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Ed Magedson/Ripoff Report



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Ed Magedson/Ripoff Report
United States
Both my professional and personal life have been hurt by false anonymous reports on rip off report. These are serious false claims of sexual harassment. My full name, address, and phone number have been exposed, and I don't even have a busines, that's my personal information.

My family and co-workers have approached me, asking what was up with that stuff. No doubt in my mind it has costs me work (you Google people as part of a standard background check, very common).

Forget loopholes and he-said/she-said crap...HOW is this RIGHT?

And there is nothing I can do about it but respond to it? Why should I unwillingly be put in a position to defend myself against an anonymous person and a flase claim? If it was court and reality that would be one thing, but to be caught up in this false ### mess is a fn' joke.
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A  10th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
rip off report IS A BIG JOKE!! The owner and founder of Rip Off Repot Ed Magedson is a true crook. rip off report is not real media all! Ed Magedson is the biggest crook in America today. He wants honest people to give him very large amounts of money to remove the horrible lies that he allows to be posted on his website each and everyday. He allowed big lies to be posted about me back in 2000. I have personally contacted him in his home office in Arizona, and asked him to remove the slanderous lies about me and he was rude and cruel with his conversation. His picture is posted on google along with his criminal background record for anyone to see. Do not take anything rip off report says about any company or any person as fact, because more then likely it's not true. What a shame that someone can say anything about good hard working people for the world to see and get away with it. If only there was justice against such a crook. If you google Ed Magedsons name you to will see what a liar he is and that he truly has no respect for anything or anyone including himself. rip off report does not verify anything that is posted. A true media company would confirm such lies before they report anything about any one or any company, as true media understands that their credibility is on the line with each and every report. So what this means is anyone can post anything at any time about anybody they wish. What is worse, rip off report will post it with out any investigation at all. Then Ed Magedson will try to blackmail you to get it taken off. He is a very sick disease! Why don't the proper authorities get involved and make him go away? He is a very bad person and he preys on good people at random with out cause. I hope and pray that the Good Lord will bring attention to the right person or people and this man Ed Magedson who is a true menace to society, will indeed be brought to Justice. I have nothing to hide as I too am a victim of Rip Off Report. I hope to help anyone who's has fell prey to this very evil person seek Justice as many people just like me do understand that Ed Magedson has not helped society at all. He has only helped to ruin the good name of many Company's and many people. The good news is, if we all come together and not allow this man to get away with his evil deeds that the truth will surface and Ed Magedson will be Judged in a Court of Law. I look forward to that day, I hope you read this Ed Magedson, as you are a liar and a crook . Also I looked at your picture on google and you really are everything you represent, YOU ARE VERY UGLY!!!
A  21st of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Ed Magedson needs to be shut down.
A  21st of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes

Ed Magedson should be shut down and arrested. He has harmed so many people. So, if the law won't help, I am going to help, and you can get a copy of the rip off report PHP clone script, highly SEO optimized, and which does as much, and if not more than his system ever will. The script can be purchased by calling (800) 922-5170, Ext. 701. Visit YouTube and search for rip off report PHP Script. Visit: http://www.gscsc.net for more details. In addition, visit: http://www.reportaripoff.net to see the script in action on one of our client's sites. Ed is so pissed, that he is trying to take ownership, and possession of the website, and script. He has seen first hand what my script can do. I also have another site I set up for one of my clients: http://www.reportacomplaint.net and that one as well, is part of the script package I am talking about. A lot of the reports in their are in first page positions in Google, so you can understand why Ed Magedson is so pissed. The last thing he wants to do is take attention away from himself, or have competition, or anyone that can do what he does. Well Ed Magedson, your time has come. And, I will sell as many of these scripts as possible. We are now as of today at version 3.00 of the script. Bye Bye Ed Magedson and rip off report, you now have direct and very heavy competition on the way!
A  5th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I have also been a victim of my ex wife Julia Martin Bradley who posted defaming comments about me on /link removed/ When my wife contronted her on facebook she said that my wife needs to leave her and her family alone and my wife needs to grow up. I took up the matter with the Alabama state bar and the attorney told me her actions were criminal under the e-annoyance act which is making defaming comments about someone without giving her true identity. I took up the matter with my local police and the department of justice and the FBI, but have not received an reply. If Ed Magedson is truly an wanted fugitive then why can't they loacte him?
A  14th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
Ed magedson/ripoff report is a joke!!!

