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Dr. Minas Constantinides / Unethical, sloppy surgeon

NY, United States Review updated:
Dr. Minas Constantinides is an unethical and sloppy plastic surgeon. He is a slick talking salesman whose primary goal is to upsell you another procedure in addition to the issue you came in for. He will swear to do one thing and then completely deviate from the plan. He says he is one of the top rhino surgeons in North America but i don't think he's even the top surgeon in his own office.

He completely botched two surgeries on me and had the nerve to actually yell at me because I asked him a question. He has yelled at other patients that I have talked to as well.

He has a very bad temper and he will use it if he fails in surgery because his is big on blaming the victim. He's a complete narcissist who went in to medicine for money and prestige but who has no innate talent or surgical skill. He's a horrible little man and and even worse surgeon.

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  21st of Sep, 2008
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I had a similar experience. I went in to him for a deviated septum that was causing breathing difficulties. Like the reviered mentioned above, I only wanted to fix the functional problems, but took his advice and went for the cosmetic tweaks as well -- big mistake.

Instead of fixing my breathing problems he left me with:
Valve collapse - worse breathing than before the surgery
Unsightly soft triangle at the tip
Scars from the alar base reduction
Very noticible columella scar from the open rhinoplasty
Worse septum deviation than I started with

He initially conceded that I would need a revision and then as the one year after surgery wait period concluded he whistled another tune: "I don't feel comfortable doing a revision since your symptoms and complaints are not commensurate with what I see." --- i.e. cop out

I'll eventually have it all fixed, just don't have the patience right now.

Do yourself a favor, stay away. Note: His office billing assitant Allison is a piece of work too...

If anyone wishes to get together to stop this guy, please contact me.
  24th of Mar, 2017
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@Luckyalgorithm I would like to learn more from you. Please contact me danw19855@gmail.com
  1st of Mar, 2009
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Unfortunetaly I was somewhat disapointed with Dr. Costantinides and his office also. Functionally, my surgery was successful, however the very little tweak I wanted done was not completely successful.
To top it off, after paying my bill in full out-of-pocket, I was told that it would be possible to get reimbursed by my insurance since the primary nature of my surgery was functional. Happy to hear this, since it was hard for me to pay the bill in the first place, I gave Alison the office manager my insurance information. What I found out later was that they submitted addtional charges (12k!) and the monies paid by my insurance went to Dr. Constantinides! When I disputed this and was irate that I was not informed of these charges, I was yelled at by Alison and told by Dr. Constantinides that those monies are for additional costs to him! So overall for a surgery that was mostly a septoplasty the tab totaled over 16k...and the lure of asking for my insurance telling me I would get reimbursement, was underhanded and unprofessional.
I would highly recommend making sure in writing that you get accurate information regarding charges, etc.. before you proceed if Dr. Constantinides is your choice. His credentials are excellent, but his administrative practices are terrible.
  4th of Apr, 2009
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sounds like a total jerk and reminds me of my suregon in L.A. Dr. Burres. No artistic skill just out for the clout of being a Dr... what a sham, the entertainment industry is so much more exclusive and cool anyway, why the hell do they shoose something so behind the scenes and mundane. I pity these types who try to get rich off of doing mediocre work.
  26th of May, 2009
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I have only positive feedback for Dr. Constantinides. I had a secondary rhinoplasty with Dr Constantinides in Spring of 2009, and I completely disagree with the negative assessments given of him. He spent 5 hours on initial consult, included photoimaging and operating plan discussion during the first visit because I was out of town. He absolutely explained his diagnosis and operating plan details, answered all my questions (I had many precise questions, I had purchased a textbook to educate myself before going on any consults as I learned quickly that some will misdiagnose and promise to deliver superior results with a chop job, even for secondary rhinoplasties that most often require augmentation). My surgery took 6.5 hours, required correction of deviated septum, bridge buildup using cartilage grafts, and included significant tip work. At nearly 3 months post op, I am becoming more excited about the positive progress of the nose as swelling is diminishing and the refined shape is becoming noticeable. I'm looking forward what the next 3-6 months will bring!
  13th of Jun, 2009
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I, like the last post, had only a positive experience with rhinoplasty with Dr. Constantinides in New York City. He took the time to listen to me, treated my family and me with courtesy and respect, and explained everything involved with surgery carefully. After the rhinoplasty, there were a lot of things that happened that I wasn't sure were normal. He promptly answered my calls and reassured me that everything was normal...and he was right! I love my rhinoplasty. My nose looks better than the imaging we did together before surgery. He charges a little more than a lot of surgeons, but it was worth it.
  13th of Nov, 2009
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I had my deviated septum fixed and internal tissue reduction by Dr. C in October 2009 and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I thought his staff was courteous and they made the process as easy as possible. They dealt with my insurance company and provided me with their contact information to making sure I could reach them at any time. Dr. C also personally followed up with a telephone call on the evening after my surgery.

I did not have any cosmetic work done, nor did he pressure me into any. It was I who asked the question, "Since we are fixing the septum, does it make sense to look at straightening the appearance of my nose?" He said the cosmetic surgery is totally different than the interior work and I should only do it if I really felt strongly about changing my appearance.

