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I purchase a used car from this dealership on Oct.23.2010. The deal went fine but the customer service afterwards was very bad. I was promised tinted windows at closing and was given a runaround by a sells person named Carlo Garcia for about 2 weeks. I then spoke to a manager Thaddeus Underwood who was very rude to me and told me to leave his dealership because i wanted him to fix the issue with the sells person not returning my phone calls about my tint. The manager was just pushing off the problem back onto the sells person. I sat in the dealership using there phone calling the sells person becase that was that only way i could get him to answer my phone calls. He then cursed me out and hung up the phone. The manager saw i was not giving up so he decided to fix my problem and sent me to there tint shop. This was after being there for about an 1hourand half. I have written the President of this dealership Mr. Steve Hall but have not go a response back yet.

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      Jun 22, 2011

    I truley understand what this person is saying, Because i went to driversslect back on 10/12/09 to trade in a vehicle and Purchase another vehicle.I was told that i owed to much money on the previous vehicle so i was going to let the 06 LINCOLN go back to the bank. In the mean time i purchased another vehicle and asked the salesman which name was Wendall Taylor if i could leave the 06 LINCOLN at the location until i got someone to come back and pickup the vehicle up because i didn't have anyone at the time to drive the vehicle home since there was only two of us there that night and Had know one to drive the 06 LINCOLN home. Wendall Taylor assured me the vehicle would be secured until i returned to retrive the 06 LINCOLN from driversselect. When i telephoned Wendall Taylor several time's about picking up the vehicle to know avail did i speak to Wendall Taylor. I had to use another name to actually get to speak to him.I was told that he did know where the 06 LINCOLN was.First he told me the vehicle was at another location.Then he told me the car was towed by a wrecker company and he would locate the company and contact me so i could go get the vehicle Then he cursed me out and told me he did not have my mother###ing vehicle.and stated i could not prove that the vehicle was ever at the location. I sent an e-mail to the complaint department to which i was directed to speak to Mr.Thacker in which he stated if i didn't leave the location he was going to call the police and have me removed from the location.At this present time i still do not know where the vehicle is. The DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT STATED since i left the key's with Wendall Taylor they could not help me find the vehicle.S o now the bank has filed a lawsuit against me and Turned this in to the credit bureau, My credit is totally messed up for life.Driversselect SUCK'S.They should be closed down. They are so untrustworthy.If anyone can refer me to a good attorney please respond back to me.Because i am going to file a lawsuit againt driversselect before 10/12/11.

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