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1 Lake Mary, FL, United States

I thought I was going to the perfect place for my tummy tuck procedure. I am three weeks post op and I went Tuesday for my follow up appointment. After driving an hour and a half I arrived to find the doors locked and lights off. A simple note on the door that says under new ownership we are temporary closed. I not only am so angry that no one from the old owners or new owners thought that perhaps they should make a few calls. It is not like I was showing up for a facial. I am post op only 3 weeks to me that is not only illegal but a terrible act of responsibility. What if somehting is wrong with my healing process? What if I have questions? When will my stitched come out now? WIll that leave different scar since I am now waiting longer? I have so many questions and no one to ask. I cannot decide whether to contact a lawyer or another doctor. I am scared I decided to have this surgery and now I no longer have a doctor. This is unacceptable.

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