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EDM Designs / Fraud, avoid them

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Finally, after waiting since my original order on December 10th my brooch arrived today, January 8th. When I requested information regarding the shipment (shortly after I placed the order) and was ignored after 3 emails I wrote a fourth email that was more pointed..."You have my money, where's mybrooch." That finally generated a response. A condescending response stating that I should read the delivery information in the add.

OK, at least I received a response albeit insulting. I was assured my piece of art jewelry should be here in time for the holidays to thrill the recipient...YUP. It didn't even make the Epiphany. The web site - that I'm supposed to pay attention to -indicated they had sent it priority mail on December 21st, but, even after I requested a tracking number - TWICE, they never sent me one. HMMM... Then, after I sent two more emails in January, I received a note saying the USPS returned the parcel to them for some unknown reason...REALLY, HMMM. If it had been sent in the first place, why no tracking number (it's promised in their shipping information on line - remember I was supposed to read that)? Why no response to my queries?

Oh well, my brooch finally arrived today. To my dismay, it is a cheap trinket not worth 1/2 of what they charged. Bottom line result - insulting customer service as well as mediocre product. I ordered watchpart cufflinks from another web site and the quality was a quantum leap above this. Combine the quality of the product with the arrogant, condescendingcustomer service and you have quite a combination. Never an apology - just ' tough luck' explanations. I'm sure the response to this feedback will be equally defensive, condescending and scathing. I'll be sure to share the experience - and web site - with all my friends.

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  • Th
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    Alright, here's the REAL story with EDMDesigns and the ALLEGED consumer, who is ACTUALLY a person who calls herself RivkasMom, a.k.a. Cynthia Grace Acosta (or just Grace as she likes to call herself).

    CINDY ACOSTA is an extremely unstable individual (unemployed, lives on disability for vague and undiagnosable "ills", admittedly takes Buspar to try and bring some order to her mis-firing neurons - you get the idea) who USED to sell her, ahem... "wares" on the marketplace known as Etsy. Being unstable, CINDY ACOSTA used numerous secondary Etsy accounts to falsely "purchase" TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS worth of goods from the seller known as EDMDesigns (CINDY'S larger and much more successful competitor). MS. ACOSTA was not satisfied to falsely purchase just a FEW of the competitor's goods, she purchased HUNDREDS OF ITEMS each visit, wiping out her competitor's shop of ALL GOODS. This occured to the tune of well over $100, 000.00 worth of false purchases. Because she did not have to pay immediately upon checkout she could do this over and over again.

    Once administrators at Etsy discovered what was going on, CINDY ACOSTA'S seller account on Etsy was terminated - IMMEDIATELY. That, of course, sent GRACE into a tailspin. She then went on a rampage and kept making new false accounts and made a sport of "buying" ALL of EDMDesigns goods from their store, completely emptying the shop of all goods...

    BUT... as you can see, with someone who is unstable, the issue never goes away, and now, some 2 YEARS LATER, she is STILL obsessed and trying to strike out in some weak and pathetic way. It is sad.

    Nonetheless, let it be known that EDMDesigns is a wonderful seller whom I have encountered personally and who is so delightful and such a pleasure to do business with, I have since become well acquainted with the seller and all of their staff. NO SUCH TRANSACTION occured as the "customer" states. Period. And should a situation arise in which anything EDMDesigns sells is less than perfect, they stand behind their work 100%.

    Although anyone with thousands of sales is bound to encounter a negative experience now and then, and in those cases any comments EDMDesigns leaves are certainly well-justified and warranted, here are some GENUINE examples of the typical feedback that EDMDesigns receives over nearly 2 years of sales and that buyers continuously leave for EDMDesigns:

    "Gorgeous Ring! The pictures do not do it justice! Great communication with seller! Speedy shipping! I'm very pleased." - 2.22.10

    "This seller makes incredible pieces that are even more breathtaking in person than online. These made the perfect gift for my boyfriend and he can't wait to get more shirts with french cuffs!" - 2.16.10

    "Beautiful Ring. Better than picture. Ricky is such a sweet person. Bought this ring as an engagement. Thank you! We'll be back to purchase more of your beautiful jewelry art." - 1.28.10

    "It took me a while to figure out how to leave feedback - just wanted to say that these earrings are truly gorgeous and were much admired at the party I wore them to. Many people had never heard of steampunk before. I am very happy with them and have recommended your shop to several of my friends. Your designs are so unique and elegant with an edge; and your service was impeccable - thank you again for expediting my request to meet my schedule. I will be saving up to buy more of your pieces for sure." - 1.22.10

    "Beautiful piece. The quality is unreal. Looks even better in real life vs the pictures. Seller got the items delivered half way around the world to me on short notice. All items were delivered as promised on the day promised. A very pleasurable experience all together." - 1.22.10

    "I got this for my girlfriend to celebrate seven months together, and the necklace is incredibly beautiful and well-made, and has a lot of sentimental value. Not only that, but the customer service I got was nothing shy of impeccable. I'd recommend both this product and this store to anyone looking to put a smile on their loved one's face." - 1.19-10

    And it goes on and on...

