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Dr.David Kleiman / Dr.David Kleiman

1 Dallas, Texas, 75201Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:

I had a bad experience with Dr.David Kleiman but I am afraid to write everything about it because I do not them to file a lawsuit against me. I have heard they do that to anyone that writes bad things about them. I found this other [redacted] and I am going to repost it as it is similar to the experience I had.

I just wanted to have my say after what they did to me but I am afraid to give to much details. All I will write is my experience as a patient there was extremely negative and I am very upset.
I went to the Kleiman Evangelista Lasik Eye Center in Dallas Texas and they wanted to charge me almost 4 times what they had said on the radio. I spent my entire day there going from waiting room to waiting room and in the end they just were way more than they said they were going to be. I am 65 years old and I was not treated very nice at all. I do not understand why they have to lie and for me I am not used to doctors acting like used car salesman to get business. THis is very bad and my experience there was extremley negative. They should stop false advertising. I had my hopes up that I could get this lasik and now, from them it is way above my budget. They are wrong and not nice over there.

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  • Je
      7th of Dec, 2008
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    I also went to have a procedure test in June 2008 at evangelist and klineman in Dallas. I had a very bad expercience

    I walked into the waiting room and then to the small office on the right. A non medical person checked my eyes. I was told that I could have the procedure put my eyes were "thick", therefore he could not gurantee I would get 20/20. I asked to speak to the doctor to discuss and he refused.

    I then went into a room to have my eyes dialated. I still had not seen any doctor or licensed medical doctor. The man did not introduce himself, nor did he have a name tag. He put several huge drops into my eyes and told me to then sit in a waiting room and watch a DVD on a mini individual tv.

    I told him that I couldnt see since he put drops in my eye and that I did not have my contacts in. My eyes are extremely bad. He said that it was an old video anyways and that I should just listen to it. I then tried to squint really good, and saw that there were two different procedures on the cd and I wasnt sure which one to watch.

    I told a lady passing by and she said just wait for the eye doctor. The asian doctor I saw was not klienman or evangelista. The doctor was also not one authorized to do surgery. I am a nurse so I asked him point blank...if he would have a surgery by the guys if he needed it. He laughed and in a nervous way said you are asking me how I feel about my bosses? and did not answer the question.

    I was then quickly put in a all glass room with some lady that discussed finances and asked me to sign a contract and discussed preoperative instructions and gave me a valium to take before the surgery. I told her my eyes were still not back to normal. The man who dialated my eyes appeared to put way too much drops in my eye. The lady just said I will put a big x where you are to sign. She wasnt wearing scrubs and appeared to have no medical experience.

    I am a I was pretty shocked. I also know a smooth sales technique that is absorbed by all team members. None, not one of the staff appeared anyway medical.

    I was just moved from person to person and said I would get to see evangelista or klieman 15 minutes to surgery. I asked serveral times to see them and all refused.

    This operation seems to be a fast pace operation. I think these doctors cut corners with the staff.

    I had difficulty driving home still after the dialation .

    I called to complain the next day and talked to eric. He never appologized and just asked if I would have the surgery if he took 500.00 off my eyes. I said NO.

    Dr. Evangelist and Kleinman...I have several suggestions for you.

    #1 make sure all employees introduce themselves and wear nametags.

    #2 hire caring people instead of ### salespeople

    #3 if you change your office to a cheap location and change it into a factor versus a practice...dont expect patiets to pay full price.

    #4 your office quoted 3800.00 total for a -8.5 in both eyes...then tried to take off 500.00... I know now that your office will go lower so I hope anyone who reads this knows that your original price is not your real price

    5# know that it is possible to say sorry and not get sued from your patients. I believe this site and thank god for it. I know from being a nurse that doctors are protected from the Texas medical board and its about time that consumers can find a place to become informed.

    6# the arlington Evangelista eye company should be closed for business and by being listed in Forbes magazine does not make you a good doctor.

  • Ca
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    I had Lasik surgery at Kleiman Evangelista Center on both eyes in 2007. Prior to going in for the surgery, I asked Dr David Kleiman if I qualify. I didn't think I’d be eligible because my left pupil was over enlarged as a result of a head injury in 1985. That pupil never went back to its normal size. Dr. Kleiman told me "no problem" when i specifically asked him about the pupil size and whether it would make me ineligible for the surgery. He didn't blink an eye before responding, lying to my face. I was shocked. I thought, "great?" I had the surgery. The surgery resulted in a decentered ablation in my left eye. I've since found out that people with enlarged pupils shouldn't have this surgery done. Can you say Malpractice? It is unforgivable to me that this guy would do this out of pure greed. I am nearly blind in that eye now and the other one is not much better than it was. I am putting below what a decentered ablation and any doctor should know about this. It is hard to believe he did not.

