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Dr Timothy J Marten / facelift and forehead temple lift

1 How do I edit this review?San Francisco, CA, United States

I signed up for facelift and temple lift. I stressed the importance of improving the prematurely laxed forehead skin and upper face.
I did not want a necklift or any other procedures that Timothy J marten did try to sell to me. I had nothing to eliminate on my face, just a bit of loose skin. I had nothing to pull on sides on my lower face...

Soon it has been a year from the surgery. It was the worst mistake of my life. He botched my face and my experience is that he did that on purpose. I feel like he emptied my face from fats and bones and messed around my body somehow. Who knows what he exactly did when he prevents me from talking to OR staff.

I feel it was pure unconditional hate from his side against me. He did surgeries without my consent. That is outrageous. A rhinoplasty without consent, jaw or buccal fat removal surgery without consent, liposuction of fats without consent, violating other things around my body.

He does not let me speak with the operating room staff. That tells the truth well.

Dr Timothy J Marten
Dr Timothy J Marten
Dr Timothy J Marten

  • Updated by V1olated, Jun 18, 2017

    My neck is so tight and uncomfortable that it chokes me and I cannot do sports.
    See my jaw... looks like he slimmed it Korean style by slicing jaw angle off and possibly took my buccal fats away. But who knows exactly when he prevents the talks with OR staff. I had grown that fat on my face on purpose because my face would have been gaunt. Now my face is gaunt even my body it fatter than usually.
    My experience is that Timothy J Marten is the most evil person I have never ever met

Jun 18, 2017

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