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This will be circulated on every website I can find hoping to avoid having another online scam victim. "Charge to experience" advices - i've had enough of it. This wouldn't have gotten this far if and Globe G-CASH showed real willlingness to help me as a scam victim. I used their services which resulted in a SCAM unfortunately.
The seller's id is "boroleho". The person got another "bidding" listing for a laptop Item number: [protected] which got cancelled after I linked it to my recent scam issue. He did not send me the Sony Digicam item number: [protected] which I paid via Globe Gcash last Feb. 13, 2009. I have the confirmation# of this gcash transaction and his DBP banking info. The JRS tracking# he provided me turned out to be INVALID. Tried calling him on his previous GLOBE cell# where I sent the GCASH payment but it cannot be reached anymore. Did a little investigation myself on this and he provided a different contact# for his LAPTOP listing. Tried reaching on his laptop contact# but he'd only cancel my calls. Tried texting him why he didn't ship out the item but only got the reply that he didn't know anything about that transaction. I don't think site will allow duplicate usernames for two different persons so i'm sure this is the very same person.
I navigated's resolution center which I is not promising. I got a reply that they don't hold responsible for what happened to me 'coz it was an off-ebay transaction and it didn't qualify to be investigated. The fact that they allow scammers to sell freely on their website should hold them fully responsible of the unlikely victims.
Not wasting any time, I seek help from Globe G-Cash. I was advised by the CSR on their 2882 hotline number to present the evidence to the nearest G-CASH business center so they can do something like freezing my funds once the eligibility of the FRAUD claim is verified. The attending CSR named Stephen read the text messages and was able to verify that I was the clear victim of FRAUD yet he can't place any alert on his system not until we can present a POLICE REPORT. I understand that there's always a procedure to follow but is it really a valid excuse not to use COMMON SENSE? I was able to procure the police report and I'm still waiting for any updates from G-CASH. To think I missed reporting to work for two days having to go back and forth getting what they needed from me to have the issue resolved.
Guess how resolved my concern. They cancelled "boroleho's" ongoing bidding that time which really got me upset. They're a big company yet nobody there has figured out how to frame up the crook? There has been lots of scam victims because of their website and all they can do also is delete my thread as I was not in the favor of the site's reputation? How about considering on helping us scam victims - won't that somehow promote their website even better? I can conclude why they don't have any CS toll-free# as they're expecting heavy call volumes from scam victims who only wanted help.
Here's a list of these exciting "EBAY.PH+G-CASH=unresolved scams" stories with correspoding money involved;

my case = Php 4, 600.00 = Php 12, 500.00 = Php 18, 000.00 = Php 8, 000.00

related EBAY.PH scams; = Php 7, 300.00 (wow this is an int'l victim)

I'm sure this is one hell of a list and a mere individual like me is nothing compared to these companies. Hope others will join me here so we can force these two companies to work on something in preventing future online scams. They should also initiate the necessary investigation. In the event there'll be another scam victim using their services in "good faith" and it'll still end unresolved - their services should be banned.

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  • Fr
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    i was a victim of this gcash scam over the ebay site. i contacted ana julia g. liu of her post re: ultra portable toshiba through her cp # 09125230347. during our text messages exchange, i got to know that she's from san nicholas ilocos norte. i was so desperate to buy a laptop, though it's second hand, since my disposed my old laptop to a friend. on feb. 28, 2009, at about 5:15pm i did a transaction at the gcash point at globe tel. in sm bicutan. julia and i were in constant update that remorseful time. i sent Php 12, 300.00 through gcash which julia confirmed the receipt of the amount. since it was saturday late afternoon, she promised that she'll gonna send the package on the next day. i said okay with her proposal of sending the package the next day since i understood that there will be no longer courier facility open for delivery that time. sunday afternoon passed, she sent me a tracking number. it's an air21 tracking number. i immediately checked it through the internet but it's not posted. i called the air21 call center and they told me that packages that are received by the team on sunday will be manifested on monday because updates are posted on working days and that's Monday-saturday. though there's the assurance of the agent, i still feel a sense of doubt whether this will be another scam. i texted julia about the tracking number's not posted on the internet nor on the CSR's database, she reassured me that the package was really sent by her. i've been very modest and polite even though i see something wrong with the transaction. today, it's thursday early AM, the said package still placed on hang. i haven't done any legal move about this but if friday comes without the package, i will report the incident to the police.

    btw the name of the person is ANA JULIA G. LIU of San Nicholas, Ilocos Norte
    Contact number 09125230347
    Gcas # - 09059628527

    her phone's out of reach and the account in ebay together with her post was removed.

