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I bought a golf bag in a silent auction that was held by the charity. I have tried to support this charity for many years since Jennifer and Jim lost their daughter. I have always known that the money is basically wasted on Jennifer;s ill-management of her foundation, but I support it anyway because I know them. After I paid for the gold bag, I was told that I couldn't have the displayed bag and that I would get a new one later. I have waited for almost 3 months and now Jennifer Tresh won't return my phone calls.

I would not be so upset except that Jennifer has told many of us on the board of the 10s of millions she got when she sold her business. Lately, no one believes her anymore as she continues to run this charity like her own personal slush fund.


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  • Mi
      Sep 15, 2010

    My name is Michelle Ponte and I am the person who coordinated the golf tournament for this foundation. This post along with others by the same person using aliases is a malicious attempt to discredit this organization by a sick jealous woman. The foundation has not responded because this is a disturbed individual. Legal action has and is being taken. The fact is that no one named Leslie or any other name was told to wait for any golf bag. I personally did the check out and all items purchased were given away that evening. In fact, the only golf bags we had were given away as raffle prizes. There were no golf bags in the silent auction. So, Leslie, or whatever your name is I welcome you to contact me personally. Interestlingly, all the golfers participating had very positive feedback and there were no complaints. No one called with anything but praises. No one would continue to support an organization that did those things.

    I maintained every record of each transaction and I wecome anyone to contact me to view all or any info.

    It's a shame that there are such sick people who want to hurt what is good. I have volunteerd for this foundation and known Jennifer for many years and she has personally spent her money to give to many and does not take a salary for what she does. It is easy to see those things and anyone can call. No one has ever called to inquire about something they bought and did not receive. Records of this harrassment and details about where these posts came from are available. The posts this person makes are all the same and all lies with the intent to harm Jennifer's efforts to memorialize her daughter. This is a very disturbed person with a history of doing similar things to other people.

    My advice is to do your homework and see what this foundation really does.

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  • Jo
      Jan 20, 2011

    You tell them Michelle!!!

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  • Sc
      Nov 16, 2011

    I don't know if the person who wrote that complaint is legitimate or not. But I do know that I am not using an alias and the people who know this Tresh charity do not hold it in very high regard. I have nothing good to say about the head woman from my limited and very negative experience with her or her organization.

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  • To
      Dec 30, 2014

    Michelle Ponte AKA Jennifer Tresh. All of the comments of fraud and stealing are true.

    License Verification Search

    License Verification
    Data As Of 12/30/2014
    LICENSE NUMBER: RN1800902 Printer Friendly Version

    License/Activity Status
    License Expiration Date License Original Issue Date
    7/31/2008 03/23/1987
    Discipline on File Public Complaint Click here for more information
    NO NO
    Address of Record
    If further information is needed, please contact the Department of Health at [protected].

    Jennifer Tresh has taken thousands and thousands of dollars from unsuspecting contributors and capitalized on the grief of parents of children with brain cancer.

    BEWARE OF THIS CHARITY. Money donated goes to pay for the Tresh family nanny, who is on the payroll, expensive business trips and moreover, c ash donations raised from community events are NEVER RECORDED and go directly into the Tresh pockets. I KNOW THESE PEOPLE WELL AND HAVE SEEN JENNIFER TRESH TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MANY MANY PEOPLE. THIS CHARITY IS A COMPLETE FRAUD tresh foundation


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  • Mu
      Feb 11, 2018

    The Tresh'so begged us to board their horses at our place. We thought they seemed to be nice people and agreed. They are constantly late with the board even though we have let them know that we live on a pension and need to have the money when due to pay for feed and hay. They put us in a bind every month. They also neglect the horses. Their hooves haven't been trimmed in ages and I'm positive they have worms. Pretty sure they're writing them off as part of the charity even though no one ever comes out to see them.

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