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Dynasty Technologies Inc. / Fraudsters

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A young lady sold me a magazine subscription for my daughter. She took my check written to FTFT. It was cashed within two days, 4 months ago. The magazine has never came. I have a receipt written out to me from Rachelle code 211.

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  • Sh
      26th of May, 2009
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    Two guys from dynasty technologies stood in the parking lot of my apt. When I pulled in they asked for a jump start. I said yes. Then they started talking about being in a contest and telling me that they'd get points if I bought a magazine but that I could call and cancel, so I thought no big deal, why not? I ordered 3 magazines and guess what!? They didn't even need a jump, they hooked up the cables and started their car, mine wasn't started, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I don't know how to jump start a car. Then I called the number they told me to call to cancel and found out I needed to send a cancellation request in the mail, so I did, the same day I wrote the checks. Well, they cashed the checks and I never got my money back!

  • 21
      31st of May, 2009
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    I used to work for this crew. And there are a few people on our crew that have been let go because of shady business practices. For the most part this is not a scam people. Most of the kids in this contest are good kids who don't do fradulant business. There are a few who have ruined it for the rest of us...keep that in mind poeple. Not everyone is a scammer. So don't punish everyone on crew for a few kid's scams.

  • Im
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    My sister is in the company. shes 18 im really worried about her she never calls she says she has stuff too tell us but she couldnt right now havent got a call since. i have numbers to the manager bur never get any info please help i miss her.

  • Ki
      31st of May, 2010
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  • Ma
      21st of Jun, 2010
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    my freinds and i joined a crew, it is all around a very bad idea, the bosses a.k.a mommy beat some of the kids and basically had sex with the others on crew.they ripped us off, we never saw the money that they put in the books for us.if u did not make any sells u had to sit in the trunk, it was a way to put us down.we were verbally abused.when one of my freinds and i decided to leave they droped us off at a buss station in Kentucky for 3 days with nothing.they said they were trying to teach us a lesson, we finally made it home by finding a travlers aid.they also brain washed my lil brother i havent heard from him since i left, who went with me and my friend.hey held brain washing meetings, they also smuggle drugs around the untied sates starring from California.we are no longer safe where we live cause he boss of dynasty technologies is apart of the local gang where we live, they wanna beat my friend because we left the job' this is all true im only elling u this so it dose no happen to anyone else, please if u known anyone who is in a job like this plz plz save them, do anything possible to get them out they some times just disappear and never come back, so be smart don't buy a magazine u will never see it they don't even end up coming and they dont go to he troops.i would also like to apologize for hustling u people outta ur money i had to, im sorry.[lz if a kid rys o sell u a magazine try n save them its a cul and bad things happen to them and hopefully ill see my brother agin hey brained washed him tho, good luck and watch out for these scams, its not that the kids rele need o they have to so plz don't be mad at them, none of his is made up.i just don't want this to happen to any one else so plz be safe

  • Ki
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    Dynasty Technologies Inc. - Ripped off
    Syn. Inc.
    St. Peters
    United States

    Couple of young girls came to my door selling magazines, I purchased them as a gift for a friend, the next day I found my friend had a subscription already so I cancelled the order. It was within the 3 days so was supposed to get a refund, but in 4 months have not received a refund or the magazines. When I call the company during business hours there is a recording that says they are sorry you have called during business hours and have gotten this message but please call back later. I have called back several times but still nothing. I just want what I purchased or my money back...but I have warned other people not to ever purchase from this company again.

  • Vi
      8th of Sep, 2010
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    PLEASE VISIT /link removed/ AND POST THERE TOO!!! The website is followed by the BBB and other government agencies.

  • Tl
      26th of Jan, 2011
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    A young woman came to the door named Sirena, code #112. Said the Co. was backed by the boyscouts and girlscouts and the "red hat ladies" would cover the process/handling fee if that was too much. The Co. is DYNASTY TECHNOLOGIES-211. Looked up their website to verify legitimate Co. There is no existing website. Placed a stop payment on my check.

  • So
      11th of Mar, 2011
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    Sunnyvale, CA - a college-aged looking guy with the self-proclaimed name "Joseph Robbins" ("like Tim Robbins" he said) knocked on our apt. door a little after 5pm. He was Caucasian, blue eyes, about 5'8" or 5'9", medium build but very fit. He started singing a siren song to my bf, who had answered the door, weaving a tale about selling magazines as a contest for school. He said that the magazines would go to the troops overseas and that if he won the contest he'd get to go to Italy. If we bought something, he'd leave a sticker on our door to tell the other people not bother us about it, and we'd have to leave the sticker on for several months. He also said that he wanted to get into the military too, and that it was a good cause. I guess that's their thing - they're saying that you will never see the magazines because they're going to the troops, and they're trying to prey on your sympathies to kids going to school and the plight of our brothers and sisters in arms.

