Dr. Morris Ritz / unethcial medicine, medical negligence.

Dr. Morris Ritz, Australian (South African trained) Plastic/cosmetic surgeon, is a LIAR and a CHEAT. When faced with discipline from the Australian Medical Board, Dr. Morris RItz deliberately removed entire sections from a patient's file, and used the fact that this poor, fragile woman had suffered from "depression", in a self-centred, entirely RUTHLESS "RECONSTRUCTION" Of the facts, that presented her as delusional and/or a pathological liar, via his priveleged access to her medical records. The Australian Medical Board, that consists of nothing other than a bunch of well-intentioned cowards, who fail to realise that their COWARDICE is, in itself, a form of patient abuse, claim they cannot re-investigate the matter, despite endless, scientifice, hard core evidence that proves that Dr. RItz is a shamelessly, self serving, self interested business man, masquerading as a 'Health" practitioner. Dr. RItz, in full knowledge of the fact that he manipulated his patient and encouraged her to come to him at the end of the day, zonked out on thousands of sedating "tablets", never wrote her his own prescription, and relied on the fact that she had another doctor's prescription for this medication. In other words, he covered his tracks from the beginning, and when this woman stood up for herself and confronted him, in order to prevent what MIGHT have happened, and in order to protect herself, he phoned his medical indemnity company the next day, and told them an entire set of lies, about some mad female sexual predator that acousted him at the end of the day, with absoultely no encouragement from him, and no wrong doing. HIs pathetic little story, is as old as the hills- when abusive men with power, like Dr. RItz, get caught out, they call the woman, the real VICTIM, the SMALLER Victim. "MAD". This chronic abuse of his so called "patient" whom he abused for his own amusement and sick minded fetishes, was merely RE- ABUSED by Dr. RItz via his set of LIES that he presented to the Medical Board. Dr. RItz has since MUTILATED another woman, and that has been proven beyond doubt, but still, the Australian medical board conducts no investigation and enacts no protection, . despite disciplining other doctors over far less serious matters. We live in a sick world, where the mighty rich and powerful, now abuse MEDICINE for profit and women for their sick minds and sick and warped fetishes, with no accountability and no real investigations from our medical authorities who continually support powerful men at the expense of women. THIS IS A BACKWARD SYSTEM and a very DANGEROUS ONE.


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