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On 3-23-10 I bought five bridesmaid's dresses for my sister-in-laws wedding. The receptionist called me the next week to tell me the dresses would be shipped to the store for pick-up on or before 6-25-10. I had not heard anything more from the store and had no reason to doubt that the dresses would be delivered as promised. On 6-25-10 I passed the store and noticed the store windows were empty; the store had been vacated. I called the number on the door of the shop. The message said the voicemail box was full and to please try again later. Later, I Googled: Quanetta Lewis and her name is all over the internet with many people stressing to not use a company owned and operated by her.
Yesterday, I went to Verizon in Lorton, VA. and saw a new bridal shop. The name of the shop was Dreams Boutique, Inc. I stopped in the store and asked if they had a business card I could have. The card said: Quanetta Lewis: Owner! I couldn’t believe my eyes, she is going to continue to get away with fraud.

I have posted everywhere not to use her, contacted the BBB and called the police. This woman has found a loop hole and needs to be stopped!!!

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  • Km
      Oct 27, 2010

    I took her to court and never got my money. She has switched names 3 times from Enstyle wedding designs to Dreams Bridal Boutique to Dreams Boutique. I hope that someone finally stops her from taking advantage of consumers.

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  • Ma
      Nov 01, 2010

    Yes… we know Quanetta Lewis. My husband and I hired her as my daughter‘s “Wedding Planner" in 2008; dealing with her was a nightmare for me and my family, instead of been a joyful time, it was HELL!
    ! BE AWARE! This place is horrible! You will be lied to, you will be mistreated and worst of all you will not get your money back! She is not trustworthy, BE CAREFUL! She can be very nice when you just meet her, but soon enough you will know how DECEIVING she is.
    Some day she has to answer to Jesus! I know that!. She can fool all of us, but not to GOD! Trick

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  • St
      Jan 28, 2011

    I did get my money back, I called the Visa fraud department. I had my money back within minutes and they went after her for the money they were owed. I am so glad I paid for the dresses on credit!

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  • Mf
      Feb 04, 2011

    I really don't know who any of you are, but it seems like you are all out to destroy this lady an her company. May I suggest you all should be enjoying you new life with your husband instead of bad mouthing people. I understand if you feel like you had a bad experience but to call accuse someone of being a Fraud is really extreme. I work in law enforcement and believe me it's extreme. Every business have the right to make their own rule and setup disclosures regarding refunds. I relly don't know it your cases but it sound like you bought a product and wanted money back after the purchase was made and unforunately that is not fraud it's business. It this store had purchase policy that speaks to returns and refunds as a consumer myself you can't go around accusing people of fraud. It's wrong and worst than that it's unethical. You can choose to patronize or not. Also, if I was to contact this store and speak to owner i'm sure her story would be different and would make since from a business prespective. It wrong what you all are doing. Anyway that's only my opinion from a legal view.

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  • Ml
      Mar 19, 2011

    First, I must say that she has changed the name of her store several times because of bad reviews and lawsuits. She was also featured on ABC 7 on your side because of a Bride's horrible experience. View the video link at the end of this post. Quinetta Lewis treats her customers unfairly. Once you pay for your merchandise, she does not care about you. She acted like I was unimportant and would constantly re-schedule or simply not show up for appointments. She forgot to order my wedding shoes and did horrible alterations. 2 months later I asked about my shoes and She told me that my shoes were being "shipped from China", so that is why they would take so long to arrive. She always made so many excuses. She also told me that my alterations wouldn't be done right away because she had other Brides with closer wedding dates to work with. So disrespectful to say to a bride, she was obviously putting me on the "back burner". She is so rude. I ended up buying another dress somewhere else because I was sick of dealing with her and they did HORRIBLE alterations! I ended up turning my wedding dress into a cocktail dress because they really ruined my dress. No Bride should have to experience Quinetta. AVOID THIS PLACE! Go to Bobbie's Bridal in Fairfax.


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  • Br
      Apr 29, 2011

    Quanetta Lewis is a liar and a thief. She is full of fraud. She should be stopped. We ordered a wedding gown 6 months before the wedding. We paid in full. Two weeks before the wedding the dress was still not here. She said the "white wedding dresses are so rare" and "it is coming from China" and many other lies. Two days before the wedding we picked up our dress. It was two sizes too big. We had to go out and buy another dress from a reputable store. Stay away from Quanetta Lewis and her new boutique in Lorton. She has changed names of her various businesses in order to escape prosecution. Stay away! Buyer beware!

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  • Rh
      Jun 23, 2011

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS AT DREAMS BOUTIQUE INC!!! The accusations are TRUE. The proprietor is pushy, has an unmistakable air of arrogance around her and will say whatever needs to be said to sell and get on to the next customer. I was there multiple times to pick up my dresses and/or have them adjusted. Several times I called or went to the store, the dresses were not ready (AND she made it sound as if it were my fault), but was told they would be ready next time . . . they either had yet to be tailored or they had not yet been cleaned. Finally, when I was out of time before my event, the owner offered to bring the dress to me when I was told they were complete, foregoing a final fitting (AND I had to meet her in a parking lot part way, she could not drive the extra 10 miles to bring the dresses to my home). Even then it was three hours after the time promised. The work on one of the dresses was less than tolerable . . . one of them had been tailored to the wrong measurements and the other was hemmed too short. I bought a pair of shoes there and told the owner that they were a little too big, but since they were a perfect match for my dress I took them and told her that I would bring them back if I found something that fit better. She gave me a “mm hmm”, possibly just to get me out the door without telling me of their rule of not accepting returns. I found something else, took the shoes back without ever wearing them, not even a scuff on the bottom, and she refused to take them back or even trade for another pair in the store. . . just another example of her bad attitude and arrogance. Again, I advise anyone seeking a wedding dress, prom dress, etc., NOT to shop at Dreams Boutique Inc.

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  • Ro
      Aug 03, 2011

    Quinetta Lewis is a fraud! DO NOT! GO TO THIS PLACE FOR ANYTHING! I ordered bridesmaids dresses from her in March 2011 and by July 2011, the dresses were not here. She said they would get here July 23 but 2 weeks prior to this date when I called her to see if the dressed came in early, she said they are coming the week of August 15. I had to fuss this lady out many times in order got get my dresses in the last week of July, Praise God! She even tried to convince me to pay a rush fee in June of $180 and I was like no way! Not doing that. And my dressed were too big! AGAIN DO NOT GO TO THIS LADY! EVER!

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