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Economy Lube / tires

1 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I went into economy lube to get oil change done back in july and they talked me into getting new tires, which i totally needed and they really did give me a good deal, but they made the deal sound like it was ending by the end of the week sort of thing.

So i bought the tires and now 6 mths down the road on my way up north on the 400 my front passenger side tire blows a hole. It is xmas eve day so imagine the hwy is crazy busy. I pull over to find a hole blew in my tire.

I went to canadian tire in new market only to find they didn't want to help me as they were closeing at 6pm, now keep in mind this is at 4:30 pm. I said "really, its like 4:30 and know one in here and your telling me you can't take 5 mins." to look at a tire. After arguing with the guy he finally takes a look at the tire and says "it can't be fixed", he says "your gonna have to take it slow and drive on your dummy". So i do, very nerve racking and scary. I had to drive another 2hrs to get to my destination. Anyway made it thank god. But too late to make calls for tire. Next day phone economy lube where i bought the tires only to find they are closed till wed, because of holidays. So i drive home from up north on my dummy as i had to be back at work for wed, so had no choice. Again scary drive and very nerve racking. Wake up wed morning call economy lube thinking it will be ok, they will just replace the tire as its only 6 mths old. No he informed me the warrenty does not cover holes, on the side of the tire only on the tread, i said it's like and inch away from the tread and your telling me that its not covered. Wow ok then, lesson learned do not buy tires from an oil and lube joint. So disappointed in their warranty and policies, total [censor]. So needless to say because they were the only ones to sell that brand of tire, i had to purchase another tire. Please do not buy your tires from them. They will stick it to you, trust me. Go to Canadian tire to buy tires and get your oil change at jiffy, or somewhere other than economy lube, they suck! very bad manners as well. They had to order my tire in as they had none in stock, hmm go figure, and he said he would call me when it came in. I waited like to hrs and hadn't heard anything so i called to see what was up, and he said do we have your number, i said yes and then all i heard was a click. The [censor] hung up on me. This was on upper gage at economy lube. Stay away bad bad people.

Dec 27, 2017

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