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Drambuieberry / British Shorthair / cheating breeder

3-5 Swindon, England, Wiltshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Do you think that the kitten in the photo is a pure British Shorthair?

I decided not to purchase this kitten for £695 because it does not look like British Shorthair at all. I asked Ms Holly Smith to give my £100 deposit back but she insisted that the kitten was born of her pedigree British Shorthairs, Mojito and Bentley, and that the deposit is non-refundable.

From checking her facebook page for a long time, I am sure that she has sold cross kittens as pedigree kittens.

Drambuieberry / British Shorthair

Oct 5, 2014
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  • Ga
      28th of Oct, 2014
    +3 Votes

    This kitten is now called George. I have him and you are very right he is not a British Shorthair Silver and Black [censored]ly Smith claimed. She gave me a pedigree certificate and when i showed George to my vet (who happens to be a member of the GCCF) he said that in no way is he a BSH S&B cat. Also he was much younger than Holly Smith claimed plus he was a male and not as claimed by Holly Smith who said he was female. In Holly Smiths favour once i told her this and threatened her with legal action (i did initiate legal action) she gave me a substantial refund and i kept George. He became a prominent member of the family so i could not give him back. To finish off my vet is convinced he is a cross to a Bengal and BSH S&B.

  • Ja
      15th of Feb, 2015
    -4 Votes

    Im very confused, I am not in any way connected to Holly, I only know her having purchased a kitten, and have placed a deposit for a second but I visited my kitten every 3 days, I am also planning to breed and Holly has been helping me a great deal, last year i actually watched all her mating's take place, i also watched all births and i can 100% guarantee you that what i saw was ALL british shorthair queens being mated with british shorthair studs. I saw all paperwork, back group and vets checking on the kittens. You must have got this wrong and have threatened the poor girl! I actually feel very sad for Holly! British Shorthairs come in all shapes, sizes & colours just like humans, i am a specialist in genetics and have worked all over the world, it is possible from these lines that brown has come out, a sex mistake happens sometimes! Some people need to get a grip!

  • La
      3rd of Mar, 2015
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    Jane Townley's message made me laugh out loud. 'I am in now way connected to Holly' then going on to write about how she has almost lived with Holly 'I watched all births' 'queens being mated with british shorthair studs' my word it was a busy time at Holly's house...
    No British Shorthairs do not come in all shapes and sizes and colours... that is why they are a 'breed' and are registered as such... Jane you are mistaking British Shorthair with domestic shorthair.
    The whole idea of being charged £695 for a kitten that looks like a moggy from the Cat's Protection League (no offence moggies) is incredible... but is seems Miss Smith finds it hard to give back money, but very easy to take it.
    As for mistaking male for female, dear lord that is inexcusable.
    Warning to stud users her cat Ouzo photo attached looks nothing like are of a kitten!!!

  • Sw
      26th of May, 2015
    +3 Votes

    It is my understanding Animals Licensing at Swindon Borough Council and trading standards are now investigating Holly Smith after dozens of complaints were made. Call Swindon Borough Council 01793 466080 and ask for Alison Waine if you wish to check this out or to make a complaint of your own.

  • An
      2nd of Sep, 2015
    -2 Votes

    Animal Welfare(SBC), RSPCA, GCCF, The local Police and Trading Standards have investigated this breeder over the last 8 weeks. The breeder in question has produced adequate evidence to prove all her cats/kittens are pedigree. Veterinary evidence shows that the breeder strictly puts the health of the cats first at all times, and the cats housing is no less than perfect. I have been part of the investigations and have seen both complaints, all department outcomes and breeder evidence. This case has now been closed.
    I have taken it upon myself as a human being and not part of my job to defend this poor woman publicly, who genuinely has proved she goes above and beyond for her animals, she’s proved time and time again to care, seek advice when needed and has a massive support network around her which grows bigger every day . It’s a great shame that a few sour minded people felt the need to be so utterly cruel and not only bad mouth her, but her family and other pets.
    My strong advice would be to treat others as you wish to be treated, it would make the world a much better place.

  • Sw
      15th of Nov, 2015
    +2 Votes

    AnimalCareCo. Who are u trying to kid? Why have u masked your IP address by using a VPN via USA? You are clearly Holly Smith and continue to lie. Do not buy from this breeder.

  • St
      26th of May, 2018
    -2 Votes

    @swales Wow, Swales, are you with the NSA?. I am shocked that you cannot write in the Queens English, but you can trace IP addresses. Do not listen to Swales, just another [censored] trying to have some attention for 5 minutes.

  • Be
      24th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    The treat others as you wish to treat you comment is exactly what she said to me an hour ago 😂

  • St
      26th of May, 2018
    -2 Votes

    @Becky Wood Wow, so anybody who says "treat others as you wish to be treated" is automatically this breeder, she is my Mum and my Grandmother then.

  • St
      26th of May, 2018
    -3 Votes

    Hi to anyone reading this thread, my name is Stuart and I would be more than happy for you to call me and discuss my experience with this breeder 07904999656, I am not one to purchase something without doing extensive research first and I came across these complaints on here a 7 or 8 months ago. I thought I should do my bit to actually defend this breeder as it seems as though there are a lot of trolls on the internet with nothing good to say, shame on them.

    I took the advice on another thread and contacted Swindon Council and spoke with Anthony, he is a really nice chap with nothing but good things to say about her, she has been investigated due to a couple of people and they have been working together for over a year now and they are not worried about this breeder in the slightest.

    I truly believe that a lot of the things on here are being said are out of spite or just bare faced lies, rather than actual facts, I have found the Cat breeding world to be a little...well, Catty. Most of the breeders I have spoken to never say anything nice about another breeder, I assume its just a sales tactic, some I guess take it to the next level by going online to post horrible things about other people. I went to visit 3 breeders and I can say hand on heart that this was the best by a mile, I did not hesitate to pay the £100 deposit and in the end, 5 months later I had received my beautiful baby kitten called Willow to whom my family love to bits.

    If you are reading this and you are silly enough not do your own research then go on Facebook and buy a £30 moggy from someone around the corner shop that will have serious issues in the future, however if you want an absolutely stunning kitten that will be raised and looked after properly, then go and visit Holly and her wonderful setup and make up your own mind don't listen to a few snide comments from people with nothing better to do with their sorry excuse of a life.

    Feel free to contact me and I will tell it to you straight, I will not hide behind an anonymous website profile name like the trolls on here.


    Stuart Rich

    P.s I read somewhere on a thread about her horrible dogs... Get a life you weirdo, her dogs are absolutely lovely and played with my little ones, they had a blast. Kittens, dogs and beautiful weather, it was more like a free family day out minus the £100 for a kitten obviously.

  • Li
      26th of May, 2018
    -1 Votes

    Those whom have accused Holly of money grabbing and thrown accusations around the booking of a kitten im disgusted. Holly currently has my litter of which im to become the owner of 2/5. How can you make judgment when YOU are taking her due care and attention from these new little kittens? Why would you place a deposit and not wait for something so special? YOU are the problem and not this breeder. If you didn’t go into this with good intentions and a clear mind you’re at fault. Don’t time waste.
    This breeder has been incredible start to our current position. We know our kitten’s favourite things to eat, cat litter and toys. We have been updated with regular pictures and videos. We have visited a couple of times and we have spoken to the vets taking care of our kittens who have spoken highly of Holly.

  • Bi
      18th of Oct, 2018
    -1 Votes

    Truly wonderful breeder. She’s gone above and beyond for us and her Facebook page will direct you to real people who have purchased from her and not trolls on a silly website.

    Buying from her was the best decision we made.

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