and, unfortunately, received a very grave diagnosis. The cardiologist ran an EKG and ECG and our baby was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which, as you know, is a congenital disease. His heart rate was consistently registering a dangerous level of 310 beats per minute, whereas the normal rate is 140-160. He had secondary diagnoses of early congestive heart failure, mild pericardial effusion, supraventricular tachycardia, moderate left ventricular hypertrophy, systolic anterior motion of the mitral valve with moderate mitral regurgitation, and moderate left ventricular outflow obstruction. There was also fluid build up around the heart itself, and, according to the cardiologist, the murmur was actually a 4/6. I contacted the breeder twice through a registered letter to her PO Box, so she would have to sign for it and I would know that she received it, but she would never pick up the letters and they were returned. I finally scanned a copy of the report and emailed her several times. Nothing was done. I was told that it was past the "one year guarantee" and there was nothing she could do.

    Sadly, about 4 weeks ago, we lost our baby due to complications with the HCM. He went into multisystem organ failure. He was only a few months shy of being 4 years old. I contacted Elizabeth about the loss, but still wasn't offered anything from her by way of another kitten or partial refund, etc. No amount of money would ever make up for the loss, but as the breeder, I feel she should take responsibility for what happened. He was our baby, and I wouldn't trade the time we had with him for anything in this world, but he didn't deserve the pain that he went through. She is stating now that she does HCM scans on her breeding pairs, but I would ask for proof of this before any purchases and do A LOT of research before any purchases no matter who you use. Please be wary of using this breeder.

  • He
      2nd of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Well, sadly, I'm in the same boat. I bought the sweetest calico girl with breeding rights for $1700 USD plus shipping from Alopecia who was born in September of 2006 and shipped to me in December 2006. She arrived with an URI which never cleared up, she never really grew to full size, she had chronic diarhea but, she was the sweetest little cat I had ever owned. 10 months later, a boy arrived from another cattery to be her stud. He contracted herpes or some other chronic respiratory virus from her and ended up in intensive care with pneumonia and nearly died. At that time, my girl was diagnosed with a grade 3 heart murmur and she was just 1 year old. By Christmas, we had had very expensive tests, as required by Elizabeth to fullfill the genetic guarantee in our contract. I did not want to send Izzy back as Elizabeth had advised me to euthanize her and I knew that tht was what would happen to her. I sent the results of her heart scan which showed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Elizabeth denied that she had ever had a cat with this genetically dominant disease. This, of course, would be impossible. Between January of 2007 when she received the results of the tests and now, Elizabeth has refused to refund my payment to her and neither has she followed through with a relacement kitten. However, given the health of her kittens I would be very reluctant to have another kitten from her and would prefer a refund. Izzy died in July of this year. She wasn't yet two. I still have a broken heart about it. We should have a house full of glorious kittens at this point and, instead, it is sad and empty. I would go through small claims court but live in Canada so will need to look at the legal issues around cross-boarder legal claims. This adventure has cost me over $6000.

  • Ti
      4th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am so sorry I did not research this breeder before I bought my little boy. I have had the exact same experience as others here. He has now died of HCM at the very barely 4 years old. I naively sent her an email letting her know of his death, and she never bothered to respond. Now I know why. Please do not buy from her. For those of you who have managed to have a good experience with no health problems for your pet, I'm happy for you, but please go have them thoroughly checked by your vet with this information to make sure. HCM is not always noticeable without specific tests and there are some treatments available that could extend the life of your pet if you find it early enough. My vet only detected a slight murmur, thinking it was not a big problem - had they known of this breeders history, we could have detected the problem early and I would have had more time with my precious boy and known what was wrong on that last day with him. Please, please have your pet checked for HCM.

  • St
      10th of Jan, 2010
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    Well reading this I am terrified. I bought a sphynx in Wisconsin from a young man that could not take care of him anymore. He gave me the cat's father's pedigree. The cat is Petitslutins White Romeo of Dallas the owner Elizabeth Goebel. I don't know if I should worry about his health now. He is already a year old and seems healthy enough but I'm a bit worried now. I don't know who his dam is but it seems his sire is from Canada and not out of Goebel's stock. Let me know if any of you have any information.

  • An
      12th of Mar, 2011
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  • Pu
      17th of May, 2016
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    Elizabeth Harris Goebel is a scammer!!! She scammed me out of 3 kittens 8 years ago, now I find out she is still dealing cats but with several different AKA's
    Elizabth Kay Harris (most recent)
    Elizabeth Forester
    Elizabeth Kay Goebel
    E. Goebel
    K Goebel Elizabeth and I'm sure there are many many more along with municipal cattery names.

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