Never did I feel rushed into anything and I was happy with the time and attention that was spent on me. He was recommended to me by a friend who had a similar positive experience.
  30th of Jun, 2010
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I consulted with him for a revision rhinoplasty and found the office to be very disorganized. His secretary called me yelling about a scheduled surgery that had never been scheduled. When I flew to New York for consult, he was very slick and promised a great deal. However, things I wanted fixed he said he couldn't do (I did have them fixed by another surgeon). I was totally unimpressed and surprised that NYU would have this man on staff.
  28th of Aug, 2010
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I read this and felt compelled to comment just because I think it is fair for readers to have a full spread of responses. I had a revision with Dr. Constantinides a few weeks ago and he did an incredible job. I researched very thoroughly before going with him and had consultations with five other doctors and it was worth it. I only have positive things to say. I come from a family of doctors, and I am starting medical school next year, and both myself and my parents were beyond impressed by him. He is honest and direct but in a kind way, and most of all he is realistic. He did what he promised and way more. During surgery he found my surgery was more complicated than he expected and took a full four hours, but he remained confident and dedicated to getting the best results. And he definitely got them. I was really hesitant about this entire thing, especially because you read all these horror stories, but Dr. C dissolves all those fears. I was really moved by him through this entire process. NYU is sincerely lucky to have such a talented man working on their staff and I really hope other negative experiences won't prevent at least a consultation with him.
  8th of Sep, 2010
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His wife was a patient. They had an afffair. She got pregnant and convinced him to leave his wife and 2 young children to marry her. She has had more work done on her face than Jocelyn Wildenstein. The reason people like the office staff is because she works there and it is in her best interest to kiss [censor] post surgery. They take trips all over the world and write it off as a business expense since he does it for charity. If she prescribes you medicine, make sure it is authorized by him. The AMA should probably check them out as well as the NY State Attorney's office regarding insurance overbilling. She is not a registered nurse and may suggest medicine be taken without his prior knowledge. He made her convert from Judiasm to become Greek Orthodox or he would not marry her (she converted to be an Orthodox Jew for her first husband). They deserve each other, but your face deserves more.
  24th of Mar, 2017
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@They are unethical Thank you for your comment and I would like to hear more. Dan
  5th of Oct, 2010
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It doesn't surprise me in the least the Minas Constantinides cheated on his wife with a patient. Isn't there a code of conduct for physicians at NYU? He probably married her so he so she wouldn't file a lawsuit against him resulted in a license suspension. Why anyone would believe this guy would tell the truth to his patients about what he is capable of when he lied to his own family every day is a mystery to me. What a slime bag! The wife/former patient undoubtedly works in the office so she can keep an eye on him with other patients. She needn't worry much, with a face like his the only person interested in tiny would be a gold digger.
  3rd of Jan, 2011
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Unreal! They let EX-wives and disgruntled ex-girlfriends to post on here???!???
  15th of Jan, 2011
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This guy is a well below average surgeon with a gigantic ego (obvious short man syndrome). He takes on surgeries that he's not properly trained for and then gets defensive when he fails. Not one of the world class revision doctors that I consulted with to fix Constantinides lousy work had anything good at all to say about him. When I told a world famous facial plastic surgeon in NYC that I went to Constantinides he said. "Why on earth did you go to him?" The difference in my outcome with a real surgeon vs. Constantindes was night and day--near perfect versus an obvious mess. Waste of money, waste of a year of my life walking around with his over operated--scarred result. Not to mention this guy defrauded my insurance TWICE, for which he'll soon be reported. I don't really care who has the bad sense to sleep with him, but it is a violation of the New York State and hospital ethics to carry on with patients and obviously speaks directly to his lack of character. Unreal, that they let his office staff and current wife post here!
  19th of Jan, 2011
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I agree with above poster, stay away, he cannot be trusted!
  25th of Apr, 2011
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Let's just be honest here. There is not ONE single facial plastic surgeon that you will find 100% of the patients satisfied. That's just not realistic. We are dealing with our faces here...the part of ourselves we are most critical of and concerned with perfecting. I am a former patient of Dr Minas. I had a nasal revision in 2006, and let me just say this man had his work cut out for him. I had not 1, not 2, but 3 prior rhinoplasties that were ALL disastrous! I was left with every issue you can think of: crooked nose, deviated septum, loss of cartilage, nasal drip, and an uneeded implant put in by the prior surgeon!! A nightmare. Dr. Minas kept me informed and made my options realistic. He also was able to do this AMAZING thing no other doctor had thought of, which was a procedure taking the cartilage from the back of my ear, and using it to replace the implant that was holding my nose in a straight position but making it long and pointy. Genius. It was a complete success. And the staff was wonderful and kind at all times. I actually live in Wash DC and still stop in from time to time to say hello. I am forever grateful!! Dr. Constantinides...if you happen to come upon this, it's Nataya!!! Thank you for everything. I'll be visiting soon!!
  8th of Jul, 2011
