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Dr. Pirzada / Reevaluation of medical practice

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1/27/09 I found Dr. P through Physician Connection. On initial visit, he made clear that he didn't believe there was such a thing as Fibromyalgia. “It was all in peoples’ heads.” He refused to see me again unless I stopped taking two of my medications, coldturkey; a narcotic pain patch and a Benzodiazepine. I reluctantly agreed and asked how to safely come off them. "Call Addictions Foundations of Manitoba." By second visit, withdrawals became intolerable and he seemed annoyed by my presence. “I just saw you last week.” I asked if I should be admitted to hospital. "You are not bad enough; Tough it out." Before I could utter another word he told me not to return for two weeks. My vital signs weren't even taken. I left in tears and have since avoided Dr. P. Professionals in the field tell me that I could have died from his incompetence. My chart had not been transferred so I spoke with his secretary. “Your chart is still sitting in his office. He hasn’t released it because of legal reasons.”

1/9/09 Very brief visit. Only two questions/concerns could be dealt with (his rule). I had an x-ray on my spine. Did not hear back. Called and asked to have this doccument forwarded and it was never done. Seems to be trying to set some kind of record for how many patients he can cram into a day. More patients more billing $ right?

11/10/08 Saw Dr. P twice and both times, he never acknowledged that we were sitting in his office, walked straight through, NO eye contact or smile, asked right away, "What can I do for you? " Found him on the cold side. Felt like being on a assembly line, next...

10/22/08 This doctor is horrible. I missed appointments due to school and called to tell them I would be away and miss the appointment and they still counted it as a strike against me.

10/2/08 He wouldn't provide a referral and dismissed all mental health symptoms of depression despite depression posters on his wall. Worst doctor ever!

7/22/08 very rude, unhelpful, always behind schedule by at least 2-3 hours. didn't seem to care about what i had to say, very anxious to refer me elsewhere.

6/26/08 Stay away from Dr. Pirzada! Sent for heart tests because of palpations and the 24hr heart monitor thing in Nov.07. Went in for med renewal June 08 and not a word about my test results from the Doc. In and out as fast as can be. This guy does not know me after 1yr of being a patient of his. His two concerns only (1 major and 1 minor)per visit are a joke. This is clear indication that he has no interest in me as a patient(good thing my mechanic does not have the same policy). Staff is rude as well. Don't disturb them when they are eating breakfest at the office as this upsets them greatly. Take the time to find a doctor that works for you.

6/16/08 I have seen this Doctor for almost 3 yrs and he has never given me more than 10 minutes of his time. He recently grossly misdiagnosed me. All he had to do was give me a simple blood test to see I had a serious infection in my intestines - but no, in his view it was IBS or depression (naturally - I am a woman)! I ended up in the ER with a perforated bowel from a serious diverticulitis infection and almost died. I have yet to confront him. He has taken on too many patients and never really took the time to really listen to my concerns. I have seen kindness in this man but it appears to be random. I am so angry with him. I have suffered for months because of his incompetence. I will be confronting him when I am stronger, but I am still too ill - because of him. Avoid this Doctor - he is over extended and will never remember you from one visit to the next. He rarely makes eye contact. That should have been my first clue - he doesn't "want" to know you.

6/10/08 Every time I've been to see this doctor, I've always had at LEAST a 2hr wait. He's never taken me seriously, and is very abrupt with people. Funny thing is, he was more than helpful to my dad. But if I was by myself, he would NEVER take me seriously. The only times he HAS taken me seriously is when my dad was in the room with me. I've since found better doctors. I recommend Dr Fox or Dr Riordan at St James Clinic, near Polo Park.

5/29/08 Long waits. Doesn't remember patients even when visits are frequent. Missed major condition. Lots of rules, 2 questions, no calls, no no no. However the first visit was wonderful - is it his way to get new patients!

