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Dr. Paul S. Nassif , MD , FACS / Why the company is saying they are &proud with their reputation& if patients cant submit online complaints-this was on the [redacted]

1 120 S. Spalding Dr. Suite 315, 90212 Beverly Hills, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

"Dr. Paul Nassif (License: G84590) is a member of the Wall of Shame in RateMD, which is a wall for surgeons who give “Gag Contracts” so that patients will not spout out bad experiences or botched pictures on web pages and blogs, and gag surgeons can remve bad posts from web pages and blogs. Google: Gag Contracts RateMD Wall of Shame, and watch Paul Nassif s Name on the Wall of Shame on the RateMD's website, and read about Gag contracts so that you will be informed.

You will not hear about or see botched patients on forums because of this Gag Contract, because this Gag Contract prevents it. All I have to tell you about how I feel is: I Cry over big time; but unhappy patients cannot say more! Nor disclose their pictures because they assign “All Intellectual Property Rights” to the surgeon (Dr. Nassif). Honestly (I swear) I have no competing interests for Dr. Nassif, I am simply a victim and would like to inform you.

Gag surgeons can either threaten you to remove the bad reviews or pictures you posted (although real) or threate website owners to remove bad reviews or pics because patients (signed) assign all “Intellectual Property Rights” to the surgeon. So if in this post/review I tell you that I was Dr. Nassif's patient and victim, I will be threatned to remove this post or this website owner will be threatened to remove this post.

In my opinion, Dr. Nassif is a Hypocrite because (at this time of postring this post) on Dr. Nassif's website there is a box (on the right) displaying ratings from rating sites including RateMds. It is titled “Proud of our Reputation with Patients”. Of course, they are Proud with that box: Bad rating/reviews are under the “Gag contract” so they are not allowed to be published or removed. Only Good rating/reviews can be seen because they are allowed.

I dont want to defame anyone. For your own good, Be Careful! Personally, I would go for a surgeon who allows his patients to give their feedback to others, both Positive and Negative. Feedback from past patients should e accessible to others online because internet plays a major role in our lifestyles. Dr. Nassif's name on the Wall of Shame is clear evidence that he does not allow unhappy patients to reveal to you (on web pages, etc..) their unhappy stories." -Taken from the [redacted].

I looked into RateMds and I saw Dr. Nassif's name hung on RateMd's Wall of Shame. In my opinion, this man lives on internet promotions and internet advertising but I feel that he is abusing such contracts. This is unfair! Furthermore, I saw 'bad' reviews getting removed from online forum. This is unfair for us!

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  • Ab
      20th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Only if all the complaints about Dr. Nassif are coming from Malta

  • Me
      13th of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    The bad reviews you saw being removed from message boards were all from your multiple screen names that you used to dupe not only the board owners but also the posters and readers. It's willful misrepresentation on your part. You SPAMMED this complaint on many message boards and used multiple aliases to 'support' your other ones. Board owners, including but not limited to: Rate MDs, MMH, Plastic Surgery Spot and others all noticed that many of the complaints from different people were all coming from Malta. So, of course board owners noting board abuse by your using multi-IDs removed your posts. It has nothing to do with the doctor trying to 'shut you up'. It has to do with your willful misrepresentation by use of multiple screen names.

    So, it is you, the man from Malta who in fact is ABUSING multiple websites with multiple screen names with your complaints.

  • Rh
      21st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was Dr. Nassif's patient. I posted posts over the internet because I was not really satisfied but now I regret that I ve done so because my concern with this doctor was positively resolved and I am happy, and now I cannot delete the posts. Please note that he is not not using 'Gag Contracts'.

  • Yo
      24th of Jan, 2017
    0 Votes

    Rude and surly in consultation. Would NEVER get surgery done on my body by someone this blatantly on something!!

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