  • St
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    i believe i am another victim of the same scammer that francis is talking about. i was on a cellphone hunt online (Sunday, march 15, 2009)when i came across to a very nice offer for an e71. And trying to be precautious, i contacted this person through sending her a message through the questions link in ebay leaving her my cellphone number. i tried to review her comments and they were quite ok so i thot to give this online transaction a chance. i never actualy believed this transactions are good in the first place. anyway, so i left her a message. i didnt know it was like putting myself as a bait. she contacted me the following day through the number i gave her and she offered me to buy the item at 12k. i didnt have the budget that much and i told her i only had 10k. she probably smelt that i was engrossed with the item and gave me an offer of 10, 500. prior to that i asked how she will go about with the bidders and she replied that the winning bidder was from australia and she doesn't ship international. i cannot believe i am a victim of a scammer until now. i was so stupid not to check on the address she gave me. i was so confident because i believed that globe asks for VALID IDs before cashing in or out. so i sent her the cash(that was btw my allowance). and she assured me that the item was already sent via 2go. i still had a contact with her until last wednesday. probably she was still busy collecting her money from different bidders that she scammed. it was only until now that i realized that it was all scam when i checked on her baranggay(which doesnt exist) from SAN NICOLAS, ILOCOS NORTE and came across this trying to look for a way to track the package and gcash i sent her.

    she even offered me a toshiba laptop at 18k i believe francis is talking about. i hope we can all come up with a solution for these scammers together with the companies they are using (2Go, Air21, Globe and ebay). I am willing to go through anything just to put an end to this scam. please leave comments on this page.


  • St
      20th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    i forgot to say that was the name and contact numbers of the scammer, not mine.

  • Sc
      20th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    OMG!!! i remitted just 2 days ago!!! and now!! the whole day no package arrived and i havent received the unit the i just settled through phone!! im so stupid!! but [censored] those who scam!!! thanks for this post!!!
    also, please help.
    I only sent messages to 2 people through ebay’s “ask seller a question” button, then one replied and is in constant communication with me, the other one is the one im feeling is a scammer… but they both texted me after I have just sent them the message from ebay. I requested through ebay’s “request seller’s contact info” and lo and behold!!! its a different name and number? how could this happen? how did this scammer know that I contacted the seller through question, and even know what item im looking for… now im so confused…..

  • Ha
      28th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    i am a victim also. i was looking for a 2nd hand PSP for my sons bday sana, since i cant buy a new one. i am an ebayer, and im using gcash to all my transactions. the scammer dont have feedback kaya lng i trusted her naman kasi nakiki pag communicate naman sya. it was a buy 1 take 1 PSP for 10, 000 WIFI ready daw at can download games from the net. her name is AYIE MAE PLANAS of 408 san antonio st. brgy 13 caanlapuas, catbalogan eastern samar 0935 9770578. naghanap po ako ng kahati, at na convince ko yung kapatid ko. i payed her last may 14 thru gcash. after paying i called her to ask if she received the payment, sabi nya oo palabas na daw sya ng bahay. mga 6 pm ko na isend after work. i called her again around 8pm to check kung na i ship na nya pero un-attended sya. kinabahan na ako, d ako naka2log magdamag, pinaparing ko sya pero wala na talaga. halos lahat ng bonus ko (im a gov't employee) dun napunta at pati kapatid ko pinapabayaran sa akin yung share nya. nightmare talaga, nakakapanglumo. d nko naghabol kasi sayang ang time tapos wala rin namang mapapala. madaragdagan lng ang hinanakit ko.