5/14/08 Told him I had years of migrames with no relief (except from drugs after the migrane occurs). Gave me a sample of the same kind of headache medication and told me to come back in a month if I still have the same problem. He has a sign posted in his office, the jist of which is "please get in and out, and dont cause me any trouble" I mentioned to him that my progesterone and estrogen tested far far below normal 6 months ago. He said "What do you need them for?" uhh, lots of stuff! I cried when I left. I will never go back to this doctor. He wants patients in and out ASAP, ka ching, ka ching, ka ching.

2/15/08 Moving from a small town to winnipeg, I thought I'd get a winnipeg doctor. I called the hotline and Munir Pirzada was available to take on new patients. I saw him finally after waiting hours, when I finally was put in a room I was appalled to see the "2 question limit" sign posted on the wall. When the Dr came to see me he looked me over, gave me a precription to anibodies and a x-ray slip and walked out. I had no idea what to do. I wasn't even sure if he was done. I went to the receptionist and asked her and she told me where to go. It seems Dr Pirzada takes on way to many patients then he can handle in a day, and relys to much on his staff to handle his patients. I decided to go back to my small town doctor since she has more time for thorough examinations, and doesn't have a 2 question limit.

11/30/07 He was a very awful doctor. I went in to get some papers filled out for a pre-op and he didn't care about me at all. I also went to him for an eye problem and he asked me to take my socks off!!! I was confuzed, but I thought he knew what he was doing. Anyhow later that day I went to a different doctor and they were VERY helpful. Honestly I would never reccomend him for ANYONE. He is awful... and doesn't care about his patients.

11/29/07 Dr.Pirzada has suggested that any problems I have are of my own doing - he says I worry too much. I am a breast cancer survivor and I have to remind him every time I see him. I feel rushed. He is aloof and rather unfriendly - not as he was on the first visit. He was in great form that day. He did not want my past health records when he took me on. He gives a physical without asking to remove our clothes. He did order appropriate blood and urine tests. I am not sure about his knowledge of medicine - can't judge. He has not had to diagnose me.

10/15/07 I don't normally respond to these types of listings but I felt obligated to make others aware of my experience. I had been a patient of Dr. Pirzada for over 2 years. I have had to wait on several occasions for over an hour and a half past my appointment times. One instance I inquired about how much longer it would be until the doctor could see me and the nurse was very rude and defensive in tone as if i was being unreasonable. I ended up having to leave and come back another day as I had a meeting to get too. I always find them very short and kind of grumpy. As for Dr Pirzada himself, there have been a few times where he made me feel as though I was making up my symptoms. Having gone to another doctor for a second opinion and having it identified and treated with surgery, I realize how poor the care I'd recieved from Dr. Pirzada's office actually was. I would suggest finding someone else.

9/20/07 I found this doctor to be abrupt and started our conversation by asking what i wanted! When i told him what was the matter he examined me and told me he couldn't do nothing. Immediately, thereafter, he spent more time washing his hands than he did examining me. I can't recommend a person like this. Looking for a better physician. No wonder why he was taking new patients...he can't maintain the clientele he already has.

9/1/07 I rated Dr. Pirzada low on helpfulness particularly because of his seeming unwillingness to discuss health issues in a positive way. Questions were generally discouraged and/or treated with disrespect, though he offered little information on his own accord.

8/30/07 i have had many problems with him but this by far was the werst i went to get a pap.I was very nervas so i guss that i was not loose so he proceeded to work the instrment in mush like a man would if he were try to get inside it.I had a mental brack down and he toled me to get over it.He has allso yelled at me he get very mad when you ? him.

5/21/07 He shoud get some training how to talk and treat a sick person. AVOID HIM.

5/16/07 I find that this Dr is very uninterested in his patients or there concerns if you tell him you want this certain type of meds he just gives it to you without asking why or what's wrong... I currently am looking for another doctor

5/8/07 This doctor always seemed removed and uninterested in my health, I had to wait on average at least 2 hours to see him and his receptionist was also very unfriendly! An overall bad experience.

