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Dyro Productions / lies

1 Houston, TX, United States Review updated:

Dyro Productions lied to me and every other person in my training class.
When i called about the job i got an interview right off the bat, when i went in to the interview the guy told me "i cant hire you on the spot but you did good in your interview" he gave me a number to call for later to set up my first day, he made me think that i was qualified for the job over everyone else for the interview, turns out all of those people got hired too.. that was when things started to look a little "fishie" first off when i asked what time id be off work each day the guy told me aroud 7 ish.. another question was is it door to door? and his answer.. was no. BOTH LIIIEESS!!! they left me at a strangers home in a non soliciting neighborhood! the cops even asked us to leave and our "team leader" Told us to keep going! they lie to the customers and pretty much beg them to let people come in to their homes to clean their carpet...saying that we get 50$ for every house we clean.. LIIIEEE!!! we have to stay at the house for two hours presenting this stupid 2000 dollar vacum that the people arent even interested in! its emberassing. The first house i went to they let me vacum there living room, then the guy had to get back to work.. my team leader would not answer my phone calls to come back and pick me up! i had to call my mother to come get me and take me back to my car! these people are horrible and all they do is fill your head with lies...

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  • Em
      16th of Aug, 2009

    You can make money selling Kirby vacs.

    You can not make money selling Kirby vacs.

    Obviously it was not for you.

    Sounds like your Team Leader sucked.

    You prob have a ### job (if you have one at all) considering you are unable to handle adversity.

    You were upset you things didn't go your way and you didn't make any money your first day so you took it upon yourself to quit and guarantee yourself no money because that way at least you for sure don't have to waste your time working.

    Successful people do what other people are not willing to do.

    I bet you'll be upset and think I'm stupid, and i bet your financial situation is no better than the day you wrote this article, and i bet its someone else s fault.

    Good thing you found out it was a scam. You could have worked and not made any money. Good thing you saved yourself the time and sat on your ###.

    Don't reply I'll never read this again and no one else cares

    Go die alone

    L ots
    O f
    S tupid
    E xcuses
    R epeatedly

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  • Ch
      5th of Oct, 2009

    "Don't reply I'll never read this again and no one else cares"

    That means you can dish it out but you can't take it. Sounds like a little 3 year old to me.
    Also sounds like you might be the above stupervisor that the op talked about it.
    Only someone doing the scamming would respond to this as you did.

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  • Mi
      11th of Feb, 2010

    I used to work for the company for almost a year. I can tell you first hand that the job can be very unforgiving at times, that is if your just being casual about it and not going all out and trying your best. People purchase these machines everyday for a few reasons. One they are the best. I don't care what you say if you think any different then you don't know what your talking about. Of course some people are going to tell you their not interested initially because they may already own a vacuum and feel that it works especially if they just bought it. They don't know what we do. They don't know that their vacuum is not doing the job they got it to do. Their not aware of all the features and benefits that our vacuum offers. You have to build value and show them all the ways it can save them money. In home demonstrations are not mandatory just cause that's the way we do it, it's because we need to show them everything. People are always thanking us for coming by and giving us references. Just be professional. Dress for success. Expensive you might think, but for an American made product that will last you 30-40 years it's going to be a little expensive. It's an INVESTMENT! The savings far outweigh the asking price. Your not alone tho. There are many people I've seen personally walk through those doors and tried it out for 1 day, didn't have any success and quite. After just one day? That shows you just how persistent these people really are. More likely than not these people will never become successful because little do they know that anything worth having in life is not easy. Maybe blue collar labor is what they are accustom to. They seek security rather than opportunity. Inflation is just one step behind minimum wage (security) and climbing fast. Don't nip in the bud other individuals opportunity to do something great with this company by instilling fear in their hearts by staying away from establishments such as this one. I personally know the owner and can tell you he is one hard working man and would help you anytime as long as he feels your trying to help yourself and not just looking for an easy buck. This is the only company that I ever came across that in the most minimal amount of time they will promote you and give you the opportunity to own your own franchise and change your financial destiny. Did I forget to mention the PAID for trips that this company always has. I think it's like 3 or 4 times a year. Every other office in your division will be there. Anyway I just wanted to clear that up. Anyone looking into ever going into that direction don't be worried. It's a natural feeling to be a little skeptic at first especially when you have no idea what your getting yourself into. Go ahead and try it. Don't listen to other people. They will steal your dreams. Just cause they failed they want as many other people to stay at the bottom with them so they are not alone. Do today what other won't so that you may have tomorrow what others don't.


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  • Sc
      27th of Feb, 2010
    Dyro Productions - Sales scam
    Dyro Productions (Kirby)
    United States
    Phone: (281)945-4373

    A young teenage girl showed up at my door, telling me she could give my carpet a free shampoo, with the only requirement that I tell my friends about her company. I stupidly agreed, and within minutes a different lady was dropped off at my house. She then told me that she was not there to clean my carpet, but needed to demo a Kirby vacuum cleaner to me or she would not get paid for the month. She tried to sell me a $2500 vacuum cleaner! I told her to leave, but she said she couldn't since her "Team Leader" had dropped her off in my neighborhood and wouldn't be back for 2 hours!!! This company LIES to get in your door to sell you a vacuum cleaner, what a scam.

