Easyparcel.sgcourier company not taking responsibility for lost parcel e0014183150029

I booked for a parcel to be delivered to a customer using SimplyPost services on the 11 November 2018 through Easyparcel. Tracking number E0014183150029

The parcel was marked as successfully delivered on Easyparcel website on the 14 November 2018. However, My customer contacted me on the 22 November to enquire on the status of the delivery.

I contacted Easyparcel through their Chat function, and was asked to wait while they investigate. I did not hear from them in the next 2 days, and decided to check Simply Post website and managed to retrieve the signature proof of delivery.
When i emailed my customer, she was adamant that the signature does not belong to her or any of the family members.

When i contacted Easyparcel again (they do not have a telephone helpline) via their Chat function, they are quick to indicate they have not heard from SimplyPost, and will not provide further communication or assistance. At no point in time did Easyparcel contacted me the status of the investigation. Perhaps Easyparcel could at least pick up the phone to contact Simply Post to find out whats happening, instead of telling me that SimplyPost had not responded.

At this point in time, i have tried reaching out to Easyparcel through webchat, by email (Ticket ID - 269873) and facebook messaging, with no further responses from them. It reflects so badly on their commitment towards their customers.

The contents of the package cost $51.80 and i had used a courier delivery service just so that I can be assured that the package can be delivered safely into the hands of the Receiver. It did not happen.

I would like to seek full compensation for the loss of the parcel.

Nov 28, 2018

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