  • Ha
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Dr David Kleiman Public Reprimand for Malpractice

    2. Respondent is certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties in ophthalmology.

    3. Respondent is forty-six (46) years of age.

    4. Respondent has been licensed to practice by the Board for approximately twenty (20) years.

    5. In 1988, Responded failed to obtain an x-ray in regard to patient N.Y. to detect the possibility of a foreign metal object.

    6. Patient N.Y. had faint evidence of rust at the time Respondent performed the initial examination, but elected not to perform an x-ray given the quietness of the eye. Respondent’s index of suspicion was also low given the lapse of time between the injury and the time of his examination 5 days later after evaluation by a previous physician.

    7. Patient R.B. was examined by Respondent for trauma associated with a pencil strike to the eye.

    8. Respondent administered a retrobulbar anesthesia by injection on patient R.B. that resulted in orbital hemorrhage and severe damage to the eye.

    9. Respondent was aware at the time of examination that patient R.B. had a possible paternal history of Von Willebrand’s disease. Given his concern for the risk of infection however, and the fact that the patient’s father had two previous surgeries without complications, Respondent proceeded with the retrobulbar anesthesia prior to initiating clotting factor studies.

    10. Respondent failed to assemble properly the equipment to perform a laser keratotomy and the resulting procedure on patient M.M. resulted in a corneal laceration and visual damage.

    11. Respondent admits the improper assembly was the result of being tired and overworked.

  • Fr
      16th of Nov, 2011
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    I had my Lasik surgery done several years ago here in Arlington, TX.. I went to the pre-surgery group presentation & T.V. Clip Presentation and Question & Answer, regarding the procedure. I paid in full, so no problem there. I was planning to do the 1st eye and then the 2nd eye soon after. The 1st surgery went well enough, but wasn't quite precise according to the eye chart or vision clarity as a result of the post-op eye test. Dr. Klieman said that was often the case, rather than to over-do the procedure. That made sense. So, they said they could fit me in right then & there to tweak or re-do the procedure since it doesn't take that long once the staff has you re-preped. I said that would be okay.

    I was ushered into the room to be preped and that is when the "Nightmare" began. The assistants kept rushing in the room where I was left, literally banging the door open each time, (obviously rushed or perhaps over booked). They kept coming back to scrub or disinfect my eye. I told them immediately that I didn't recall any pain at all the 1st time. They said it was because they use less Valium for 2nd/re-do procedures to assure your eye is more stable & doesn't move around, to insure a better, more accurate result. Even I questioned Valium having "pain killing properties". I believe they came in to scrub & disinfect my eye 3 times prior to being taken in to the surgery room. It litterally felt like they were using a miniture wire wheel brush each time they scrubbed my eye. I didn't want to appear to be a wimp, and like a dope believed they knew what they were doing. Then when the procedure began, the insertion of the spring eye opening device was a real experience. Mind you, I am feeling all of this. Then Dr. Klieman begins the procedure and whatever they use (lazer or scalpel?) in that dark lit room and not being able to focus, I couldn't tell. Each time whatever he was using would touch my eye, it felt like my bare eye was being cut with a knife. By then my High Blood Pressure was sky rocketing, and my heart about to beat out of my chest. He told me twice to keep my eye focused straight ahead. I could tell he was frustrated and the 3rd time he had a very demanding tone in his voice. Then, all of a sudden he just stopped and said, Wait, can you feel that. I told him yes, and had kept telling the nurses/assistants everything they were doing really hurt as well, and what they told me about the valium, and I assumed somehow when the surgery began I would relax and was supposedly not going to feel anything like the 1st time.

    Then he began yelling at the assistants, went and got a little bottle out of a cabinet, put drops in my eye and all of the pain stopped from then on. He was still obviously upset and I didn't dare move a muscle, knowing at least my vision would be some better, and I could get out of there. Not a single person apologized or explained what happened. If the pain killer had expired or if anyone had ever even put in any pain killer all that time.

    When I came back for the follow up check up a few days later, everyone was still very serious and unsympathetic & still not a single appology. Needless to say, I went elsewhere to have my other eye done. In my opinion, everyone involved who are still working there need to seek some kind of "Sensitivity Training" & learn to be more personable, cordial & how to say "I'm sorry" when they goof up that badly & cause someone that much pain & abject pain or fear.

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