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EBID is a commercial site that exploits consumers by offering auctions with no consumer protection or vendor audit, and will not offer support when the "bid" fails. Combine this with PAYPAL's ruthless indifference and you have an unholy alliance. These organizations will take me back to the high street.

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  • Po
      26th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Totally agree.

    Since ebay has been dying a slow death and my etsy sales have completely dropped off since they added the Circles feature, I decided to try today. In summary, my experience on, within the span of 2 hours, was a disaster, a waste of time, and most significantly, completely offensive.

    Here are the steps I followed.

    1. I registered on
    2. I registered to sell by adding my credit card info, which was validated and authorized.
    2. I downloaded over a thousand listings from my etsy shop using their Ninja downloader.
    3. I realized that none of my listings had a photo shown in the search results. You have to be a seller+ for gallery photos to show.
    4. I paid $1.99 to upgrade to Seller+ so my gallery photos would show. But they did not show. I assumed perhaps I would have to delete the ones I downloaded earlier before I had upgraded, and re-upload them not that I was a Seller+.
    5. I deleted all my listings.
    6. I uploaded all my listings again using their Ninja tool.
    7. I returned to to see if my listings would now show a gallery photo in the search results, only to find that I am now BLOCKED from being able to access my account until I provide with an electronic copy of my Utility bill, and a copy of my PASSPORT.


    This is absolultey insane. I already provided them with my credit card. I have only been on the site for 2 hours. I just paid $2 to become one of their upgraded sellers. And then they block me from accessing my account until I provide these very personal documents, which of course require me to take the time to get them scanned, let alone my privacy concerns about asking for this information.

    Here is my recommendation to anyone considering trying to sell on DON'T!

    I will never go back there.

  • Ma
      30th of May, 2011
    0 Votes is gathering and then selling your sensitive, personal information to individuals and companies who see you as nothing but another dollar. "Harvesting" and selling personal information has grown by leaps and bounds, especially in the last three months. It is time to go out to each and every company who has your information and try to remove it via the internet, the telephone or in person. It is much easier to "update" your information to something bogus and muck up your information that to simply remove it, because YOU CAN'T REMOVE IT! Don't worry about your Transunion, Experian or Equifax Corporation credit reports. As much as they will deny it, those companies are what started the business of Personal Information Harvesting and Selling. In fact, those companies have ALREADY SOLD YOUR INFORMATION, hundreds of time to hundreds of companies as well as unscrupulous individuals! They are the sole reason criminals can steal your identification! They get to share the wealth, accept none of the responsibility and sold YOU for pennies on the dollar it is going to cost YOU. And YOU are ON YOUR OWN when the info they provided allows someone to STEAL YOUR ID !! Good luck, folks.

  • Br
      23rd of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    all I got to say is I'm glad I did my home work before I purchased it... whew!!! That was a close one!
    Thank-You all for saving me on this one. I learned the hard way, always make sure to research the company, and thats exactly what I do. So far I have found between 8 or 9 out of 10 of these companys are f_ _ _ _ _ _g scams. Thats just sad.


  • Ca
      30th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes - The website is nothing but scammers
    United States

    The website is nothing but scammers. Stay away from it. These people from this website are making bank off of people and no one will shut them down!!!

  • Lw
      1st of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I think some people are getting and mixed up ... they are two completely different entities. While I have no experience with; however, I have been doing business with ebid.NET for years. They are a straight, reliable, ethical company. Never had a problem with them. It's too bad they didn't also reserve the .com domain when they first started out.

  • Ou
      18th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    Both private companies & government agencies are currently running out of ideas to get money from you the consumer. If you register for anything online ONLY USE one time disposable emails used for confirmations.

    If you MUST!!! Buy stuff online make certain you only use a ONE TIME SPECIAL credit card number available from your own credit card company.

    It is now getting to become more and more dangerous to dispute bank debits and credit card debits with your bank and credit card company.

    The blackmail of losing your credit is getting very strained Many hours and phone calls & emails are being received by your own so called protectors and there will come a time when they will simply tell you YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN

    So buy from stores destroy your debit cards NEVER USE ATMS EVER!!!

    Always know that if you need a lawyer IT IS TOO DAMN LATE!

  • Ma
      15th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Police should be looking into it since I believe they are misleading us from the start. I have uploaded one item for sale just to see what kind of results I would get and the only reply was from Ebid asking me for PERSONAL informations that could EASILY be used to steal my identity. I am not going back there and I advise you to go somewhere else and not do business with that company

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