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After reading what seems like a true account of an individual (hugh) who didn't have the greatest experience with Ecoquest, and the mudslinging remarks and what seems like exaggerated, hyped up, public relations for Ecoquest, I have requested a refund for my dealer membership or whatever it is I purchased last week. Even though I know they don't give refunds, the report left here simply leaves a bad taste in my mouth for both parties. I feel very sad for Hugh, but even sadder for a Christian based company that can't resist mudslinging. I decided there has got to be something better and I have committed to praying for the company and it's representatives. I have an uncanny feeling that I am not missing out on anything. I bet I'm one of the lucky ones. God's blessings.

P.S. I also don't feel good about having to spend 2, 495 for the success pack without at least a guaranteed refund if I am unhappy. The unit also seems a bit privacy individually as well.


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