Dubai Immigration ArrogantArrogance, Attitude of Dubai Immigration to Tourist - January 2015

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Hello & Good day,

I would like to share my Story about Dubai below….If you could publish this story this would be welcomed.

We landed in Dubai Airport, Terminal 3 on Business Class on the 3 January 2014 around 17h30 being a Tourist and on Holiday for the Last 12 days. As we got to Immigration or Passport control we were informed that my wife’s VISA and Passport stated incorrectly i.e. Her passport is Botswana and Visa stated South Africa. We had to go to Terminal 3 Immigration office.

As we arrived at the Back Office of Immigration, I personally explained, to Mr. Gameez that we had been on Holiday and exhausted with 6 of us. An error has been noted on the VISA.
Immediately he bombarded me with questions namely Why did you not check, Whose fault is that?. I indicated to him that we were rather exhausted being a tourist we did not check and whether we could resolve this matter with some urgency. He again asked why did I not check and again indicated that we did not check and whether this could be resolved with arrogance.
This obviously, made me think that is this guy here to assist or behave to tourist in this manner.

I asked him how long can this take he said 5minutes or 5 hours and I need to wait he will call me. At this point there was only 2 people in the office requiring service. After about 30 minutes I returned back to the office whereby no people where in the office for at least 10 minutes.

That's when things started going horribly WRONG. I asked Mr. Gameez whether he was able to resolve the matter. He immediately took the passport and said we MUST all go home if we cannot wait. I said all I was asking him was he able to be manage to resolve the problem.
He then with a rather arrogant attitude whisked the passport towards me and again said we must do what we want. I said I’m a Tourist and willing be staying at the Atlantis the Palm what about my reservations? He just bluntly ignored me and whisked away. I asked him for this Supervisor and again ignored me. This made me sad and frustrated.

I thought to myself why is this men behaving like this to a tourist who is coming to spend money in his country? Why would he treat me like this is it a RACIST thing. I come from South Africa and I fully comprehend with RACIST behaviour? Is it my skin colour is it my language or is it that HE thinks he is more Superior then me? all these questions went tru my mind.

Agree an error was made, we should have checked but is this HOW one should be treated when your country proudly BOASTS tourism and spends millions on attracting TOURIST!!!.

I then spend almost 30 minutes looking for the supervisor and found a friendly Mr. Saley Obaid Hendasi in his green uniform. I explained to him the situation and he said go to the NBC (Bank) next door pay AED120 and should be sorted in 30 minutes. This raised my confidence. At this stage it was close to 7pm, with my kids being hungry, thirsty, exhausted.

We gladly paid the AED120 and returned the passport to Mr. Hendasi. He took the passport and gave it to Mr. Gameez. I decided to this stage to cross immigration with my other kids and leave my wife and son to get the passport issue resolved and take the rest to eat, drink and collect luggage and car hire from AVIS.

My wife and son waited until approx. 8pm only then did Mr Gameez do his JOB and he made sure he frustrated us. Both my wife and son crossed and we continued our journey.

To some things up we waited from 17h30 to 20h00 approx. 2h30 minutes which we as a family where like traumatized by this experience. I really find this amazing that people who depend on tourism this behave like this.

I said I will make this a point to each and every office in DUBAI, every press office in the world and also like to inform the Emirates and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of this incident, which is rather sad for Dubai and its strategy and roadmap for its country as a whole.

I have attached a few pictures of the Immigration officer - Reference for complaint only.

To date I have heard ZERO from anybody. They are obviously NOT serious about their tourism and what TOURIST feel like.

You are welcome to contact me on my gmail address or mobile directly for further details.

Dubai Immigration Arrogant

Feb 04, 2015
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  • Jo
      Apr 24, 2017

    Our family is planning for a visit in Dubai but after reading a lot of horrible treatment of tourists.. we will be reconsidering our visit.

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  • Jo
      Apr 24, 2017

    Thanks for sharing.. me and my family is reconsidering our Dubai visit after reading several horrible treatments of tourists.

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