I agree ed magedson is a wanted federal felon a criminal that has hurt many people and the us government does nothing to shut him down and put him and all his followers away!!! I also have been victimized this criminal!!! He is a ###, a liar, a cheater, an extortionist, an abuser, a fraud, a scam, a troll, a criminal, a federal felon to the max!!! Do not write reports on his website!!! He will slander you for no reason, he will never remove those reports, yet he himself has committed many crimes that has gone un notices by the federal government. He has gotten many judgement notices against him and he has been arrested many times just google it in ed magedson arrested!!! And all his authors on that site are also criminals just like him they will write false reports about people and will use your name picture and what ever against your will and use it for his addvertising purpose!!! He is a fake a fraude and needs to be shut down!!! The abusive authors on his site needs to be put in jail for abuse!!! They go by code names of: tagurit, jeaneske, stacey, gail, robert-irving usa, jessica, joe, mary, lorenzen, mariendude, and many others!!! Do not ever post your photo your name your place of address your e-mail address or your phone number or any personal information on his site or on any site anywhere on the internet because these scums will pick up on everything and will use your personal information against your wish and will use it for their own personal gain to commercialize their website!!! I have filed numerous complaints against these criminals such as federal trade, ic3.Gov, whitehouse.Gov, usa.Gov, consummer affairs, to my police dept., to congress, to senate, to the supreme court even. Someone needs to investigate these people and really shut these criminals down for good!!!
A  14th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
With a few corrections above:

Yes i too have been a victim of this ### ed magedson and his website rippoffreport they are a crooks!!! Their crimes have gone unoticed by the us government for many years and some one needs to put this ### of the earth ed magedson and his bad authors: tagurit, joe, jeaneske, robert irving, meriendude, jessica, stacey, mary, away for life for slander, identity theft, fraud, abuse, and abuse of the elderly, scam, and extortion. Just google in ed magedsons arrest records!!! Put this ### away!!!
N  30th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
"Janice Cooke" is Darren Meade who actually works for Ed Magedson, the owner of RipOffRepport.com. Darren Meade is best described, if your interested, buy visiting this exhaustive expose of his pattern of antisocial behavior:

D  1st of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Attention Darren Meade, impersonation on the Internet instead of California is a crime, please cease and desist.

Furthermore, as a paid representative of RipOffReport.com, any work you doing on their behalf including managing Internet smear campaigns against their whistleblowers should include a disclosure to that effect.
N  2nd of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
This thread, and the subsequent thread by individuals sharing my last name were posted by Darren M Meade of Kairos-Meade in Laguna Beach California. Darren is a paid reputation-hitman working for Ed Magedson of RipOffReport.com. These postings are in response to my refusing to submit to Darren Meade's extortion demands in October 2011, and my exposés on Ed Magedson's appalling business practices. More information is available here:

Full response to Darren Meade's Allegations: http://lilb.it/darrenmmeade
The video that enraged RipOffReport.com owner: http://youtube.com/watch?v=tMTCCT_NtBk
Darren Meade Caught Bragging about his last Smear Campaign Victim: http://youtu.be/r_HK_hiHM7Y
A  10th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
I totally agree that Ed Magedson is a big phony and a liar a con and he has scaly people that are his followers and help make him look good on his website by slandering innocent people steeling their personal information and writing false reports against them. Then when the victim files a true police report these scums say that it is false and tries to victimize the victim no matter what. Well I hate to tell them but I will they can't get me because I have all my records and my families sealed from these so called ### that threat people for no reason. I think their only reason to threaten people is that they get some kind of jolly off of it because they have very miserable lives that where they must succumb to hurting others to make themselves feel powerful. Well the legal justice system does not always favor these scums and one day they will find themselves where they really belong behind bars. Because all they know is the internet. And on the internet is where these scums feel as though they can take on the world. But in reality these ### have no life and no brains and no souls that is why they are doing what they are doing. The truth is always there. If they think that they have the right to slander and hurt and bully people than they got what nothing because the law will not always bend for these scums! I not only have a police report but also a court order for a protective order against these scums already in process. So what ever they do from this point on is on them! Because the law already know that Ed Magedson is the real crook and a wanted criminal by the FBI!!! Just type in his name and find out for yourself! Knowledge is power! Don't let these scums like Ed Magedson and all his so called followers get away! Report them as much as possible. They fear that. They don't like it when their victims fight them back and win!!!
N  12th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
No one is lying here especially about Ed Magedson complaints. As he is the liar the ### of the earth who posts untruth and and unethical reports and also violates other persons identity. I thank however the https://www.complaintsboard.com for allowing victims of this sucmbag to post the truth here! All his followers are all just like him scaly!
N  1st of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Please spread the word about this boycott of Ripoffreport enablers:

A  11th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
Ed Magedson and Ripoff Report.


