Eldon Miller Bernese Mountain Dog Breeder / Genetic defect in puppy - glaucoma and broken lens

We had contacted Mr Miller looking for a Burnese Mountain Dog puppy. He had one left from the litter, 4 months old. He said because it was over 12 was old he would take $300 for him, he is ACA registered. We decided to go look at the puppy after Mr Miller called us back and said if we wanted him he'd take $200 for him. We are not breeders, we simply were looking for a pet. In short, it was dark out when we looked at him. He's a great dog, especially for being a puppy, so we took him home. Within a couple days we noticed one eye shined bright green when the light hits it. He's now 5 months old, we've had him one month, and that eye began to bilge some so we took him to a vet. The lens in the eye had fallen inside the eye, and he has glaucoma. He is essentially blind in that eye, and we will soon have to remove it because it's painful to him. There's no way as a breeder this Amishman did not know this, and he should have told us. The vet said the lens problem was from birth, this pup supposedly had been vet checked. It is registered with the ACA. Mr. Miller dropped the price and withheld that information to get rid of him. Our family already loves this dog, we will do what we must to help him but had we been told what was wrong with him we wouldn't have bought him.

Nov 04, 2016

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