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I agree with "he takes on surgeries he's not properly trained and then gets defensive when he fails". He butchered my face, left a horrible physical and psychological scar. My friend's husband who's an attorney told me, he would take my case (what he did to my face has no other name but a CRIME). He said I was a victim of medical malpractice.
  25th of Jul, 2012
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I had rhinoplasty done by him in 2007. It was a disaster. He was very welcoming and comforting for the weeks leading up to the surgery, but after complications stemming from his sloppy procedure arose his attitude towards me changed for the worse. I felt like I was on an island with no help. What an absolutely horrible experience that I wouldn't wish on anybody. I was EXTREMELY disappointed by the results. I only hope that someone reading this takes my advice and stays away for their sake.
  5th of Jul, 2013
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no way that doesn't sound like him at all what are u people smoking??!
  5th of Jul, 2013
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noooo way that does NOT sound like him at all what are u people smoking??!
  12th of Jul, 2013
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I wanted to wait until after my surgery to respond to this, in case there was ANY merit to what was being said. Now, I can tell you from my own actual experience that THERE IS NOT!
While I understand from my friends' accounts that divorce is a very painful experience, this website is NOT the appropriate place to air your grievances. Try your therapist's office, a psychiatrist, or your close friends. Attempting to scare away innocent patients is neither nice nor ethical. Don't talk about his "lack of ethics" when you make up phony BS on a website like this in an attempt to bring down his business. YOU'RE the one with no ethics: ethical people don't slander.
Imagine what it is like for a patient to find this website weeks before surgery. Honestly, I was shaken up until i realized just what it was: bitter libel from the ex-wife, though I prefer the term "slander" in this case, as I don't wish to flatter these websites by regarding them to be legitimate printed communication. I know enough divorced people to know the kinds of things that come out of their mouths.
Second of all, I do not care about my doctor's personal life. I don't care what he does, whom he is dating or marrying, and what he is like at home. A doctor should be chosen based on skill and results, not how he divorced your sorry ###. If it really is true that he writes off vacations as work, the only way you could know that is if you were married to him and went on vacations together!!! Way to do a bad job of hiding your identity!! It sucks that your marriage didn't work out, but he is excellent at what he does and the fact that he left you does not have any impact on his work.
You say that he is "sloppy"…..since when can a researcher be sloppy? That is not a personality trait or characteristic that is compatible with research or medical writing. I don't think it is possible for someone who is "sloppy" to do research, which involves methodical, cautious, and analytical thinking, planning, and observation. You must have never taken an advanced level chemistry, biology, or physics class, so clearly you are not academically inclined or book-smart. I'd like to add that I was an "A" student in biology and chemistry many years ago--clearly you were not.
I'd also like to add that I have had plastic surgery before. I had been through the process of searching for a doctor years before this. My previous surgeon was EXCELLENT but she does not specialize in facial plastic surgery and does not do ANY rhinoplasty whatsoever. I knew she was the right choice, yet I discovered that she was sued about 15 years ago for malpractice/negligence. I had to dig a lot to find that out; she made a mistake and LOST in court. I still went to her, as it was 15 years ago and surely she is going to be more careful and has 15 more years of experience since it happened. You say that Dr. C ruined your nose, so where is the lawsuit?! I could not find a single ATTEMPT at suing! Another surgeon with whom I consulted years ago was sued for insurance fraud!!! The guy was charged AND convicted. He couldn't practice for a few years!! You make these allegations, but WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE?! As somebody who is distrusting and skeptical of others in general, I looked for the evidence and did not find any! Your accusations are unfounded and appear to be false.
You are doing a disservice to innocent people like me who are or were simply looking for a good plastic surgeon!!! Do you think it's ethical to try to scare people into choosing some mediocre doctor who will give them a nasty botched face?! You're probably wondering why I'm writing this whole essay here. It's because I don't want anyone to be up all night thinking about this ### before their surgery.
Dr. C's wife's nose is extremely beautiful, and if you don't think so, then we have different tastes. How would you know so many details about his personal life if you were really just a patient of his? I don't know any details of his life! Clearly you are NOT A PATIENT!!
So, if any potential patients are reading this, consider my logical and rational rebuttal. If you are educated and intelligent you will see through what is written. Look at his work. You will realize, as I have, that the negative BS written here (CLEARLY by his ex) is nothing but that and has NO merit.
  17th of Jul, 2013
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Regarding the above commentary - could it be possible that the ex-wife DID NOT write the complaint? How do you know who it was? Maybe his mother wrote it because she is angry that a gold digger got pregnant on purpose and ruined the life of his first two children? What if he was acting like a ### to his patients during the divorce and treated them badly? Maybe the person wrote this to alert us all to the fact that he is devious and that can spill over into their lives, by default, if he is frustrated in his personal life? When he decides to cheat again, and he is working on your face, how will you feel if he takes it out on YOU!? It's fine that you don't want to know about a doctor's personal life, but it has OBVIOUSLY affected a few people already and their stories should not be discounted because you are happy with the services rendered. Don't be too quick to judge things you don't know about.

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