    "extremely professional and responsive. delivered on time under pressure and provided wonderful customer care and attention." - 8.19.09

    "My experience with this seller was excellent for many reasons. Firstly, I had a very speedy response to my email contacting the seller about the item I had purchased. I wished to have the item shipped overnight and Ricky worked with me personally to accommodate that wish. A new invoice was emailed to me immediately after the terms were agreed upon and included the quoted price adjustment. Once paid, my order was processed without delay and the item arrived the next morning. The necklace was a parting gift and I had very little time before it would be too late to give it in person. Ricky was sensitive to this and made every effort to make my little dream come true. From start to finish it took two and half days to buy and receive the item. The necklace itself was beautiful and the excellent photographs on the site let me know ahead of time I would not be disappointed. Finally, the necklace did its job; she said that it was, "the best gift she had ever received". She was completely floored and couldn't stop smiling. Only such a unique and beautiful piece of work could elicit that response! Thank you, Ricky." - 8.10.09

    "My mother and mother-in-law were touched by this gift of TIME and love the gorgeous watch movements. Thank you again for your artistry, your fast efforts in getting them ready and shipped, and for being so kind during the process. If I have another occasion for such a gift, I'll come looking again for your work!" - 5.29.09

    "Not only are the things in this shop beautiful (and even prettier in the palm of my hand) but the communication is excellent. When I clarified that I needed it rush-ordered, you bent over backwards to get it to me by the time I needed at great inconvenience to you. I am absolutely delighted. A very good experience. Thank you so much for making it work out for me. My dad will be thrilled by these cufflinks." - 12.20.08

    "I am obsessed with my ring, absolutely obsessed. This is perfect, exactly what I wanted. Ricky helped me figure out what would work for me and designed this ring precisely as I imagined it! Great to work with and will definietly work with again!!!" - 11.23.08

    "The necklace came today and I am amazed and thrilled with the attention to detail and the beauty of this work of art. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because of people like you I LOVE Etsy!" - 11.14.08

    "I absolutely love my one of a kind, conversation starting, creatively designed Steam-Punkette rose ring! Ricky has been and has continued to be Grrreat in correspondence and the craftsmanship is FIVE STAR, Thumbs Up, You rock, and Beyond. I am a devoted fan and will continue to buy from my fave seller :) Much peace, joy, and success to you! Cheers from your buddy in Sunny D!" - 9.03.08

    Whomever might stumble onto this very sad attempt by another to do damage to someone who is exceptionally talented, do yourself the service of visiting the EDMDesigns shop:

    If you have any doubt, you can start with their feedback:

    Also, be sure that the story won't end here. CINDY will be back here in an attempt to create some fantasy world of a THOUSAND dissatisfied "buyers" and others that are inventions of her own creation, but we (the sane people) can see through that. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out that CINDY will actaully take the immense amount of time required to gleen every negative word ever written in some 144 pages of feedback (well over 2, 800 feedbacks) and post them here. Just follow the links above and judge for yourself... So what are you waiting for? Go visit their shop and see what all the FUSS is about - and enjoy!

  • An
      17th of Jan, 2011
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    Edm Designs work is CRAP. Her customer service is CRAP. 75% of her sales are FAKE. All her feedback is from SUPPLY SELLERS! NOT CUSTOMERS! And she constantly tries to claim that every dissatisfied customer is Grace Acosta, which they ARENT. Charging $195 for a ring made from components made is China and cost .75 cents is bound to get some negative responses from buyers. Couple that with charging $28 for international shipping when she DOES NOT ship registered or Priority Mail. NOPE! She ships First Class International with costs all of $2.50 and gets a 'Certificate of Mailing' which is good for nothing if the item gets lost and only costs $1.

    Her attitude is HORRENDOUS and she is constantly attacking and trying to intimidate other sellers on Etsy, even going so far as saying "It would be unhealthy for you to continue selling on Etsy". Seriously. This is a 50+ year old woman we are talking about. With kids! And she has the gall to speak this way to people? Wheres the maturity in that? If there is any doubt as to what the author of this complaint has said, read the negative feedback Ricky writes to dissatisfied customers. Read the article on her on the website "You Thought We Wouldn't Notice." Think critically about the number of sales she has and compare that with the number of feedback that was left from customers. Ricky and her minions make fake accounts and buy items from her store and then leave PAGES of glowing FALSE feedback. REAL customers dont usually take the time to write pages. Look at other seller's legit feedback and compare.

  • Cr
      1st of Mar, 2011
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    You are right Edm Designs are very rude! I've had that experience myself with them. I've never purchased their products so I can't speak for that part. I was selling on Etsy and received a nasy email from them saying I stole their designs! Come on it's steampunk there is only so much you can do with it. Sometimes some things are going to be alike. I have books on how to make steampunk jewelry that all are sold in stores and the internet. That's where I got some of my ideas from. They act like they invented steampunk. They are bullies.

  • Jo
      13th of Jan, 2016
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    Regrettably, the complaints about EDM Designs are credible. My experience is quite consistent with those of the complainants on this site (although I cannot speak to the truth or otherwise of testimonials). In particular:
    (i) use of materials other than the valuable materials advertised (i.e. fraud);
    (ii) poor workmanship (i.e. materials glued together); and, among other things (iii) initially reassuring, and then hostile customer relations (i.e. particularly, if a refund is requested or any query is made questioning authenticity of materials or workmanship).

    To the reader contemplating a purchase from this business or (perhaps, if the following applies, even) one who has already purchased from this business it is recommendable that you use a credit card that has an anti-fraud service allowing chargebacks against the card (this is critical).

    If upon receipt of the goods you suspect fraud, you simply take the piece of jewellery to a jeweller or jewellery exchange that can verify the quality of the workmanship and/or materials against a description (provided on the vendor’s site): this is quite quick and easy - and in my experience: free.

    If the jeweller or exchange advises that the materials are not genuine or workmanship poor, you simply get them to confirm their findings in writing, gather all of your correspondence with EDM Designs regarding a complaint/request for refund (or any company you happen to be dealing with in a context similar to this), any responses from EDM (or the relevant company), and go straight to your bank, and the bank will initiate procedures against your credit card. Please note, whilst this works quite well most of the time, this doesn't always work (because the cooperation of the vendor's bank is required), but it's one of the best ways to avoid getting into, or out of (however the case may be) trouble (most reputable banks cooperate fully).

    Take care and good luck.

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