    It was the strangest thing. He invited himself into our home by asking if he could use our table, and then stepped inside before we answered. He then proceeded to fill out forms, asking us for our names, pleading with us saying "can I put your name down? Because I'll get points for it." Anything he got from us equaled points for him, and any mistakes, he said, would "cost [him] points." He had a little pack with carbon receipts and laminated cards with magazine names on each side, indicating the number of "points" he'd earn by selling. He bombarded us with questions about ourselves and our professions - apparently, he'd earn points for putting down what we did for a living, who we worked for, what our favorite colors were, how long we've been working. My BS alarms were going off all over the place, but I wanted to see what happened next, especially because it was fascinating that my BF was just giving him all of this info willy-nilly. I mean - REALLY? I'm pretty sure they're trawling for information which can be used for credit applications or identity theft.

    So during the spiel, "Joseph Robbins" also offered tidbits about himself - grew up in the south (but he had a strong So. CAL accent and when I asked him about that he said he also lived in Fullerton, even providing a fake ID card); he could speak one or two lines from different languages; he'd been all over the USA. In one of the places he visited, he dated a Mormon girl. He also said that he'd won top seller 3 times, so I asked him where he'd been (thinking maybe I was wrong and he had gone on an international trip) - but he replied with locations from all over the US: Kentucky, California, Mississippi, the like. He said that when he was down in So. CAL, Jay Leno bought magazines from him, and proceeded to describe the interaction. He was excited by the JL story, and told it to us at three times during the conversation - only first it was at a cafe, then it was his house, then it was the cafe next to the house.

    Trying to ease us into getting comfortable with agreeing to give him money, he asked us to choose two magazines early on. Then later, at the end of the conversation, he took out a price list - magazines were listed at about 400-600% of their value, so a normally $10/yr mag. was $48-$68, PLUS there was a $15 "service fee" on top of that on the form. The name of the company on the carbon forms was "Dynasty Technology 211" and the website was "". When I asked him what the website was again, so I could look it up, he asked to use our telephone because he forgot, and tried to get further into our apt. I reminded him it was on the form. While Googling the company, he said that he wasn't afraid because people do that all the time, and reminded me that he had won top salesperson 3 times already. Looking at my search results, I noted all the complaints about this scam, and asked him to leave. He got scared fast, "voided" our forms and left our place. After he left I also went a step further and looked up the website origins. Today, the "Joseph" visited, is March 10, 2011. The website was registered on January 8, 2011. They've only had that URL or 2 months (and the website really sucks). You can see for yourself here:

    This "magazine for the troops" at 600% the cost without you ever seeing the magazines or getting confirmation of it is such a SCAM. Please avoid it! They probably have a website to allay the fears of their marks, but probably also change it (their name) to avoid getting caught. I noticed that the number referenced in this complaint as the employee number - 211 - is now the same number in the website URL. It obviously means something to them. They're probably con artist kids on the way to becoming full fledged con artist adults. And please, avoid the trawling technique of conversational info-gathering for fraud purposes. Asking colors, birthdays, dates of employment - these things can be used to reset passwords on bank accounts, credit card accounts, email addresses, etc. If someone somehow got your SS# and had this info, they could get your credit report with all your credit card info and previous addresses and employers on them as well. They could guess passwords with favorite colors and birthdays and family names and such. Don't give it to them! Don't give them anything! AVOID! AVOID!

  • So
      31st of May, 2011
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    I am too a victim of this unjust sale I payed cash I have a receipt its been 227 days since I have heard nothing, another sham, I wont do this anymore I will let the better business burea know about this.

  • Mo
      4th of Jul, 2011
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    A nice looking young man and young lady knocked on our door one day and were looking for subscribers to magazines so they could earn points so they could go on this awesome trip, we subscibed in the past with other youth in similar contests and were pleased with results, so ordered a subscription for our daughters "Girls LIfe" a nice magazine for young ladies. We ended up recieving some trashy magazine that we didn't allow our daughters to look at. Coincidentally the code Kristen 211. Due to this experience will not order magazines by this method again.

  • Ka
      10th of Aug, 2011
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    Wow. Krissi...I'm sure Rocky would love to see this.

