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The “company” eComfort has got to be one of the worst vendors I have ever dealt
with in my lifetime. On 2/17/14 before I even placed my order for the
humidifier I called to find out if I placed the order that day when I would
expect the shipment on my dock, I was informed that the item was not in stock
at eComfort’s location but in stock with their vendor and that I would receive
my order by 2/28/14. It is 3/5/14 today and I have now had the run around with
multiple sales reps telling me over the phone and via email that they are
contacting their vendor to find out shipment to their dock and give me a better
estimated time of delivery to my dock. Not one single rep has given me specific
details of the shipment and for some reason they can’t get their vendor to
answer any of their inquiries. Also, no one can give me a confirmed ship date
or delivery day at all even with me offering to pay for expedited shipping; all
I’ve been told is that I might possibly see my item ‘on or around 3/17/14’.
That’s not good enough, 30 days after I placed the order? Are you kidding me!
Yet the item is in stock?…I do noSoniat believe that. I’m wondering why their
vendor is so difficult to get ahold of if this item was in stock. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
Ihave placed multiple support desk tickets and when I view them online the
status on them is ‘closed’ which confuses me because my issue is not resolved
at all! I made a phone call this morning and spoke with a rep named Sonia and
she apologized for the problems and she specifically said ‘I am going to call
the vendor right now and get an update for you and call you back in 10
minutes”…it’s the late afternoon now and I haven’t heard back from anyone with
So, I called again and spoke with someone else and of course she promised me the
same crap about putting ‘urgent’ on my ticket and finding out what is going on
then I asked her to transfer me to Sonia…I was hung up on. I was called back by
Sonia and told that their vendor wasn’t cooperating and the manufacturer
(Carel) states we won’t see our item until 4/4/14. I appreciate Sonia’s help.
But this is absolutely ridiculous! I called again the week of 3/24/14 to get
confirmation that we would in fact receive it on 4/4/14; I never got a call
back. I called again on 4/7/14 and spoke with Bianca (because we still haven’t
received the item) and she informed me I would receive a phone call back and I
did not. Therefore, I had to call back again. I was then informed that the
manufacturer gave a new lead, another 2 weeks until we will see this item. I
was never contacted by David, a manager with eComfort.
I called again on Monday 4/21/14 to confirm delivery for this week and Jawwad
informed me he would find out from their vendor and give me a call back. I never
received a call back. So, I called back and was told they were still waiting to
hear back from their vendor, I never heard back from anyone at eComfort on
4/21/14. I called eComfort the morning of 4/22/14 and spoke with Sonia, she
told me she couldn’t see a status update in their system and that she would
have to get with their purchasing manager to find out status.

What I don’t understand is why this isn’t being treated as a priority, if it was
being treated as a priority there would be updates in their system and they
would be more aggressive with their vendor. Sonia informed me I will hear back
from her within 1.5 hours from the time I spoke with her, she stated she was
making it a priority. About 7 hours later I still hadn’t received a phone call
back. I called in the afternoon and spoke with Bianca, she promised the same –
calling the vendor and making it a priority. I called again on 4/23/14 and was
told the same story from Megan. However, this version consisted of their vendor
claiming that the manager had left for the day and a note was being left on
that person’s desk to call eComfort ASAP regarding this order.
I received a phone call from Megan on 4/24/14 in the morning informing me that
their vendor, Temperature Equipment Corporation, gave her a ship date of
5/12/14. I contacted Debbie at Carel and she informed me the order was placed
by TEC on 4/14/14 and that this item is built per order (that also reinforces
the false advertising by eComfort when their site states that item is ‘in stock
ready to ship, 3-4 days’), she forwarded me to Michael at TEC. Michael informed
me that they have not received phone calls for status updates on that order.
Michael needed the PO to be able to look up our order so I called eComfort and
Megan informed me it is against their policy to give that type of information
out so I told her Michael with TEC will be contacting her directly to get the
PO number. She asked if there was anything she could do and I explained that
they haven’t done anything for us, just given us the run around and cost our
company over $1.5 million in revenue on a project we could not start on because
we have not received the humidifier.
Megan then replied that TEC lost the PO and that is why it was not submitted until
4/14/14, and she got a bad attitude with me, interrupted me and talked over me
many times in that short phone call. I relayed all of this information to
Michael and he is contacting eComfort. We canceled our order with eComfort,
In retrospect I should have asked for eComfort’s vendor and contacted TEC
directly, back in March.

Not once did anyone, rep or supervisor from eComfort, contact our company to
apologize or do anything at all to patch up this situation, or offer a
discount, or use a different vendor, or an alternative product, nothing!

How can eComfort ’s website and personnel state that the item is ‘in stock and
ready to ship, 3-4 days’ when that is so obviously not the truth, especially
since the item is not stocked anywhere, it is built per order. I definitely do
not recommend eComfort to any consumer.

Apr 24, 2014

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