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Media One Brunch is a joke and I’d also say it’s a pure SCAM! Had the worse brunch ever in 5 years time in Dubai! I’ve never been to a brunch where security guards stand by your table! I basically payed AED 299 for:

1) The poorest selection of food and drinks I’ve ever seen! I bet some of the dishes were from the previous day! There were only 2 selections of beer (Amstel & Amstel Light) which are the cheapest in the market! They were served in scratched plastic glasses from the can and nothing was actually chilled!
2) No service of drinks on the table (everyone was queuing up for at least 15 min for a drink, which means no one was ever on the table enjoying the company of each other).
3) Dry sushi without any source! There was nothing Japanese about it! Again, most probably from the previous day!
4) They ran out of alcohol at 3:30 in a world-class 5 star Hotel (SCAM) although we payed until 4:00! The staff basically started cleaning and clearing everything away while ignoring us! They wanted us to spend more money in their after brunch pool party!
5) The pizza: what a joke! Thanks to our Italian chefs!
6) Very weak selection of deserts! There were more colors than taste!
7) Bored confused waitresses fainting from the heat that was felt inside!
8) Loud music made people shout a bit harder!

I would probably get better food&drinks in a summer rock festival! This was my first and LAST time and I would advise anyone to spend their sweet money somewhere else!

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