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  • Js
      25th of Mar, 2010

    All I can say is am glad I did a little research before going to my interview which was set up for tomorrow morning. They do give it to you right off the bat ( the interview ) and didn't even ask any academical or professional questions. I live almost an hour away from this place, all I can say is stay aware people, always get some info about the places you're gonna be working at before going to the initial interview, it may save you time and the little money you have saved up for your job-hunting expenses. As for this position they can offer it to somebody else, given the fact that they weren't honest from the beginning and told me this was a sales position ( they claimed it to be customer service/clerical) and its not a good thing to lie/hide facts to people that are in need of an HONEST WORKING ENVIRONMENT. Thanks to the fellas that posted their complaints, it was funny when I looked this company up on google the first thing that came up wasn't a company website or product information, but a long list of complaints; thanks for the comments guys.


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  • Fo
      6th of Dec, 2010

    Here is the problem I have with Kirby.

    Their vacuum, called the Sentria, is top of the line. There is none like it. However, their hiring practices, and the lying to homeowners, are unethical and deceitful enough to border on legendary.

    Yes, I am one of those who answered Dyro Production's Craigslist ad, which spoke of needing to hire customer service employees at $2, 200.00. I am one of those who interviewed for the job, and was told I was hired at a $2, 200.00 salary. I am one of those who showed up for training, only to find out on the first day that the job was nothing like what they told me I was hired for, but to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door. I am the one who did not walk out after being lied to, and completed the training, only to find out on the third day that you only get the $2, 200.00 IF you can complete 60 demonstrations in a month, a feat so difficult that there is actually an award (certificate) for doing it. I am the one who went into the field for 3 weeks, and found out just how ruthless and dishonest you had to be, to first convince a homeowner that we were being paid to do free rug cleaning "in your neighborhood", and then to lie to the homeowner, and do whatever it takes to put a Kirby in their home. I am also the one who could not resort to the sleazy tactics employed by Dyro Productions, but attempted to sell the vacuum honestly, and when knocking on a door myself, tell the homeowner that we were giving away free carpet cleanings, but with the caveat that this would involve doing a one and a half to two hour demonstration of the Kirby. After working hard for 70-80 a week for 3 weeks, I made a grand total of 20 bucks. But, you know? I am OK with that. I can look at myself in the mirror and not hate myself, although I do feel that I was quite the [censored] in letting myself get conned into working for them in the first place. LOL.

    I have chalked this up to life's experiences, and this experience taught me that, yes, there are indeed very dishonest people in this world.

    There is another irony at play too. At one of the motivational meetings, Daniel Blalock extolled the virtues of Rush Limbaugh at length. You know, I am sure that Rush would have a problem with this, since Blalock is giving Conservatives a bad name with each and every syllable that he utters. LOL.

    So, to sum it up, here is what we have: We can argue all day whether Kirby vacuums are any good. I believe that they are the best in the world. If you feel differently, that is your right, but I like them. However, when the distributors lie to about employment opportunities, then a red light should be going off in your head the very first day you show up to training. I wish I had paid heed to it.

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  • Ki
      27th of Dec, 2010

    Anybody that talks down on kirby sales are butt hurt for one of two reasons...

    1. They "tried" kirby for a day and didnt get one k.i. (knock in) and all they did was walk around on side walks all day and didnt apply themselves so there for they personally passed on the opportunity of making any money...

    2.They loved the kirby and wanted to buy the kirby but they couldn't pay for it by cash check or credit card so therefore they were left with the option to finance so they gladly filled out the credit application only to find out that there credit sucked [censor] and could not sustain a kirby... hahah

    if anybody in there right mind had a chance to a see a kirby in action would immediately fall in love. so if u fell into one of the above categories do everybody a favor and STFU...


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  • Ki
      5th of Dec, 2011

    You need to quit looking for an "easy" "quick" way to make "lots of money". It ain't there. I looked at jobs like this when I was young (I'm old now). "Work in Shorts" - selling tickets to see the women's Olympic team play. I even went to one interview/orientation that wanted us to go door to door selling super sharp knives! Yeah, that's a great idea. there's encyclopedias and even one place that wanted me to go door to door selling BOXES? Never ran into the Kirby deal though. Most of you have identified why they mislead, no one would ever come in! I finally found something that actually went pretty well when i sold commercial electricity "door to door" at small businesses. I moved up to management pretty quickly and made a percentage of what the office sold. Made lots of money. The problem was that every time the price of natural gas changed, it took them 2 months to get everything retooled and approved by the PUC during which you were closed down in the area. Your only choice was to go to another market (on your own dime) and sell there until things at home got fixed. Got to be too much of a hassle, meaning that even a good thing usually lasts only a short time.
    Go to college (community is fine) and learn stuff you can use to get you in the door of better opportunities. Then its all up to you.

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  • Ad
      13th of Dec, 2011

    look job up on craigslist and i gave them a call and i was told to come in for the 1pm interview same day, decided to look up some info on the company before going out to the place. turns out the company is a bunch of ### scam telling you on phone that it's a customer service position whereas it's a door to door sales. thank God i didn't waste my little gas and drive up there. beware people and stay away. THEY ARE LIARS!!!

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  • St
      29th of Oct, 2012

    It's funny how most of the people defending Dyro's practices are either grammatically challenged or come across as very hostile and insulting.

    I went in to interview a few years ago and ran like hell after the interview was over. They called to congratulate me and tell me when and where to show up for training, but I never did. I'm not sure if they moved, but the reception area that I had to wait in made it look like someone had borrowed an empty office space. The receptionist greeted visitors from behind a simple table with nothing on it but a cordless phone. Then, the fact that my interviewer conducted the brief interview wearing a baseball cap with a business suit completed my decision to get as far away as possible.

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