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Be prepared that your email will not be replied. Be prepared to receive the wrong size. And if you want a refund, they send you their warehouse address. So what does it mean? We buy online for item to be delivered to us, yet this happens. Extra time you need to spend to get money back. Good luck people. Hope I get to receive my item in one piece, the correct size and soon! For me, it will be my last time buying anything from this seller. One stressful purchase is enough for me. (PS.I HAVE RECEIVED MY DRESS IN THE WRONG SIZE.)

I will update everyone, the days it took to receive my item, How many email I sent that was not replied. In fact, I have sent 5 emails with my banking transaction details, replied 1 email. then no response after that.
1. Paid 27th Nov, send email.
2. No response, Send 3 email asking about status. 4 days later, Amy replied my email, "Hi dear, Do be advised that the amount payable is $38, kindly advise and confirm again the amount you've transferred Love, Amy". The revised invoice is $35, so this Amy did not check the latest invoice.
3. After posting comments on FB & Qoo10, they replied that my delivery status was CONFIRMED on 1 Dec. They changed the stauts to SHIPPED on 4th Dec.
4. Checked my PO Box on 14th Dec, checked and THEY SENT ME THE WRONG SIZE. I order M and they delivered S. WTH. So I sent an email to them again. If I have to make a trip to their warehouse, then why the hell do I buy online.
55330 Floral Embossed Collar Executive
Dress (Silver) S
Sizes: Medium
Sizes: 25985
38.00 38.00 0.00 $ 38.00
Handling and Shipping
Free Shipping (Non Trackable): Singpost 2 - 3
Working Days (Normal Postage)

Dec 14, 2014
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  • Ke
      17th of Feb, 2015

    Had bad experience as well! First time buying and even opt for courier service and yet my items are lost. Emailed them and they say it have been delivered, still waiting for their reply which wad not prompt in solving my problems. Lucky enough it's not a cny dress that I'm waiting for. I've bought items from other online shop like lara j, faire belle, mgplabel, all have reached and provide prompt reply with great services but only this give me problem on my first purchase. I hope they reply my email asap.

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  • Ks
      12th of Jun, 2015

    The worst experience ever!

    I ordered a skirt, they charged my money and a week(!) later they sent me an email says they are not able to send me the item because it "was found defective prior to mailing" and it was the last one.

    Then they suggested to "credit you the value $39 (item + postage cost) as balloons". But I don't need a credit! I just want my money back. And they said: "We have noted on this, kindly advise your banking details for us to proceed with the refund :) Do note that it will take 1-2 months to be processed :) "

    Banking details?! I paid with my paypal account! Why they just can't use it for a refund?! 1-2 month?! WTF?

    Now they are not answering at all.
    So, no item, no money.

    I strongly recommend do not buy anything in this store!

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  • Fl
      13th of Aug, 2015

    Same here, refund in coupon code instead of balloons. Never bother to response emails for order status. Lousy customer service, will no longer getting anything from them.

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  • An
      28th of Nov, 2015

    I also agree that dressabelle has the worst service out of all the blogshop i frequent. This is my experience -

    I bought a dress which came defective (a very common dressabelle issue if you read the other reviews). So I went down to their shop to exchange it for 2 voucher codes.

    One of the voucher codes did not work and I emailed them to reissue another one but I have yet to receive any reply from them despite my reminders. I emailed them 4 times!! I still have gotten my new code till now and I am thinking of going to CASE to report this.

    Btw, it is NOT the first time they issued faulty voucher codes. This is the THIRD time it happened to me. I am not sure if it is their strategy to issue defective voucher codes and then go MIA so that we will forget about the issue over time.

    In summary, dressabelle provides you not only defective clothes. Even their voucher codes are defective so pls beware before buying. Or mentally prepare yourself for a lot of hassle to follow through after that.

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