  • Ti
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    I was also a victime of this g-cash scam. I contacted Kay Isabel Palam for a pre-loved Louis Vuitton bag and pay to her 20K sa G-cash. Same story... She texted me a tracking number but It was invalid. .. and after a week wala pa rin talaga ang item... Then I went to globe to block her sim and they told me that she already cashed-out the money... Kainis pa talaga kasi as if they are not really concern about this and parang they are not cooperative to answer my compalint. i went to NBI also.. They told me that they will see what they can do.

    Scammer: Kay Isabel Palma... #44 Abella St. Naga City was her registered add but she's in bohol right now she said...
    Number-- 09069087816

  • An
      17th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi guys, I think Globe is doing there part in resolving GCash scams. There are already a number of scammers that were entrapted and arrested by the NBI tru the help of Globe since the identities of these fraudsters can be easily traced. So for those scammers out there, dont be so comfortable because the authorities already knows your identities! Who knows, you will be the next fish to be catched!

  • Al
      20th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I was scammed too! under the name caepotski. I saw her ad regarding the nokia e71 for only 11k, it looks like its legit and tried contacting him at his posted number 0906-4937376.

    We made a deal for 10.5k with free shipping. I was hesitant first because I only pay thru paypal for my shipping transactions but because of the 100 percent feedback she got out of 44 transactions, I finally obliged. I deposited it through her BDO tarlac account under SHARON GARCIA 5880101070. I never heard of her anymore.

    I tried looking back at all the transactions of caepotski and found another cellphone number 09152350063 called it and someone answered it! Whew. When I tried to confront her she told me that her account was being used by another person and she doesnt know anything about it and so is the bank account, which she said is her cousin's account.

    She told me that her friend Joseph was the one using her ebay account and when someone paid thru the bdo account she will withdraw it and send it to him by gcash. I told her to cancel her ebay account but she said she cannot access it anymore because joseph changed he password.

    She insisted that she has nothing to do with it and so is her cousin's bdo account. She told me that she was also a victim of trust, she trusted joseph that she did not know he was a fraud.

    Up until now I still talk to her...but she would not pay me back and insisted she is innocent.

    What should I do?


  • Fr
      21st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi guys, I have a tip to all buyers, BEFORE you send GCash to your seller, try to visit the neareast Globe Buisness Center and ask the frontliner if the seller's GCASH registered number is KYC validated in their system. KYC stands for Know Your Customer. If yes, this means your seller's identity is already established by Globe, the chances of fraud is minimal. However, if your seller's GCASH account is not yet KYC validated, chances of fraud is HIGH.

  • Ja
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Scam Style 2
    Posted Jun 25, 2009 21:10:53 PHT
    I can't blame people I read in the earlier blogs who associate scam with those accepting GCash as the only means of payment--- but mind you there is always an exception to the rule... in my case, you should not exclude this...

    I was still looking for a mobile phone and I saw one here in The seller registered her name as Farah Booc. I communicated with her constantly until I sent my payment to her via Gcash. Since she was from Zamboanga and I was going to Bukidnon for a month long training, I told her to send the phone to Bukidnon instead of Baguio. Eevrything went smoothly until I doubted the arrival of the phone and the seller never communicated after receiving my payment--- YAY I was devastated since my experience with the first scammer was still fresh... So I searched for "Farah Booc" online. I saw her listing in sulit and other onling selling sites. I found the friendster of Ms Booc so I sent her messages to give my back my money.

    After communicating via text messages I learned that she was not into online selling and she was in Cebu. I told her my story and so she went to globe to verify another Farah Booc who was impersonating her... because even the pics of the real Farah was used by the impostor as her profile pic.

    According to Globe, the fake farah used two gcash accounts. One that is registered as farah booc and her real gcash account. The fake farah would used her farah booc gcash to receive money and she would forward all the proceeds to her real Gcash account and withdrew from it--- by the time that we went to Globe, the fake farah withdrew 26, 000.00 pesos from her real account, which was forwarded from her farah booc gCash.

