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Order No: GA160222A9903
Order Date/Time: 22 Feb16 @ 11:06:52
Dress 1: Black V Neck Empire Prom Chiffon 26W in size
Dress 2: Black Chiffon A Line Evening 26W in size
Dress 1: £80.00
Dress 2: £78.00
Shipping: £17.00
I purchased 2 dresses. One was supposed to be chiffon. They arrived and they were awful. The dresses were heavy and looked like they were made by elephants. I tried several times to contact them but to no avail. When I finally sent an email they responded with this
Please We are so sorry that we don't accept return if we made the dress as your order. Returns will only be accepted if the dress is defective.
We need some measuremnt pictures to confirm for the unsuitable dress.
Hope you understand'. No I don't. The size was normal drop the box down box. Not altered or specific at all. I have requested the address to return and a refund. They have refused.

Mar 09, 2016
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  • In
      Apr 04, 2016

    i bought a dress and within 24 hours of receiving it i contacted the company to talk about a return and refund. Jenny in customer services keeps telling me that its too stressful and hard to have the dress returned. I bought a standard size 12 and had NO alterations and she is telling me that because its custom made i can get it adjusted myself and that they will give me a big discount off my next dress...there will be NO next dress as i am truly disappointed and disgusted at being ripped off even thought their return policy states that if a complaint is launched within 7 days of delivery it will be handled smoothly...yeah right! Still waiting for a reply

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  • Al
      May 11, 2016

    I too have also had similar issues with this company just recently- after purchasing a dress custom made, to receive it in the wrong colour, with dye all over it - I was told by them it wasn't really a problem, I could still wear the dress or sell it and they would offer me £20 compensation! I have not received any further correspondence from them. I am Totally disgusted - not even sure the purpose of this site was hoping someone could advise me on how to deal with this company surely they can not be allowed to proceed in this manner???

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  • Al
      Feb 20, 2017

    Spent almost £300 on two dresses for a wedding that arrived late and 4 sizes each too small and incredibly cheap and tacky looking!! Spent months exchanging emails with a person named 'Coco', sending pictures of the faulty items yet no refund given. I contacted my bank to try and get a chargeback but they told me I was unable to as the time period to do so had passed. Since then, the Chinese based company have stopped responding to my emails. They will basically keep you in an email exchange until they know your ability to get a bank chargeback has been lost. My advise: STAY WELL AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS! If you have already received your undoubtedly faulty and cheap-looking item, please, please call your bank and get a refund via a chargeback immediately! Do not bother exchanging emails with as they will deliberately try to delay you getting the chargeback by false promises of a minimal partial refund which you will never see. Just go ahead and get the chargeback right away. They are total fraudsters! Totally frustrated at the time i have wasted writing them emails and having lost £300!

    UPDATE: The last email i got was 'Coco' telling me the company no longer exists and therefore any refund is no longer possible. She also "hoped I understand"(!)...URGH!!!

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