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The operator did air-duct cleaning for my home, and also did removal of mold as he claimed there might be a big problem if I did not do it. I trusted him and did not monitor his work. After that, I paid him with cash, and over paid him for $10 because he did not have change. He said his boss would send the warranty and the change to me by mail.

Then I have to wait for more than one month to receive nothing. I called him many times for the warranty (I already gave up the effort to collect the change). He even gave me a wrong address, where I only found a residence home. He said he mailed the warranty to wrong address. After that, he never picked up my call or hung up my call immediately after I said my name if I used a different number: exactly the same as what the previous customer said in the former post. Now I suspect if he really did a good job, since the fomer post mentioned they did a very bad job. So far, I still do not have the warranty.

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  • Re
      Sep 07, 2009

    Do you know the names of the tech or the owner of the company?

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  • Cr
      Sep 14, 2009

    They did my house and I noticed a big difference?!?!!! I have a business (roofing) and its amazing that you can do good jobs for people and the 1 percent you cant make happy (no one can), they love to complain... Im happy and satisified. Craig Burnhardt, Barrington Hills, Il

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  • Cr
      Sep 14, 2009

    In fact they just did my next door neighbors house today, all also went well. They have a dog, and I watched fur and dust shoot out for a hour straight. Amazing how much gets in there. GET A LIFE PEOPLE...A WARRANTY FOR DUCT CLEANING?????????????????? I WANT A WARRANTY FOR MY CAR WASH????!!! WHAT do you mean it will get dirty again?!?!?!? I wish I had your peoples

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  • Ja
      Apr 20, 2010

    I worked for Easy Breathing, and they still owe me approximately $250 for work I did a month ago. When I was informed the job was over, I was told I would be paid the next week. I have been completely unable to get ahold of Robert, and I'm beginning to doubt the honesty of the company aswell.

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  • Ry
      Aug 15, 2010

    Easy breathing air duct cleaning company also known as 'The air Duct & Chimney Cleaning Company' is a fraud. The owner of the company is also the tech he works out of his house, His name is Rob. He advertises in the Clipper Magazines under The air duct & chimney cleaning company number [protected]. Rob is a complete rip off takes advantage of all customers tells them a price over the phone and then rips them off when hes done doing the work. He charges hundreds of dollars for work he didnt do he lies. He puts a hose to one vent and blows the rest of the vents with a weed blower he doesnt have a sucker which goes into the vents all the way cause it takes to long he says. His method is phony and is all a show!! I am reporting this because i feel bad for the hard working individuals who become victims of acts such like this, Being minipulated and cond from there money.
    How do i know this because i worked for him and was disgusted by his actions i found him on craigs list worked for a week or two and barely got my money and never heard from him again, which im sure he does to alot of younger adults trying to make some money. His actions are sad that a man works his entire life to scam people so please dont ever use him for anything.


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  • An
      Aug 28, 2010

    I have had the same BS from this operation, if you want to call it that? Exactly the same issues from previous posts, Its almost like we all live in the same household !
    Marvin races to get the job done then Robert plays the role saying he will save the day the following week/weekend. But never shows up, calls or even answers the phone unless you call from a different number then they hang up !!! I will also be following up with multiple websites, BBB & other authorities. Straight up crooks!! Then they have you write out the checks payable to Robert Riemer directly how convenient when they play games w/the company name !

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  • Go
      Dec 15, 2010

    These guys are [censor]! How they are still in business, Or dead, is beyond me. Same thing has happened to me from previous posts. They took my money, having never finishing the job. Told me they would be back next day. Never showed or called. After calling them 50 times, rob finally contacted me really late at night apologizing, and told me he would be there first thing in the morning. Never showed or called again.. Haven't been able to get a hold of them since... Karma is a [censor] rob and Peter. Better hope I never see you again.

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