    So this is another strategy of scammers, they can use pseudonyms--- so let's just be careful when dealing


  • Fe
      4th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    i was scammed too ! damn . please oh please help me ! its an 2nd hand ipod classic 80gb for only Php.4500.00 .
    i thought it was a great deal. well at first, i asked her if i can buy it now, since there is another bidder . she said ok. i even ask her how can i be sure that its not a scam. she said she'll give me the tracking number, and if im not yet satisfied, i should just better yet buy one from manila. to the words she said, thought its not a scam. well i got a benefit of a doubt with her 0 feedback since she's a new member. she told me if i send the money b4 12noon, i can probably get the ipod 2mrw noon. the maximum day she said is the after tomorrow at noon also. she told me her gcash account.:


    when i send the money, it was about 11:30 am. i texted her and she said she's just going to wrap the package with a bubble wrap so it wont have a damage. of course i said ok.
    today is already the day after tomorrow, and i havent receive it yet. yesterday, i began to have a big doubt and i began to get nervous that this is all a scam . but i just think positive since its raining, it might get delayed or whatsoever. well, i have experience with online shopping and this is my first time to get nervous .

    i even prayed to god that i wish this is not scam, since im just a 2nd yr college student and that 4.5k + 200 for shipping is my own money, not my parents' .

    please kindly help me. :(

  • Fr
      14th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi Guys, GCASH CLICK is the new service offered by GCASH to all Globe and TM subscribers. It is an online payment facility that integrates payment via GCASH with a pick-up and delivery service. GCASH CLICK aims to make online shopping safe, affordable and hassle-free. No need to leave your home as GCASH CLICK will pick-up and deliver purchased items for you through our accredited courier while holding buyer's funds temporarily and crediting it to the GCASH Wallet of the seller only until the merchandise has been delivered to the buyer by GCASH's accredited courier. So guys try this new service by visiting Commercial launch will be on August 15, 2009.

  • My
      23rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Advice lang to everyone, dont trust seller selling items that prices is "too good to be true", and also better to do meet-ups lalo na sa mga seller who only has less 10 feedbacks, kung malayo naman wag na manghinayang sa price na malapit sa yo kesa naman mawalan ka pa ng mas malaki di ba!

  • Es
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi guys,

    I sympathize with you with regards to scammers ofonline shopping. It happened to my friend when she purchased a SLR cam in ebay. She paid for it and never got the item, It cost her 8OK. I have my own online store and suffering from the same dilemma. I was hoping to find a solution for security issues regarding online purchases. I was browsing on forums and I came accross the article for GCASH CLICK!. Im not sure if you guys are aware of this new service.
    According to their website : GCASH CLICK is a new payment facility that integrates online payment via SMS with a pick-up and delivery service. A first in the Philippines, GCASH CLICK aims to make online shopping safe, affordable and hassle-free! No need to leave your home as GCASH CLICK will pick-up and deliver purchased items for you through our accredited courier, Delbros, Inc., all while holding your funds temporarily and releasing the payment to your seller only until the merchandise has been delivered to you.

    here's the link for more info:

  • An
      13th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    hi! im newbie in ebay was scammed bigtime 16850 pesos of hardearned money, the guy claimed to be alfred mirafe of 52 castro and villanueva st, laoag, ilocos norte, after sending the payment thru gcash he sent me an invalid air21 tracking number, didn't received any acer laptop, but after 2 days received a text from a new number claiming to be his business partner, told me that Alfred was on a seminar and won't be back until Sep.10, he told me that the package has been returned to them and he has no money to reshipped it. He asked for 870 pesos to reshipped the items. alarmed and with 1% surety with this condition, i sent the money again thru gcash anh he sent a new tracking number which was still invalid. this guy, who i think used different names is still using his number actively.

