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BEWARE! Purchased a 60" plasma TV on Dec 28th, 2014 for $915. Received email from the owner (?), some guy named Mason (no last name given) thanking me for my purchase and saying TV would be shipped with 48 hrs & I should wait for tracking info. Eight days later (Jan 5th, 2015) I had still not received any communication from the company, so attempted to call. Left several messages, with no reply. Eventually got through to an "answering service", and was told that their computers 'were down', 'Mason' was out of the country, and they would call me right back with a status update. Six hours later finally received an email stating that the order had been cancelled because they could not ship to Vancouver Island. So I called the Customer Service number back for a more detailed explanation, and he said they could not ship for the price they quoted me online when I made the purchase, even though I provided them with my postal code. (I live in Nanaimo, population of 100, 000, not in some cabin in the bush). I asked when my PayPal account would be credited with the $915 they had already received (confirmed by PayPal), and they told me to take it up with PayPal as it was not their concern anymore. I was instructed to file a dispute & then upgrade it to a claim with PayPal, and eventually I would get my money back. 'Customer Service' said this is what they tell customers who don't end up getting products shipped that had elected to pay with PayPal. It is now Jan 12th, and I do have a claim going with both PayPal & American Express (PayPal charged my Amex card for the purchase on Dec 29th, 2014). PayPal is saying I have to wait for 10 days, to give Electronics for Less "time to respond". So I wait, with a $915 charge on my credit card while Electronics For Less has my money in their account, for a TV that they never shipped, 16 days after the purchase was made. I phoned Electronics for Less again this morning, and they answered then hung up on me. Really, they just hung up on me. I phoned back, and my call went straight to their answering machine. I called again via a different number, and this time they answered. I asked when they would be refunding my money, and they said speak to PayPal, it was not their concern.

Please look online, there are many negative reviews & experiences similar to the one I am having with Electronics For Less. I have filed a formal complaint with the cyber crime division of the Richmond Hill Police Service, as well as registering a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Ontario. PayPal has instructed me that I must wait 10 days before they will investigate.

Electronics For Less
Electronics For Less

Jan 12, 2015

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