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So far Dr al carroll has escaped justice. He has been supporting islamic terrorism on his trips to indonesia and by inciting religious hatred against christians. He views the ISIS/ Islamic state as freedom fighters - much in the same way as the genocidal invasion of the wild west... he supports using hate speech under the guise of fact because in fact he is covered by the umbrella of his university. He isn't helping the cause of his people- actually- not...his people...hes a FAKE apache.. NOT AND NVER WAS ONE... i have seen his pictures with little kids too in the phillipines and elsewhere... one day i hope he is exposed for his wrongdoing... i know I'm not the only one complaining here... and the authorities do nothing about it because he probably is an FBI agent privateer working for some counter intelligence programme... his crimes will be revealed and there is no place he will run from them. he is not fit to be put in a position of trust as he is a fraud.

Dec 21, 2015
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      Dec 26, 2015
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    Some court records for Alton Carl 'Al' Carroll Jr: (Northern Virginia Community College)
    04/25/84 Case#1984CI06508 Bexar Co TX
    05/13/85 Case#069021 Bexar Co TX
    05/21/85 Case#069022 Bexar Co TX
    05/22/85 Case#069023 Bexar Co TX
    03/11/90 Case#457266 Bexar Co TX
    05/24/90 Case#189990 Bexar Co TX
    07/19/90 Case#468344 Bexar Co TX
    04/24/00 Case#2000CI06001 Bexar Co TX
    12/02/02 Case#M-0741-2808618 Maricopa Co AZ
    10/24/03 Case#2003CI16946 Bexar Co TX
    11/04/09 Case#CJ-2009-10887 Oklahoma Co OK
    06/10/10 Case#GT10021347-00 Loudon Co VA
    09/23/10 Case#GT10037851-00 Loudon Co VA
    09/23/10 Case#GT10037853-00 Loudon Co VA
    10/19/10 Case#GT10044070-00 Loudon Co VA
    10/19/10 Case#GT10044071-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/10 Case#GT10046192-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/10 Case#GT10046193-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/10 Case#GT10046194-00 Loudon Co VA
    06/13/11 Case#GT11019379-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/11 Case#GT11044008-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/11 Case#GT11044010-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/11 Case#GT11044011-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/11 Case#GT11044014-00 Loudon Co VA
    01/10/13 Case#2013CI00516 Bexar Co TX

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      Dec 26, 2015

    Al Carroll, currently employed by Northern Viriginia Community College, uses many sock-puppet identities. Carroll uses them to give his 'books' their only good reviews and to spew race-based outrage at others. Many of his assumed identities are female. Some of these many sock puppet identities include, Elizabeth Ann Grossman, LakotaGulfWarParatrooper, IraqWarVet, Trjgirl, Arlene Istehili, UnitedNative, moma_porcupine, daveyp, EducatedIndian, EducatedIndio, Kevin Peter, JohnJB, B Isaac, SamBear, John Martin, and David Yeagley.

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