Dr. Robert W. Schorschinsky, MD / Sexually inappropriate speech

1 4885 Demoss Rd Suite 203, Reading, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (610)898-9200

He is dismissive, flighty, and very sexually inappropriate with his speech toward females. He does make patients come in much too often. The inappropriate comments were made numerous times even though my husband was present (We did this in order to get him to refrain, but he was inappropriate right in front of my husband!). Even after a discussion about how we didn't appreciate the comments, such as being "stripped down naked and given a Pap smear as a punishment for not coming back in sooner", he continued. Now, he refuses to do exams at all, throwing his hands up and saying "no skin contact!". Seriously? There's a difference in doing a proper exam and being told that he needed to "shame" me by making me "strip naked and stand against the wall". Under no circumstances allow him to do a GYN exam! It's taken a lot of time to get up the courage to write this. Not sure if speech like that falls under the category of "sexual abuse" or not. If so, he has done it knowing that I was molested at the age of 6, as I disclosed this at my first appointment, when he pressured me to allow him to do my PAP. After having spoken to one of his female assistants, I found out that he speaks inappropriately to other patients, and that the office ladies are afraid to say anything. So ... I'm saying it: Do NOT allow your female family members alone with this man, and if you're female, look for another doc.

May 4, 2014

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