  • Kh
      16th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    im a victim din po. nalulungkot talaga ako. im an ebay user and was looking for an ipod . i then saw an ad by snapdragon_gawte01 for a 160gb ipod for 6000. his name is "alvin gawte", lot 25 block 5 grand homes ville, bantayan, dumaguete city. we then communicated and made a deal. i paid him thru gcash for the amount of 6000. up until now, he no longer replies. pero, ang bait makipag-usap. napananiwala niya talaga ako. same story as theirs, he gave me invalid tracking number and can no longer be reached after. ko ito sa globe pero they are not taking it seriously. i have a few ideas sana to catch this person, but they just don't cooperate. they say all they can do is block the user. useless! maaari namang bumili ng bagong sim card and start a fresh scam.
    im really sad. tulad ni febii, i am also just a 2nd year college and the money that i used is hard-earnd and not from my parents.
    to all of us who have been scammed using the net and transaction thru globe g-cash, magtulungon tayo para ma-raise ang concerns natin. I also know about the globe gcash click thing, pero the courier that will be used is delbros and is sadly not available in our place.

    to all, visit my thread sa tipidpc din or you may just type "alvin gawte" sa google and you'll easily find it. its really true that globe isnt cooperative and continues to allow this kind of crime sa gcash. without their full support in finding out who these scammers are, then they will eventually multiply as more will know na kapag gcash ang gamitin na pang-transact for payment ay hindi sila mahuhuli. in the end, globe lang din ang masisira.

    visit my thread sa and hanapin sa forum. just type "online shopping fraud".

    scammer details:
    alvin c. gawte
    lot 25 block 5, grand homes ville, bantayan dumaguete city.
    (his address doesn't exist btw)

  • Kh
      16th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    guys, report rin natin ito sa imbestigador or XXX Abs-cbn team.. and email globe on what they can do to help us na nabiktima na. they are just so uncooperative kc. its so dismaying. if only they were willing to help, then this cases can be easily resolved sana.

    those who want to coordinate with me in order to make an effective plan para mahuli sila, just message me sa tipidpc account ko or sa (kharylmae pa rin ang user name sa both) or thru friendster, or facebook.. just search for kharyl mae na name..

  • Ti
      17th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi guys! I'm also a victim of this kind of scam. Actually i posted na my story. Nwei, I called Imbestigador andXXX they can't help me naman. Kasi ang dami na ng case raw na ganito at mahirap i solve.. I just went to globe to file a complain along with my extract police blotter na kinuha ko sa precinto namin. After almost 2 months of waiting Globe called me and they will be sending an e-mail. An e-mail contains the name of the suspect who withdraw the money along with his/her valid ID( i mean the suspect). Also, there's an information there whom to call and where to go. They ask me to go to NBI. I went to NBI and file a complain. and after that I gather all the evidences. Like the receipt from gcash, I printed her advertisement in the said site, and etc. The NBI agent made an afffidavit and I swore at the fiscal's office. Then after that a subpoena will be sent to the suspect. If the suspect wont cooperate then a warrant of arrest will be released. But then when the NBI agent contacted the suspect. She just told me to withdraw the case because she will just return the money and I agree to withdraw the complain and closed the case. Because what's even important to me is to have my money back. I even asked for additional pay because She has to pay the Danyos Perwisyo kumbaga. At last!!! I have my money back noW! malaki rin ang 20, 150.00 kung hindi ko hahabulin.

  • Na
      24th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi guys! victim din ako ng scamer na c alvin gawte... same as kharylmae, i saw his ad at ebay i txt him and made a deal of 5k for his ipod video and i paid him thru GCASH in the same day. he sent the item immediately and also the tracking no. which is INVALID. after 2 days cant be reached.

  • Kh
      26th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    naldramirez, you are so far the 4th person i know who have been scammed by this alvin gawte.. sa tipidpc ko na thread, there were two other people who replied.. do you have a copy of his add sa ipod? we need it kasi.. i think we can do what tintin_tsix did and hopefully globe can do something para sa investigation about who this person really is. i haven't saved his add kasi and now i don't have a copy of his add bcoz hindi na mag-open sa ebay. just email me at

    im more than willing to cooperate para mhuli na si alvin gawte.i know that he has been scamming a lot of people under different names and numbers. let's help each other para makuha ulit what is suppose to be ours..

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