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bought shoes from dr. lab.state hwy 30 suite 106 amsterdam ny 5-18-09 brought back 6-14or-6-15 as the front soul was comming loose. he said i had them for a year &a half. went to bank got rec. still keep arguing with me only guarenteted for 30 days. for a 120 dollars i think it should be for a liile longer then that. give my money back or diff. pair couldn"t do that had NO chek book or chash in his office.what kind of sales dr. or office do u have selling these shoes???????? i do love these shoes this would have been my 4th pair from him??????
would like to hear from u
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      Jun 26, 2009

    would like an answer

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      Jul 07, 2009

    I agree. The shoes are made in China and are of the cheapest materials possible. I also know for a fact that the company sells "NEW" shoes that are actually returned shoes that are reconditioned and touched up. There are hundreds of shoes a month that are returned due to falling apart after only a couple months. I am amazed that people buy shoes of such "quality" from China. You won't catch me buying any shoes anytime soon!

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      Jul 17, 2013

    Please visit and type in "doctor comfort"
    I explain in detail how my feet were injured and rubbed raw as a result of removing the doctor comfort insole and putting in its place a store bought gel insole. Based on the reply I received from Doctor Comfort, you can't do this decause it exposes all the stitches inside the shoe, which totally rub the sides of your feet raw and take weeks to heal. This shoe requires there special insole, and no other purchased insole will cover the hideous stitches on the entire inside of the shoe. Worst designed shoe on the market and yes it is MADE IN CHINA, and my cost $175 in the USA.

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      May 21, 2016

    This place is the worst place to get anything from. They are the rudest people and the manager don't know how to talk to people. They send customers the wrong products without letting them know. I wouldn't refer anyone to this place. The place is very unorganized and lack of communication. The place needs to be closed.

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      Sep 15, 2016

    In early August, I ordered a pair of shoes through my doctors office. The one week arrival time stretched out to three weeks. When they arrived, it was discovered that the wrong item was shipped. The doctors office called the company and was told that the correct pair would be there within a week. Another three weeks pass and no shoes. A call to the company reveals they were never sent but a promise of an overnight delivery was made by the company. Guess what never arrived ?
    It looks like Dr. Comfort is a poorly managed company staffed by a bunch of incompents who have ( or don't care about ) any idea of customer service.
    To Dr. Comfort's management and sales staff: Feel free to take your shoes and stick them someplace where they may do some good because I'll never put another pair of your product on my feet !

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