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Dr. Morris Ritz from The Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery is responsible for the mutilation of a female patient's body. This is a well known, documented fact and the brave woman set out to protect others by speaking out. NOW, it would appear that Dr. Morris Ritz has spent who knows how much money?- Trying to KEEP THE TRUTH OFF THE INTERNET- it's obvious that someone is being paid to go through all the possible sites, and rate him as the kind of plastic surgeon he is NOT. BEWARE OF FAKE RATINGS FOR DR. MORRIS RITZ AND LOOK FOR THE REAL ONES- GOOGLE Dr. Morris Ritz HARD AND LOOK FOR THE FACTS- NOT THE RUBBISH THAT HE PAYS SOMEONE TO WRITE- NOTE: The comments on his bogus rating sites etc... are usually disabled, because they don't want anyone to tell the truth.

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  • Ev
      30th of Mar, 2012

    I totally sympathise, I nearly went to this doctor until i googled further. It is pretty obvious that he has undertaken a damage control exercise in trying to salvage his reputation on the internet but it's quite funny! It's kind of back firing because the people writing his so called advice columns etc... are clearly not doctors, and all the comments have been disabled. You know what that means! He doesn't want any comments! You've got to love the internet for the way we can find out the truth! i later found out that a friend of mine had a really bad expereince with him too.

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  • Ja
      1st of Jul, 2012

    So in other words all the good reviews are false and all the bad ones are true?

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  • Yo
      8th of Aug, 2012

    All these comments are very personal, I hate when people hide behind social media to try to destroy peoples reputations. NOT HUMAN

    I had my surgery with Dr. Morris Ritz, Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery about a week ago and very happy with results – i got perfect (full open rhino, remove dorsal hump and reshape tip)... I had shop around Me 5 month to find right surgeon.
    I mainly chose Dr. Ritz because I feel comfortable with him and very good imaging done .

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  • Ma
      6th of Aug, 2016

    I met Dr Ritz when I required a medical procedure on my labia/groin and he was not only professional but did a wonderful job. Mr Ritz was not only professional but a brilliant surgeon. I have seen others give poor references but Mr Ritz was nothing but perfect from what I experienced.

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