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awful manner of staff Tamara, don't try to ask any questions because they will say they have client and said they can't talk to you anymore. Totally disorganised system and not knowing what service you bought for. Bought IPL skin rejuvenation and got asked "are you coming to do IPL hair removal". Not willing to talk to you when you are there in person and request you to call back, but never was able to find anyone to talk on phone. Never have such humiliated service in my whole life.

Mar 2, 2014
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  • Mo
      26th of Aug, 2014

    i bought a package (4 facials) and made my reservations. The system requires you to book online and a confirmation will be sent from the therapist if it fits with their schedule. I received no confirmation and tried calling multiple times (8 times). It is impossible to get any of them on the line, and when I do on the mobile number provided (Lynda Lim), she is always driving and says she'll call back or email... which she NEVER does. I turned up at the salon to request for my money back and they said NO refunds according to their policy. When I asked for their policy they couldn't show me anything. So now I'm stuck with a string of unconfirmed appointments and about $180 down the drain if nothing happens...

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  • Fj
      13th of Sep, 2014

    I'm really disappointed with firstly the three weeks of trying to contact the company and then having to get the deal place to contact them to see what was going on, then the poor hygiene standards along with poor social skills and finally the fact that the treatment was terrible. Not worth it... Even with a voucher! I'm canceling the other treatment even if it means losing money because it is just a waste of time!

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  • Ri
      1st of Dec, 2014

    I paid for a 8 treatment package for ipl hair removal- staff were very ready and seemed very unprofessional however felt I had to keep going back because I had pre paid for my treatments which mind you was not cheap. After having 1 more session left I was told I had no more sessions left. This ended up in an argument and just goes to show they have no idea what they are doing. Manager agreed finally to let me have my last session which i had paid for! I question if the staff are trained professionals I don't believe they are. To this day I am still shaving my legs like I have never had a hair removal treatment- I have thought about contacting them but seriously could not be bothered and accepted that my $800 was basically a waste. Very Very disappointing

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