  • As
      12th of Oct, 2011
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    I am looking for a guy named michael r. his brother chris is seriously worried about him... if anyone knows anything on his wereabouts email

  • So
      12th of Oct, 2011
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    The FBI Should put these people in jail, if they ever come to my house again there will be big trouble, those suns a[censored]es

  • So
      12th of Oct, 2011
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    The FBI should do something about this, if these ### ever come to my house again, there will be trouble, those suns a[censored]es.

  • Fo
      29th of Dec, 2011
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    i worked for dynasty 211 in july-august of 2011. i know many of the people in the comments above. its quite sad, most of them come from broken homes and were picked up by this crew when they were down and out with promises of making cash every day, living expenses and food paid for. promised paid way back home if you dont like it. but thats all a lie. you make 10 bucks a day, and your "living expences" are put on your books, which you end up having to pay when you file taxes. no food is ever paid for. and the hotels we stay in were ratty run down hooker hotels. with four to five kids in every room. if you didnt make your quota, you slept on the floor, and rode in the trunk all day the next day. sometimes they would pile 7-10 kids in the trunk. its called "whale ###" because thats all you are worth. most of the kids are between 18-21 years old and dont know any better. they are brain washed into thinking this is a good thing. and most of them dont have anywhere else to go. its horrible. we lived off gas station food, and god forbid anyone gets sick, if you cant work they make you sit out side of the hotel. or down the street at the gas station. ALL DAY 10am-10 pm. because you cant stay in your room alone
    if these kids come to your door please dont be mean to them. MOST magazines are infact delivered. there are a few kids that do lie about the magazines to get sales, but if you knew how horrible it is not coming back with your quota you would understand

  • Su
      19th of Jan, 2012
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    i recieved my magazines sirena was very bubbly

  • Gd
      25th of Jan, 2012
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    Thank you for your input. I was really torn, as the details of what they were saying and the products didn't sound good -- yet i really rather liked these two young people who came to my door. I just wish i had ordered nothing, but given each 10 bucks, and sent them on thier way -- $20 is what it just cost me to stop payment on the cheque. I read another report that confirms that the company really brainwashes the kids, uses them, and it is really really a sad thing. That's why i am certainly willing to provide more info etc. to anyone going after this company. I have NO IDEA whether the books i thought i was ordering to be sent to kids in hospital would ever be delivered or not, but given the number of complaints i have read, i seriously doubt it.

  • El
      31st of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    One of these kids just came to my door and I ended up giving $40 to him after he gave me the whole song & dance - he suckered me without telling me how expensive this was going to be and at the end I said I couldn't afford it, the price for one book for a children's hospital would end up being $55! He told me he would pay the $15 processing fee himself if I could just do $40; couldn't really afford that either but felt like a [censored] for whatever reason so I gave the $40. But then came and read all of these reviews as well as some on [redacted].com and became angry that I got scammed. I went outside to look for him and ran into another kid doing the same thing. I asked him where his friend was that he was working with and we began talking. He was really friendly and I could tell he was super naive, he said it was a great job bc they got to travel to different places and meet really great people like myself, they are both very complimentary, etc etc. I asked how he got into it and he said some guy picked him up one day when he was panhandling at a gas station bc he had nowhere to go and I got the sense that he did come from a broken home; the guy that picked him up offered him a job and he was working the next day. I realized that he was definitely brainwashed, I felt really bad for him. I told him that I thought he fully believed he was doing something good, bc I do believe that but that he was part of a scam and he was being taken advantage of. He said his 'manager' was picking him up on the corner and I could wait with him, which I did; his manager was in a black expedition and was older, maybe late 20s, and I could tell right away he knew what he was doing so I didn't engage bc at that point I didn't feel safe. I did get my money back but now, after reading 'formerdynasty' post above I feel bad. This situation is really f-ed can we do something to stop this?

  • 10
      15th of Jul, 2016
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    Dynasty Technologies - Door to door
    ST LOUIS, Missouri
    United States

    Two males knocked on my door. . . Fast talking and trying to get me to buy magazine subscriptions for the troops across seas. . . Asking me my job commenting on my car, tattoos, asking me my job. . . Telling me he is joining the military here soon and blah blah. . . Magazines for the troops equals points for him to go on a trip to Italy. . One for the women and one for the men. . I did both 24 month subscription for the men & women in the air force. . $100 cash and they were on their way I got a receipt for my taxes and a sticker on my door. .

    I took my receipt and looked up the company. . . Scam fraud. . Fraud. . Awesome. Called the police and within 15 min I had my $100 and the nice boy is on his way to jail in the back of a police car. .

    He won't get into big trouble he is from new jersey. .

    Just so this will not happen to you dynasty technologies 211 is a scam

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