4/25/07 Went to see him about the results of a scan, and he told me a prognosis I had never heard of. So I asked him what it was and he told me to look it up on the internet! Wouldn't let him leave until HE explained it to me. He got quite huffy and referred me to a specialist.

3/31/07 If you are looking for a GP don't stop with this guy unless you have no other choice. Pirzada has been my GP for a year (4 visits) but hopefully not for much longer. I agree with everything I read here about Pirzada's lack of people skills. Still chuckling about the "next piece of meat" comment. He displays an alarming lack of interest. He's the last person on earth I would ever want to get bad news from. With his insulting, cold personality I'd say he should be a vet but that would be unfair to the vets out there.

3/25/07 Extremely preoccupied and very bad reporte.

3/24/07 this Dr. did not ask about my medical history, family history, etc. When he came into the examining room, he did not make eye contact with me, nor did he seem to be listening as I spoke. On the contrary, he walked out of the room as I was talking!! I asked his nurse if this Dr. is always so abrupt, to which she replied..."yup, I'm afraid so." Terrible PR! I've enquired about his manner to other patients of his, past & present, and have come to the conclusion that he doesn't have respect for women. Good Doctor?? Maybe, but I felt unwelcomed, unwanted, and not heard.

3/15/07 Was rushed in and out, but did not find him that bad. He has a wonderful assistant who is kind and helpful. If I had lots of issuses, probably would not be confident in him as a regular doctor.

3/3/07 does not seem very friendly, tme of appointment is never met.

3/1/07 is not able to communicate with patients, especially if you are female.

2/26/07 I came to Dr Pirzada after my old family doctor lost intrest in seeing me right in the middle of a crisis. Dr Pirzada helped me out alot. However I was shocked on my last visit when he just got up and left. I asked the receptionist if he was coming back and she said "did he just get up and leave?" and i said "yea" then she said "nope thats just what he does" I thought that was rather rude. I know Dr's are busy people now a days but so are the workers at 7-11, and they seem to find the time to be freindly and courtious. I dont see a reason why a doctor cant have basic common courtesy, or at least be polite. You need some work Dr Pirzada.

2/15/07 My son injured his foot and when we arrived at the office he lectured us on why it is better to go to the emergency room instead of his office. Then he ordered and x-ray and when he looked at my son's x-ray he advised him that his foot was NOT broken and that he should start walking on it right away. We could see a break on the x-ray so we got a second opinion. My son's foot is in a cast because it is broken!!! I hate to think what would have happened had we listened to him and had my son walk on a broken foot.

2/14/07 He doesn't know about back or bone injuries and will not give proper documentation for Insurance purposes, but will make you pay full price for documentation that will not help you. Then in his next report to your insurance company asking if patient is well enough for life insurance he gives his opinion as no due to Injury, but as previously noted in documentation for back injury is that this injury never occured. So is patient sick or not. He has a hard time deciding.

2/8/07 Not a people person but does know his stuff. That is if you can get him to listen to you.

2/8/07 This doctor dose not Know how to listen to my mothers needs.No manners I can see.To be a good Doctor you have to really want to listen and be patant with your Customers Problems, without customers there's no need for those type of Doctors.

12/27/06 Found him reasonably helpful, he did some teaching. Severly lacks in empathy and 'bedside manner". i found him distance and not the least bit warm or particularly interested in me as a 'person'. I felt like the 'next piece of meat'.

12/2/06 Didn't even look me in the face. More concerned with getting patients through the door then with listening to your issues.

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  • Wp
      4th of Oct, 2009
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    Dr. Pirzada always seems to brush off most complaints as not really requiring much medical attention.

    He took this approach to blood in my stool. A month later I had emergency appendectomy surgery.

    He diagnosed knee problems as stretched ACL or MCL, and it would require surgery. I went to a sports medicine knee specialist, and he found no problems at all. He even said I had some of the strongest ligaments he'd ever seen. He said my pain was from bone on bone contact during squats because my quad muscles weren't strong enough to pull back the patella during squats.

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