We are your victims. We are also your victims’ neighbors, their friends, their fellow entrepreneurs and their local business owners. We are hard working people who have been victimized by your ruthless and cold hearted scheme to extort money from us. We are husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mother and fathers, brothers and sisters.

We have lost our businesses, our homes, our reputations our hard earned money and countless opportunities we needed to feed our families because of your actions.

Despite our pleas that you show a modicum of respect and compassion for your victims, you have purposefully decided to further victimize us and the whole of society.



ANONYMOUS RIPOFF REPORT VICTIMS will begin simultaneously filing lawsuits against RipOff Report and Ed Magedson WITHOUT hiring attorneys. If enough victims file suits against you, RipOff Report will soon be buried in lawsuits and completely unable to afford defense counsel.

Just 1, 000 lawsuits and $ 2, 000 in attorney’s fees per case will equal $ 2 MILLION in legal fees that you will need to pay. That’s just to start.

If RipOff Report and Ed Magedson manage to survive Phase One of our operations, your victims will simply repeat this cycle over and over again until the world is cleansed of your extortionist tactics.

Ed Magedson, you went after the WRONG PEOPLE. Your profiteering at the cost of honest, hard working people has now come to an end.



A sample complaint can be found here:






A  31st of May, 2016 by    +1 Votes
A thorougly false and libelous post was made against me in 2006 by a co-worker who had since retracted it, asking employers not to hire me. I have a very rare last name so it really makes it doubly damaging to me, but probably only in ways I cannot prove. The poster wants the post removed, but the ### Ed won't remove it...instead he wants me to give him money. The best the world can hope for is that the sticks holding up the slimy rock he lives under will break and the world will finally be relieved of suffering from him. I think he has no relatives...one would hope...that would continue with the extortion he's been doing for many years.

Someday everyone has to die. In most people's case that is a very sad event. In Ed's case it will be very welcome.

S.S. from Colorado
A  1st of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
If you are a victim of Darren Meade.
So far we have half a dozen case logs and statements from those that have been defamed, extorted, libeled for financial gain since 2013. If you are a victim of Darren Meade.

Any interested parties that would like to participate revealing crimes perpetuated by Darren Meade, we will contact you.

The real Darren Meade as he describes what he enjoys.

* For reasons of anonymity, we being in the Reputation Management Industry have decided to pursue this vigorously and within the full extent of the law creating a change.org campaign to show the real extent of these types of Internet crimes.
A  1st of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
S.S. from Colorado again...it has been a little over 10 YEARS since the libelous post was made October 2006 (which was retracted July 2009). When I Google my first and last name together (rare last name that I have), it still comes up on page 2 and says extremely nasty things about me.

Besides the fact what was posted was false and was retracted, what crime have I committed that this terrible thing follows me the rest of my life???

The law allowing that is about the most unfair (poorly thought out) law I can imagine (Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act).

There is no decency in that law, nor in Ed Magedson (of course). If he had decency, he would at the very least put in place a sunset on RETRACTED POSTS where the entire post disappears. But there is no shred of decency in that devil. He is a brute beast worthy of death for the harm he has caused to perhaps thousands of innocent people by refusing to remove posts that should be removed.

I'm the living wreckage of a Clinton-era law and will never know the harm this has caused me. I can only suspect it has done so. Nobody tells you that they are spying on you when you look for a job or after you get one.

I am currently unemployed and have to think about that post haunting me again. Why do I have to go through this every time I don't have a job?

It can ruin a person mentally after so long.

I can only hope something bad happens that gets that rotten barfbag out of the way. I wish lightning would strike him so no one is blamed.

And the same to whoever would preserve the site unaltered when he finally gets his just desserts.

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