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Dr. Morris RItz was recently infront of the Medical Board of Victoria, for encouraging a patient to take large amounts of drugs and for coercing her to come to him as the last patient of the day. The woman involved stood up to him and asked him what he wanted from her. She was terrified. However, the Medical Board could not find enough evidence. When the woman requested to see her own medical file, she realised that Dr. Ritz had altered it and tampered with it. The woman saw the whole story and the very manipulative and sick way he had treated her. He did not care at all how it affected her and he lied straight into the faces of the panel at the board. She has ample evidence- so much so, that we, her friends, now know for a fact that she can easily prove that she is telling the truth and prove his lies.

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  • Ja
      Jul 01, 2012

    Why do I get the feeling the same person is posting the same rubbish about dr ritz over and over again..I can see that the Kerry Mullins case has been well documented but someone out there seems to be going out of their way to make dr ritz look like some sort of womanizer/pervert with the same rehashed story over and over again.i really hope dr ritz can help this Kerry Mullins but whoever keeps repeating this stupid story insinuating dr ritz hates women and drugs his patients just stop it please I've been to his practice many times and it's usually crowded and full of nurses/staff I find it hard to believe he'd ask someone to drug themselves up(who would be silly enough to comply?!)and expect no one to know

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  • Yo
      Aug 08, 2012

    I had my surgery with Dr. Morris Ritz, Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery about a week ago and very happy with results – i got perfect (full open rhino, remove dorsal hump and reshape tip)... I had shop around Me 5 month to find right surgeon.
    I mainly chose Dr. Ritz because I feel comfortable with him and very good imaging done .

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  • Mo
      Nov 14, 2012

    Excuse me- But if you want to give compliments to a doctor up here, then that is fine- But you don't have the right to call others 'crazy' just because they don't agree with you! And who are you, you crazy lady, to set up an entire profile- just to have a dig at someone else.!And you accuse others of doing what YOU are doing- setting up an entire id just for one purpose- Well, let me tell you another fact about your 'wonderful' Dr. Ritz. He is responsible for giving endless designer vaginas to women in the sex industry- You know, the kind of porn that makes the vaginas of adult women look the same as the vaginas of little girls. - I am not accusing him of doing anything illegal here- No- not at all- it's just that he supports this kind of thing by doing SOOO many of these vaginas for women in the sex industry AND he is not upfront about it.. Why doesn't he advertise his vagina surgery on his website- along with all his other extensive lists of all the procedures he does??? You know, yes, of course they are all 18 years and over- but WHAT exactly are these labia free vaginas promoting? Next time you see Dr. Ritz, ask him why he doesn't advertise this part of his 'service'? CRAZY LADY INDEED- YOU ARE JASON AND YOUARECRAZYLADY= AND YOU HAVE THE FAKE ID'S - NOT OTHERS_ Who the hell sets up an entire id name just for one purpose= to put down others- go and get a shrink before Dr. Ritz turns your face and the rest of you inside out!

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